Princess Becky Takes Control of Your Sputtering Little Package

B-B-Busted! When Princess Becky catches you sniffing her panties and worshiping her cheerleading pix she shocks you by confessing that's she's always wondered what it would be like to give a beejay to a much older guy - a guy like you! Huh?!?

OMG, loser. It's yer lucky day! All you have to do is close your eyes, as Becky licks her lips, gets down on her knees and... and... Got your eyes shut tight? Good. Don't be nervous! Becky's not like those other cruel princesses. She'd nevvvver ever do anything to trick and humiliate a panty-sniffing, ass-kissing, snot-fisted dweeb like you!


13 min WMV - FREE PREVIEW VIDEO - 8/28/09
Princess Nikki Puts You Thru a Merciless Begging & Pleading Session

Nikki J is a ferocious flirt. She luvs teasing tent-pants losers like you with her amazing body. You are such a dead man, little mister cocklock, cause Nikki J is your keyholder today! Can you imagine having to beg this gorgeous college junior to unlock your p-p-penis prison? Good luck, stutterfuck!

If you want out of that cockcage tonite you have to beg and plead to make a worship puddle for Nikki while you cover her toes with love pecks and stick your nose under her demin skirt to smother her panty butt with worship kisses. Then the real agony arousal begins - when Nikki changes into her string bikini! So how bad do you wanna fuck your fist for Nikki? Get on all fours and prove it, weakling!

"Hey dweeb, if you do something totally wack to humiliate yourself while you're worshiping me? I will unsnap your cockcage so you can drain your love sacs and pound out a puddle for your Princess Nikki. But it has to be pissypantz embarrassing for you or no go. Deal?"


7 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 8/29/09
You Are Princess Raven's Helpless, Pathetic Pussy Fluffer

Sweet, innocent Princess Raven is a naughty horny fuckbrat. She wants you in her room tonite - totally naked - except for your cocklock, so she can flick your blueballs with her tongue, finger her sopping wet pussy, and tickle-tease the head of your swollen caged-up cock with with her pussy-juicy finger...

See how hard Raven's nipples are? See how wet her pussy is? Are you ready for Raven to unlock your cage - so she can snakecharm your cock with her tongue... and use her tight pussy to tease all your cum into her fukkyhole? You're ready? C-c-can you guess what's gonna happen to you next, LOL?

"I've been dating your boss, but he's away. So why don't you come over to my room tonite? I bet you're as horny as I am after you've been in that nasty cockcage for three days. If you can make me really wet, maybe I'll unlock your cock and let you unload all that cum backed up in your blueballs. Would you like that? I promise not to do anything mean to you <evil grin>."

9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 8/30/09
Princess Courtney Dangles Your Key from Her Charm Bracelet

There's good news and bad news, dumbass. The good news is Princess Courtney likes the $900 dominatrix boots you bought to bribe her with. The bad news? You fucked up her iced latte order. That $3.95 mistake is gonna keep the key to your cocklock right where it is - dangling from Courtney's charm bracelet. Nice fuck up, retard.

Unless you want that ice cold latte dumped down your pants, you better lay some worship kisses down Courtney's boots while she gets ready for her date. If you volunteer to write Courtney's term paper on 'Panties' for her Retail Marketing 101 class, maybe she'll grant you a mercy squirt later on.

"You fucked up once already today. Now I'm in a bad mood and my boyfriend's coming over. Lick my boots clean but DON'T slime them with your pig drool. Then you can write my term paper: ten pages on 'Panties: Styles and Trends. ' Do a great job and I'll unlock your little cock and give you 30 seconds in the girls' bathroom with my body lotion. Dweeb."

10 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 8/31/09
Princess Katie Sends You on a Sissy Humiliation Assignment

Now that your little cock has been caged for almost a week and the desperation is setting in, it's time to send you out on a humiliation assignment! Meet Katie, the Alpha Delta Humiliatrix pledge trainer. Katie might look like a Cali bikini cutie, but she's as cruel as she is creative when it comes to punishment.

Katie knows you'd do just about anything to earn a few precious seconds unlocked from your cage. So if you want to make a worship puddle for Katie, you better be prepared to follow her exact predicament humiliation assignment instructions.

"I've sent home little wimps like you in nothing but plastic panties and a pacifier. I've made wussies like you go to our sorority formal dressed as a girl, in full makeup, with the goal of passing you off as a fraternity fucktoy. Today I'm going to use my 36Ds to tease you, weaken you, and teach you a lesson."

5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/01/09
Would You Suck and Swallow to Please Keyholder Katrina?

Trina has always teased her professors' cocks and gone on dates with them to get good grades - without ever having to fuck a single one of them. But now she's got a prof who expects a BJ if Katrina wants an A! So guess what you're gonna do to help Katrina keep Magna Cum Laude?

