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"Here`s my update, not a real review, but I just think everyone who is into bratty, spoiled, stunning Princesses should check out the latest updates, which are open for everyone to see. There have been numerous updates in the last couple weeks. The Valentines Day special contained 14 Updates. One per day ! Right now there is a 5 Princesses set in the cuckold genre going on. LOVE IT ! To me personally, Humiliatrix delivers the best content in that niche. Wonderful looking Ladies, great themes, great work. Download speed is very fast, Quality is on DVDlevel. Someone really takes care of the site lately and I hope will go on
that way. 10 out of 10."

- "Fr***"at Mistress Destiny Femdom Forums



I did as you ordered me and joined Oh, how marvellous and yet unobtainable you are. Although you cannot see me, you seem to be able to read my mind... You seem to be able to give me an orgasm without me touching my cock. I am new to the site but can see me becoming your slave. You are a wonderful goddess and I just adore you.
Please call me Jessica. Mmmmmm!

My favorite part of are the audio files from Princess Melissa. She truly understands the loser I am. That and the captioned pictures telling me to bury my nose in a beautiful princess' ass, as that is the only way I should ever be near them.

Dear Mistress, i just luv all of it, especially the humiliation of being turned into a gurl, the strapon and piggy was so exciting, and i just luv the makeover. my ultimate humiliation fantasy is being farced to grow breasts and make luv to real men. please let me join debbie

I get off on Princess Melissas audios. They're the best. My favorite fantasy is to be caught masturbating while outside in my secluded backyard by my beautiful next door neighbor. She slowly walks over to me with a sexy look but I get soft with her approach. She tries to put me at ease, starts to play with me, talks real soft and sexy but when nothing happens she starts to get angry. She starts laughing at my small pee-pee and my shaved body and my girlie panties. Then she starts calling me sissy and I shouldn't be allowed in the neighborhood. Of course this makes me hard. She tells me she knows what I like as she starts fingering my asshole. I immediatly get hard and cum as she laughs calling me a big sissy faggot who is afraid of a real man. Afterwards she tells me if I make any trouble for her she will send her husband over to take care of me with his 8 inch member and he isn't gentle unless of course I would rather clean her up after he was finished with her. She thought he might like to watch as their sissy neighbor licked his cum from his wifes pussy. I will kiss and lick Princess Melissas beautiful ass any way she would like. I would lay down a worship puddle while doing it if she so desires. Please let me join the loserlist. I'm 30. I've been married 2 times, both girls walked out because I couldn't satisfy them. I know I'll never be able to satisfy a woman. I'm a 280 pound piggy with a vibrator up my butt at my computer every night, a compulsive masturbator that is useless to women.

my pathetic cock is hard just typing this pweeze wet me jwoin

Humiliatrix is an AWESOME site! I found it about two years ago from Sardax's site, and it never ceases to amaze me what some men find arousing. It's hilarious the amount of control you have over these fucking idiots from the internets. Melissa, you rock!

My favourite part of is the video selection, showing attractive (totally unobtailable) women talking down to the viewer directly, which is very excting ... My ultimate humiliation fanatasy is (I think) rather tame, and quite unoriginal: First of all, I imagine myself being called on the carpet by an assertive young woman (young enough to be my daughter) who interrogates me thoroughly until she uncovers all my shameful real-life failures, horrendous flaws and weaknesses, and then makes me strip to reveal my soft, flabby, pasty-white body. Once I've been fully exposed, I imagine her criticizing, condeming and ridiculing me relentlessly, before she punishes me for being suxh a useless, impotent slug. I imagine her ordering me across her lap for a long, extra-hard spanking on my big, jiggly-fat, middle-aged bottom until I start to cry, followed by corner time in an emasculating punishment costume (skirts, panties, stockings, silky slip, heels). The humiliation would be worse if I was unmanned like this in front of my young stepsisters and their female friends ... If you let me join the loserlist, I will kiss your ass in as many ways and as many times as you demand, with great care and reverence each time (down on my knees, hands behind my back, puckered up dutifully), again and again ... Oh please, pretty please let me join.

