"I'm putting you under cocklock for 3 weeks
and then I'm gonna order you to have the 3 most
humiliating org-spams of your life, loser."

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You are officially under COCKLOCK as of today and will remain so until the day before Valentine's Day. Click HERE for a peek at your emasculating predicament and to listen to my initial instructions to you.

Day two, balls getting blue! I'm tossing your cocklock key to my girlriends Carmen and Zoey. Maybe if you beg, plead and pump them with tributes, they'll unsnap your cocklock so you can oink out a worship puddle at their pedicured toes. Click HERE to see the video.
When my friend Lisa heard I was snapping you into a cocklock, she giggled and volunteered to model some BIKINI PIX to amp up your agony. Lisa sez if you shower her perfect ass with enough bikini bottom kisses she might free you from your penis prison tonight!
My sorority sister Jezsi believes in golddigging much older guys and you better believe her sugardaddiez wear chastity tubes and butt plugs. Princess Jezsi dares you to come crawling into her bedroom to beg for your release. Click here to watch Jezsi's cruel RESPONSE VIDEO to your whimpering pleas.
Got your drool bucket handy? Cuz I'm tossing your cocklock key to my girlybrat pal Princess Nika. Nika made a TEASE VIDEO featuring her pink thong and leopard print bikini, with the idea of turning your blueballs a deep dark shade of purple. Ready to call the locksmith yet, c-c-c-cuckypants?
I think it's about time for me to put you through a TUBE-TEASE AND DENIAL SESSION. Ready to have your blueballs tickled til yer pleading with princess to unsnap your penis prison? Maybe if you jack up my WISHLIST with gobs and globs of prezzies, I'll let you c-c-c...


To celebrate your first week in denial, the Princezzez and I are having a party and you can't cum! But you can come crawlin on all fours with yer blueballs scraping the floor to beg and bribe Zoey, Carmen, Mandia, Nika and Jezsi to unlock your tube. Click to see their supermean RESPONSE VIDEO to your pitiful piddle pleas.


On the eve of your eighth day in chastity, Princess Carmen smirked when I told her you'd do anything to clear out your blueballs, no matter how humiliating. Long Island's cruelest Italian American Princess now has your cocklock key. And she's wearing nutin but a leather jacket, pink panties and high heels. See PRINCESS CARMEN'S LEATHER TEASE PIX.


"There’s my little peanut! Look at it! Your poor little thingy! It’s all scrunched up and red and mangled, orderd down into that tight, restrictive, unforgivingly-hard plastic chastity tube. Aww. I bet it hurts every time you start to get a boner, huh . . .like you wish you could right now! LOL!..." Listen to yer latest AUDIO FROM PRINCESS MELISSA.


On your tenth day in blueballed agony, Princesses Mandia and Zoey are dangling the key to your cocklock from their vixen fingernails. Will they spring your poor aching stiffy? Or are you in store for a TEASE VIDEO packed with tube-teasing, cockmocking, lolli licking and loads and loads of.. of.. of laughter, stoopid. Click and drool, fool.


After ten days locked in a chastity tube, I'll bet I know what you're aching to do... Take my tube-teasing sorority sisters and me on a shopping spree for bikinis, lingerie and sexy shoes! Maybe if you let us drain yer credit card we'll unsnap your tube and let you drain your b-b-b-b... Click to hear your AUDIO HUMILIATION ASSIGNMENT from Melissa.



On yer 12th day of chastity, Jezsi, Carmen and Zoey are seizing control of your cocklock key to put you through a VIDEO TEASE SESSION involving orderd butt worship, begging, drooling and deeeeenial. See if you can convince these three mean Princesses to pop your cocklock, Mister Blueballs! HA HA HA HA!




Yew can't cum! Yew can't cum! Yew really can't cum, locked in your chastity tube here on Day 13, can you, weakling? With two weeks of blueballs clogged up in your little cock cage, I'll bet you'd be willing to do anything PRINCESS CUMMANDS you to, no matter how humiliating,my drooling cuckyslave.



Two weeks in and your blueballs gotta be bursting, huh weakling? Think u can take a VIDEO MOCKERY SESSION at the manipulative hands of Princesses Nika and Mandia? Go ahead and beg and plead with them for your release.



I like you this way: Totally horny… and completely frustrated. With bursting blueballs. Willing to do ANYTHING Princess wants. HEE HEE HEE. And there is NO WAY you are getting the cum command anytime soon unless you...CLICK to hear the rest of your TUBE TEASE SESSION with Melissa.



At this point in your trial of denial, I can't think of anything funnier than ordering you to watch two mean, beautiful hotties jerk their pinkies in your face and laugh at your predicament. Ready for a VIDEO MOCKERY SESSION with Princesses Carmen and Jezsi? Cuz they've got the key to your cocklock.



By this time, your blueballs have to be absolutely bursting. I’ll bet you’d do ANYTHING to gain your release. You’ve problee even thought about finding a way to break free of your penis prison. Think again, weakling. Do you know what the initials C-B-T stand for, baby? Do ya? You're about to learn... VERBAL HUMILIATION SESSION with Melissa The Meanest



On the last day before I unsnap your tube and turn you into a milked-dry impotent sissy for Valentine's Day, I've invited ALL my girlfriends to make this the most agonizing Sunday of yer life, loser. Ready to be laffed at and mercilessly teased? VIXENS DENY YOU VIDEO with Carmen, Mandia, Nika and Zoey.



I promised I was gonna let you cum today, right? Keep in mind that I’m going to order you to have three of the most humiliating orderd org-spasms of your life. I’m going to put you through 3 GUIDED MASTURBATORIALS designed to humiliate you - and leave you an impotent flaccid wimp for Valentine's Day...




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