You're gonna have your hair and makeup done by the girls in the sorority... You're gonna get fitted with the same dress, stockings and heels Trina is wearing - same juicy lip gloss too... Then you're gonna... gonna... LOL. Let's just say that if you do EXACTLY what Katrina is about to train you to do, you're gonna get out of cocklock one week early! Promise!

"You've been in that cockcage for a week! Are you ready to feel my soft, pretty hands unlock your poor little cock? Wouldn't it feel great to pump it for me, scream my name and cum for me, with your lips pressed up against my ass? It can happen tonite. I've got the key to your cocklock. All you have to do is one teensy little favor for Princess Trina! Don't worry - I'm gonna teach you exactly what to do... "

6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/02/09
Cash Princess Adrina Wants to Drain That Lil Thingy in Yer Pantz

Maybe you think you can outwit Adrina. Talk your way out of your cocklock. After all, she's half your age and her life experience includes babysitting and waiting tables at the pizza place. Surely you're not going to go home beaten, bested, used and abused, with your chastity cage still firmly in place, by a community college transfer student in a micro-miniskirt and pair of pink stilettos! Well, weakling?

Adrina has the key to your cocklock. She plans on teasing her way into your pants until she can fondle that precious little thingy of yours she luvs to play with: your gold card, moron. Prepare to be cockteased and brought to to the brink by a manipulative mall-brat who intends on leaving your blueballs teased, throbbing and bursting full - and your lines of credit drained dry.


9 min WMV - FREE PREVIEW VIDEO - 9/03/09
Princess Sari Torments Your Blueballs and Teases Your Tiny Cock

Princess Sari doesn't play games. She's not going to put you thru a test tease or cocklock challenge so you can win your way out of chastity for a few seconds. Nope. All you get is your low-hanging nutsacks tickled and flicked by Sari's wicked fingers - until the crybaby tears of pain and precum make you wish you were born with a pussy.

You can kiss Sari's ass all you want. French kiss it. Beg, plead, bribe. Go for it. Sari is a sadist. A submissive little wimp like you - with his pimple dick in a cage - gets no mercy from Sari. Zero. The key to your cocklock stays in the crotch of her panties - right up against that other sweet little treasure you don't get to have. HA HA. Fuck you. Suffer for your Princess.

"I seriously don't know what's funnier - the fact that your dick is so small or that it's been kept in a cage by a bunch of sorority girls for over a week. You are the most pathetic little wuss in the world and I'm gonna stick my ass in your face, flick your blueballs and have a good fucking laugh at you."

5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/04/09
Flood Princess Tiffani's Panties with Your Loser Goo... Wanna?

After 9 days in cocklock the cum is starting to back up into your brains, making you extra stupid - which is why Princess Tiffani wants to talk to you! Tiffani thinks it's way too mean to keep your little cock caged up for so long! If you want to be set free from Tiffani's special diamond-encrusted cocklock, all you have to do is go along with her secret plan.

If you do exactly what Tiffani sez, she's gonna slip off her cute girly panties, rub those warm, fragrant panties under your nose, and then let you flood her panties with your puppyluv squirts! Won't that feel so goooood?

"Those other girls can be so mean to you! You know that Princess Tiffani isn't like that. I know you wanna rub your stiffy and unload all your puupy squirts into my panties sooo bad. Maybe we can work out a special secret pact together. Hmm... If you'll do me just one eensy weensy little favor..."

6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/05/09
Cockteased and Cuckolded by Cruel Princess Isobel

As she cradles and carresses your throbbing, aching blueballs in the palm of her pretty hand, devil-girl Isobel knows she's got you exactly where she wants you: sputtering, helpless, captive to her charms, dying to cum and willing to do anything for the chance. Ten days in cocklock has you crazy. Poor baby.

Isobel gets down on her knees before you - her pouty, wet, thirsty lips just inches from your caged up cock - to put you through a sadistically seductive blowjob tease and denial session. Isobel uses her flickering tongue to destroy you; leaving you trembling, shaking and spewing precum all over the bars of your cockcage, only to ditch you, so that she can wrap her lips around a real cock - her boyfriend's. HA HA!

"I love giving blowjobs. I love wrapping my lips around a big nasty cock and using my tongue to tease and coax all that hot gooey cum down the back of my cocktease cumslut throat. Mmmm... Too bad you'll never get to know what that feels like, reject . Actually, you WILL get a little 'taste' of what it's like - when I spit my boyfriend's load in your face."

10 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/06/09
Butt Tease and Blueball Check with Snarky Princess Remi

It's a new semester and Princess Remi's got a hot new outfit to help cocktease her professors into submission. But first Remi's gonna test out her jiggles and wiggles on you - on your 11th consecutive day in cocklock. HA HA! It's agony arousal time for you, weakling. How's that cage feeling?