Hi, Princess! i just want You to know that every time i come to your web site, my itty-bitty clitty gets all hard and hot and pumping. i love You Princesses. i dream of becoming Your boyfriends' bitch so You all can laugh and be entertained. i wanna suck cock for You lucious Girls. i wanna be Your french maid, and bend over to touch my stilettos any time You feel like putting a real cock in me. i wanna be Your doggy style slut. i wanna be Your boi whore, dressed in a cute sissy dress, and help You pleasure Your man. i cum imagining You riding Your real man, giggling at itty-bitty me. i cum to You. mmmmmmmm.... Princess, please laugh at my itty-bitty clitty at it's full 4 inches Thanks, Princess!
Your boi bitch,
ms. itty-bitty-clitty
PS: i wanna be a princessette!

My favorite part is where this worthless microdick gets to listen to the sexy mistressess spend their time humiliating his tiny little dick. My ultimate fantasy is being farced in front of a lare crowd to show my micro dick and be made fun of for it. Then to hear daily by my friends how small it is and their mocking of me. Please let me join the loserlist and me humiliated by such a beautiful mistress who shows this worthless dick how worthless his little mircoclit really is.

My favorite part of humiliatrix is you Melissa. My ultimate fantasy is for you to take me out panty shopping and making me buy whatever i was allowed to mess in(blush) and then clean up. I would allow you to degrade me and humiliate me as I helplessly clean up everything and anything you deemed admissable to join your loserlist. Please Melissa..Mistress Melissa..Humiliatrix Melissa..Princess Melissa..Babbysitter Melissa..Panty Pusher Melissa..Mommy Melissa..Pleeeeeaassse Melissa!

They are so hot that the only way they pay any attention to me is making fun of me...The ultimate humiliation fantasy would be to be stripped naked at a party and be laughed at because of my small penis and then be made to serve all the men and women at the party...It would be an honor to bury my tongue as deep in your ass as possible the whole time i'm a member...Please Mistress Melissa Pentauk allow me to worship and serve You as a member

Mistress Melissa, my favourite part of is the audio tease section, where i regularly find myself downloading your diaries and listening to your beautiful voice. I fantasize about my secretary, she finds out about my membership to your site and makes me jerk off while i have to kiss her high heels. Please let me join to frenchkiss your ass I`m begging You

My favorite part of is Mistress Carmen. My ultimate humiliation fantasy is to be ridiculed about my tiny clittie while Mistress Carmen enjoys the pleasure of a real man. I would love to kiss ass and clean creampie.

my favorite part of the website is being called piggy and a loser and putting me in my place with my small 4 and a half inch dick, and the girls laughing and me when they humiliate me. my ultimate fantasy would me to be degraded and by a big group of princesses who spit on my small dick and call me piggy and loser. i would french kiss your arse untill u were happy and then lick it and kiss it.

Ilove the videos of beautiful princesses demeaning and teasing me. My ultimate fantasy is to have 2 or 3 Mistresses watch and laugh at me dressed up in slutty girls clothes sucking and being fucked by two big black men, swallowing their cum as you laugh hysterically. I'll kissyour as in whatever way pleasesyou most to letme join Princess

I have taken the greatest of leaps myself, plunging myself to the feet of Princess Melissa. She is thevery image of beauty I have dreamed of since I was very young. Each time I am allowed to conversewith her it is an intoxicating feeling. Just to know she’s there.I can feel her aura even remotely. It would be the greatest dream to be humbled at her feet, to press my lowly lips against her royal feet as asign of my complete submission. I will do all I can to worship Goddess, as she defines perfection. My tribute to her, though a pittance to such a Great Lady. I know I must do all for the opportunity to serve this perfect woman. is an incredible site. I was a member a few years ago, and
thought you had a lot of content then -- but now it's just loaded with it,
and I can see it will probably take me a long time to get through it all.
I'm going to need that automatic renewal, I'll probably be here for months.
Either that or I'll just go crazy and watch it all tonight. You know how we
losers can't get enough of being treated like dirt! Thanks for making me feel miserable about myself, which is really all I

I'm middle-aged, bald on top and about four stone overweight. I'm also single, and at my age and weight the chances of me getting a girl are pretty much nil. Yesterday was my 44th birthday, and what did I spend it doing - playing with my pecker over humiliatrix dot com. I'm addicted to your website, you bitch. Along with probably thousands of other sad middle-aged losers. Do us a favour, take your site down; humiliatrix is making me spend too much money and time on jerking off! It's not fair!!

