What could be more humiliating for a wimp like you than putting on workout clothes and walking into a gym? Well, how about getting sneered at, laughed at and ridiculed by superhot blonde fitness model, Humiliatrix Brandi. Is bitchy-mean Brandi laughing at you because of your toothpick arms, your chicken legs, or your tiny package? Don't worry, wimp, she'll let you know. Ready to be taken down, trashtalked and reamed out by a cut, fit genuine superbitch? You are going to feel half an inch tall when Humiliatrix Brandi gets through stripping you of your manhood and putting you in your place.


"Humiliated at the Gym
by Brandi"
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When Humiliatrix Brandi catches you drooling over her at the gym she proceeds to lay waste to your ego, trashtalking your "pencil arms" and "tiny package," proclaiming for everyone to hear that "your kind of workout involves hand lotion, sissy panties and porno," and then (just in case you were wondering, loser) loudly informing you that you have "no chance" of dating her as she bursts out laughing in your face.




"Workout For A Wimp
with Princess Brandi"
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format: wmv 480x360

Ready for a rude reality check? Here's the deal, dorky: Superbitch Brandi is going to strip you of your masculine illusions by putting you through one of her workouts. And if you can't keep up with her like a man, she's going to farce you reach into your panties "to do your sissy workout" for her instead. So what's it gonna be, wimp, pumping iron like a man or pulling your peepee and piddling your panties as Brandi giggles at you?


humiliatrix humiliatrix humilatrix


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