After she checks your little package Remi will decide whether to pop your lock for a worship puddle relief session or whether to prolong your agony in the chastity cage. LOL. Whaddaya you think is gonna happen? Maybe if you plant a few desperation kisses beneath Remi's flirty skirt, she'll take pity on you.

"Got drool? HA HA! You wanna be strokin' but you're gonna be chokin' for Princess Remi, bitch boy. On your knees, piggy. The only thing getting out of that cockcage today is a little puddle of precum. But you can beg for it, blueballs. I LOVE it when you beg, baby. Princess Remi loves to make you s-s-s-suffer."

7 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/07/09
Tease, Denial, CBT and Chinese Cockmocking with Princess Siren

Princess Siren is a transfer student who thinks it's hilarious to find you crawling around the sorority house on your hands and knees, pleading to be set free of your chastity cage. Siren calls her girlfriends in China to tell them about your cocklock, your tiny penis inside it, and how you beg to masturbate. 12 days in a cage - silly little monkey!

Siren brings you into her room to worship her boots and have your blueballs pinched, flicked and smacked with her riding crop. Can you say, 'Princess Siren, you are my owner,' in Mandarin Chinese? How about 'piglet-men with little dicks don't deserve to cum.' Say it, weakling. Maybe Siren will give her girlfriends a good laugh and let you cum for them!

8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/08/09
French Ass Kisses for Demanding, Demeaning Princess Stacey

Don't call Princess Stacey a bitch unless you want a kick in the blueballs or a crack across your face. In her spike-heeled boots and miniskirt, this demanding daddy's girl knows how to put her foot down to get what she wants. She's been wrapping weak little men like you around her expensively-manicured finger her whole life.

You've been in cocklock for 13 days now and Princess Stacey has the key. Do you think she might show you some mercy? You can try bribing her with giftcards and jewelry. Then you can get down on your knees and prove to Stacey that she's a Princess and you're a pig by planting a degrading, humiliating kiss right between the cheeks of her divine diva ass.

"I am NOT a bitch. Bitch is an attitude and Princess Stacey does not have the attitude. Just because I am gorgeous and from a wealthy family does not make me a spoiled little bitch. Got it? So don't you give ME any attitude or you will be very very sorry. Know your role and I won't have to humiliate you."

5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/09/09
Princess Danielle Lets You Oink Out a Worship Puddle - Finally!

On your 14th day in cocklock you finally get to cum! Princess Danielle is geting dressed for class and she wants you to be her 'outfit tester' - so that she can cocktease an 'A' from her weak little professor. What do you think? Do you like Danielle's push-up top? How about her pleated girly skirt? And her pink panties and knee socks? Think you can work up a little worship squirt for your Princess? LOL!

If you cum good and hard for Danielle when she releases you from your cocklock, then Dani will know she has an 'A+' outfit! Are you ready for the cum countdown? Ready to squirt it all out for Danielle like a good little pig? 5... 4... 3... 2... !!!

"Bring your dog dish into my room and set it on the floor at my feet. I'm going to unlock you from your cock cage and squeeze a big gooey glob of my body lotion between your legs. I want you to jerk your little cock and show me hot I am. It's time for you to fuck your fist and make a worship puddle for Princess Dani!"

6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/10/09
Princess Becky Makes You To Cum in the Most Humiliating Way

Yesterday, Princess Danielle promised she was gonna let you cum. She teased her fingernails up and down your blueballs. She tapped those pretty nails on the bars of your cockcage. She asked if you were ready to pump out a puddle for her. She even inserted the key into your cocklock. And then? Dani pulled the key away! HA HA!

And there you are today. Teased to the brink for 15 days in a row. Blueballed. Abused. Played with. Tricked, taunted and completely fucked with. Tormented into desperation. Wonder what you'll be willing to do cum for Princess Becky? Tonite.

"I am going to unlock your little cock and tease it to see if you're worthy to cum for me. If you're not, I'll snap you back into your cocklock and leave you that way for the rest of the month. Or maybe, if I feel like it, I'll order you to cum - in the most humiliating way you can imagine. My choice. Not yours. "

14 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/11/09
Princess Siren Torments and Violates You with Her Shiny Black Gloves

Princess Siren is laughing at you because she knows you're not a man. You're a wimp and a sissy and she is going to prove it to you by sliding on a pair of shiny black gloves and violating you with her middle finger... as she verbally abuses you - and harsly manipulates your pathetic little cock and balls.

If you dare to cum in the palm of Siren's hand while she's violating you, you can expect to have your loser goo smacked, slapped and rubbed all over your face - and Siren's fingers shoved into your mouth for you to suck clean. See if you can prove Siren wrong - prove that you're a man, and not a pathetic little wussy who cums when he gets finger fucked.

"When you see me putting on my long black latex gloves you know you're in big trouble. You know that you're going to get slapped, spanked - or much worse. Present your little cock and balls to me right now - and prepare to be punished."

8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/12/09





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