Hello melissa. My name is bill. I wanted to tell you that sometimes i hang around shoe stores and wait for woman to try on shoes. when they walk around with the shoes on to see how they feel, i pick up there shoe thats on the floor and smell it. What do you think of this? thanks

I just wanna let you know that you have a wonderful site. You have the uncanny ability to reach in and exploit a submissive man's psyche. I'm a "closet" sub and every type of updates that you put up on your site just give me chills.

well i'm back!
and jackin' like a fool.
please, work me over

I just wanted to let you know I finally worked up enough courage to join the website after looking at the preview page for quite a while.  My username is "stupidass."  I like how the girls on the website are all wearing clothes and don't show any nudity.  I don't deserve that.  

i just bought a new bra, garter belt, and thong set
and i am wearing them now as i kneel here to beg You to PLEASE cum and abuse me again! i miss You sooo much! Please cum back and remind me of how useless my puny clit is, how You would only consider using me as Your sissy maid to clean up after You and Your real man boyfriend make passionate love all night! It's been two weeks since i have been privileged to experience Your humiliation! PLEASE return to let me have another taste of Your sweet scorn!

Dear Princess Melissa, Thank You! i tried to stay away, but the thought of missing out on Your abusing humiliation continually haunts me! i had to re-join! i love You! and long for Your abuse! Thank You again! Your sissy slut slave

Thank you Melissa, Your website is the best!! I love all the humiliation its exactly what I crave. Its funny how much control you have over me and know just what i'm doing like you have me all figured out? I am a sissy faggot and fat too.keep up the great site

I recently signed up to and just wanted to let you know thta i think that your website is absolutely fantastic. Your website has helped me to realise what a completely pathetic limpdick loser i really am. I'm now wearing my girlfriends panties and recently bought my first butplug (i wanted a pink piggie tail but couldn't find one - i ended up getting a really cute black starter plug! I call it my new plastic boyfriend!). Thankyou


My "obedientpenis" has rejoined, unable to resist. I look forward to excessively beating off to your magnificent voice and superior princesses, and offer my pathetic cock for you to giggle at, flick, slap and spank, then leave me to UHHH! UHHH! UHHH! untiI I spurt, leaving me to marinate in the worship jism I produce in your Royal Honor.

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful humiliatrix website.  I especially liked the audio humiliation files.  They made me feel worthless like the pathetic pantywaist that I am.  I found myself answering your questions out loud further humiliating my sissy desires.  You have a wonderfully sexy voice, especially when you are teasing and laughing at me. My name is Mike and I am a pathetic pantywaist pussy, who likes to dress up in woman's wedding gowns.  What kind of man, and I do use that term loosely, gets a massive 4" stiffy, while dressed as a beautiful bride.  I am a petite dainty  5'6" , 135 lb sissy.  I love the way I look dressed in one of my many bridal gowns.  My favorites are the tight bodice that pulls in my 28" waist, then the beautiful multilayered tulle skirt.  With a hoop skirt, it poofs it out even more.  I look like a dainty princess.  I am such a pussy.

fuck u melissa my girl friend saw me on your site and she left me so fuck u

OMG Princess Melissa, Never in my entire life has anything compeled the realization of what a cock hungry little sissy bitch i really am! Princess Jezsi's shows you the propers had my sissy hole aching for Her pounding and my mouth drooling to suck the color off of Her dildo as i still chant i'm Jezsi's sissy pussy, i'm Jezsi's sissy pussy, i'm Jezsi's sissy pussy! i am Jezsi's sissy pussy and i would love to lick and suck Her cock and spread my legs like the bitch i am and have Her fuck the shit out of me in front of all Her friends! i even wish i could do it for Your website for all to see! WHAT would my buddies think seeing me for what i am, a cocksucking cumslut for Jezsi! All my life i fantasied being sexually dominated, cucked, and humiliated by a such a girl, i'm still dripping! Wow, Tinytool

dear Ms. Melissa, that was Your best recording yet! i had a HUGE sissy camel toe just listening to it--well, huge for me. though, pretty small for a man.

Hi. I  want you to know that I couldn't help but masturbate to your site the last couple of days, and as I result I couldn't perform for my girlfriend on Valentine's day. I mean I couldn't even get it up. It's like since I've been going to your site in the sense of the real world you've cut my penis off.

i unlocked my cock and i followed your commands and had 3 of the most intense orgasms ever, and then i went on a date with a hot girl from work and we made out in my car but when she rubbed my cock it didn't get hard and she was really mad at me. she asked me if i was gay but i said no, she left pretty angry. i got home and went to and suddenly my cock got hard, i just wish my cock would have got hard when i was with my hot date, it seems like i'm losing control of when i can get an erection, what should i do? i wish i could find a woman like you melissa in real life. -slave_boy50

Hello Melissa I hope things are going well for you. I am emailing you to tell you that I DO NOT WANT A REAL GIRLFRIEND I am content with me being one of your bitchboy sissymaids for you.Your voice  and attitude rule my little world. I spent V-day putting your voice on cds to have in my car.... milking it down the road to your command. I wish you were president so you could put men in their place. Under  your boots ... GOOD DAY  -bitchboy sissymaid

I would say that being humiliated is one of my LEAST favorite things, somehow when you do it I can't seem to get enough of it! Your voice and website are both very addicting!

Dear Melissa My whole body shakes when I think about the power you have over me. The thought of you laughing at me pops into my mind when I least expect it, and I immediately feel my self swelling up in my pants. I start to breath quickly and my hands shake, I am farced to pump myself for you and I whisper your name when I climax. -- your silly little self abuser

(Melissa's Poem by mgb)
like moths attracted to Her dancing flame...
we hover and encircle 'round about Her ever closer...
flitting and fluttering nearer intoxicated by Her hypnotic game...
unaware or uncaring that the heat and light She throws
so deliriously erotic and entrancing and enticing
is also all consuming in Her dancing glows.
approaching near and ever nearer...
until at last "zzzzzzaaapp!"
we are no more.


Thank u so much Goddess Melissa for letting me on your amazing site. I do love it more then anything, even my blow up doll girlfriend!!!! Every day im on here wearing my prettiest pink frilly panties wanking my self silly like the pathetic worthless sissy i am!!!


I love your site. i am in complete submission to u and the others. i am always thinkin about u . i would do anything to please u . just at the sound of your voice my small cock becomes rock hard. i am your pathetic slave and would do anything for you.

Carmen and Nika both have fantastic hands. Soft, manicured, hot.  They leave me speechless. Literally, in my little fantasies. Thanks so much.

I am a new member to the Humiliatrix site and I have to say I absolutely adore your site, it really is the best thing on the net, I was so turned on doing my initiation pledge I thought I was going to burst, bollock naked at my computer on my hands and knees.

I felt as a new member I should try and catch up on all the activities you have posted recently, in particular the small penis appreciation week, I took the test and my erect penis is a pathetic four inches, I will send you a picture soon.

My new name will be 'piglet dick' to account for the fact that I am a bit of a porker and have a puny willy.


Piglet Dick

I've never seen a site devoted to fem-dom humiliation as awesome as The girls are young and super hot. Every week -sometimes more often- there's new videos, pics & audio clips that don't disappoint. Also, it's an easy site to navigate & download from, very well engineered.
Sometimes I check in just for a minute to see what's new, it never turns out to be just a minute. There's always a way hot girl performing acts of humiliation on me of every kind. Sometimes there's more than one, How EMBARRASSING! is well worth the small fee to save me the time of surfing through all the BS.
Keep up the great work Princesses!


On 9/30/05 GEE wrote:


"" wrote:

You‚ll have a weak moment and you‚ll be back.

;  )


On 8/19/05 GEE wrote:

you are crossed that i cancelled the membership?
gee wrote:

Too much of a wimp, eh? Ha ha okay gee your membership has been cancelled. Your account is good through Sept. 9.

Abigail Keegan
Customer Service

NOTE - It's Abigail or Ms Keegan. Call me Abby and you will learn the meaning of the word pain.

On 8/19/05 GEE wrote:

please cancel my membership


I got up this morning, and went right to your website.  I was so excited when I saw you had new items on your fredricks list that I had to buy you the satin over lace demi bra, and the thong 6 pack.  I will probably end up buying you the other stuff on your list as I just cant seem to stop myself.  I just picture you wearing all those things and I have to get them for you.  I am hopelessly addicted.  I love you so much without ever having even seen you.  How do you do it? Please dont add any more new stuff, I really cant afford to buy you anything more this month.  love always
loyal spooger

I want to compliment you on having an excellent website. I am a current member and have just discovered this site very recently. I decided to join after I saw the front page of Mistress Lisa holding her hand up in the air and making a loser symbol. I must tell you that I have a major long fingernail fetish and that was why I decided to join. I guess the longer the nails, the more sexier it is to me. I have enjoyed and love all of the girls. Princess Lisa and Princess Mandia are my two favorites. I have just seen the most recent update of Princess Mandia. She is extremely beautiful as is all of your other girls. I hope to see more of her in the future. I just have one question for you. Who's idea was it to have such a site like this? Was it a man's or a woman's idea? I can usually tell, but for some reason, I really don‚t have any clue when it comes to this site. Anyway, I have not seen any other sites like this one before. Please keep up the good work. I really love all the girls beautiful hands and fingernails.

Thank You Melissa Goddess! i love my losergrams *whimpering* i am sitting here in my office right now, my tiny wanky so hard and stiff, as i wait, hoping You will send one tonight, kniwng i am not even worth of that. Thank You Melissa

*kisses blown at Your feet*

You are truly the cruelest and meanist dom on the
planet and you never fail to satisfy my darkest

your fucking site got me fired. i was watching lise when my boss walked into my office and she caught me playing with my boner. thanks a lot

On my knees before Goddess Melissa.  Thank you for having the grace to let a pathetic male like me rejoin you website. I actually thought that I could survive without you.  But I now realize that I cannot survive without you.  I am actually glad that I tried to quit because I know now that I cannot. I know now that my new life is:  Whatever Goddess Melissa says goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am now looking forward to it, now I have a purpose. I feel so bad for trying to quit, but I am a pathetic male.  When I sent the email saying I was quiting you probably laughed you but off, knowing I would be crawling back.

Good luck to anyone who tries to quit your website.  I don't want to go through that again.  

All for Melissa, Everything for Melissa!!

Dear Melissa

I have been addicted to your site for
a while now. When I am not in front of
the computer pulling on the 3 inch
dicklet between my legs, I am thinking
about you and longing to get back to
your site.

You have taken over my life, and I am
constantly longing to hear your
mocking voice.

I never had many girlfriends, but
since coming to your site you have
taught me how ridiculous it is for a
pathetic loser like me to have a
normal relationship with a girl.

The best I will get is jerking off
over you and your girlfriends. I thank
you for helping me realise what a
hopeless pervert I am.

dear melissa, thank you so much for dreaming up this truly amazing site...i joined this morning, and have made over 30 worship puddles already, mostly for jezsi and sabrina, but also several for rachelle and her purr-fect ass...i was wondering if this was some kind of record or just normal loser behavior? i will try to make more before i collapse, exhausted, in a puddle of worship for you and your bitch-i-licious friends! thank you!



dear princess melissa, the second day was even more torrid & humiliating & wonderful than the first--i think i sucked princess traci's strap-on two dozen times, with your deleriously humiliating voice commanding me on...i kissed rachelle's ass so many times i lost count, and how could u dream up the sublime scenerio whereby i had to completely and absolutely degrade myself by giving amanda's prof a blowjob? i had never done that before, and i did the best i could but needed a dozen times until i think i got it right....but i'm sure you'll make me keep do losers survive the first few days of you? will i be able to rise to your voice everday despite the way i'm obviously overdosing? do you have a support group for addicts? i fear worship stroking myself to there a graveyard with melissa's slaves so i can buy a place to be buried? why isn't your picture (with voice file of course) on Mt Rushmore?

hi Goddess Melissa I just wanted to let you know this is my new email.  Have a good day.  I am going to jerk off to ur site for another hour then go to work.

Ive been rock hard when i hear your voice and seen all the videos. I have been a member for around 2 weeks now, and im addicted. I have jerked off around once a day to your website when i listen to the audios and watch the video updates. I have sniffed some of my 30 year old cousins panties, in her room when i visited last week, and rubbed it on my cock. Ive also cummed on my own face twice, and licked it up. Thank you so much Melissa.

I think there are 2 kinds of people addicted to ur website, one kind is a truly self destructive loser who frankly needs help...the other kind (like me) is a genuinely nice guy who gets on well with women and is pretty real..for example I am the only guy I know with 6 beautiful female freinds (I have lived with one and her real man boyfriend) and I am going out with her on saturday night (platonically) of course. I was quite touched by the comments from a guy who signs his letter sissy and he like me has several lovely fem freinds who all want him to be gay..(I get this all the time too) my girly friends all want me to be a sissy..and I am on the verge of going for it..but I work in plant hire (macho stuff) and I am not sure If I want to be really gay.....I have to be true to myself and I have to make a living too.... I welcome any comments from you, your freinds, and any of the guys who are using your site who have written letters or comments that have been published by you on your website. yours sincerely and hopeful of a positive and real response..Nick (Nikki) often nicola, to my girly buddies


i honestly have a first date in an hr and a half, and i should be getting ready, but i cannot leave my computer.

I'm a "new" (in the past i was already a member of Yours) member of Your great web site, and WOOOOW, since i signed, i can't stop to be horny for You and Your teasers, They are fantastic and irresistible ... PRINCESS NIKKA SHE IS AMAZING ! ! ! ! Please can You tell Her that now  She has an italian admirer !!!! Thank very much Princess Melissa, every evening i come back to Your site and ....worship stroke time.

I rejoined Your site recently, and already found myself debased and humiliated. i know that many sissy facials, and mouthfuls of nasty man spunk are in my future. Now i'm looking on the web a lot for dresses that will accentuate my new found place in the world.

Dearest Melissa, Your generosity is incredible! I never dreamed that a celestial princess such as yourself would ever acknowledge my pitiful message. I have been dwiddling my baby cock all day and pondering your persona and the ever approaching Tuesday. When my alarm goes off on Tuesday morning I will slip into a pair of hot pink panties that I purchased about 1 hour ago at a small boutique. I will shave my legs on Monday evening so as to truly feel feminine and sissyish as I slide on my girlfriend's black shear stockings that I had previously stashed for just such an occasion. I contemplated a butt-plug, but as I am a teacher at a local college...I fear this may be too much for my wimpy ass.

Goddess Melissa, I have been thinking of ways to worship you, so I sent $50 to your Europe fund. It gives me great pleasure knowing you are laughing at me. I am indeed an unworthy pathetic loser who is sitting in front of my computer on a Friday night. - your pet

Good Morning Melissa,
 I came home early yesterday from work to surprise that son-of a -bitch husband of mine and I end up being surprised. He was sitting at the computer wearing a pair of MY PANTIES and some bra with his penis in his hand looking at your website.
After some angry words on MY part and shit for excuses form him, I looked through your site and even listened to some of the downloads he had done. Then I took matters into my hands, I told his worthless ass to wait for me in the bedroom, then I went shopping. If he wants to be on the receiving end, SO BE IT. Feel free to write back to this e-mail since he won't be using the computer without ME being there anymore.
Keep up the good work!!!!
Amy R.
Hello Princess Melissa,
I did get caught at Your site which I have visited many times and relieved myself with your help. Amy walked into the bedroom after returning from being out with a large bag. She then put make-up on me in a very nasty way. Turning the bag over, a strap-on dildoe and an inflatable doll fell out. I was told that the doll was the only thing I would be making love to from now on. Amy then pushed me down on my stomach and took me with her strap-on. Then, then she watched and laughed as she had me do it with the doll and then pushed the doll on to face and made me suck it out.
I am supposed to thank you Princess for getting me caught.


Dear Supremiatrix Melissa, I just re-upped to the site because I miss you so. I love you with all my cock.

Once again at your site and abusing my little self, dreaming of being treated like the complete wimp & loser I am.  Real men get to go out on dates and kiss and make love to pretty young women -- sissies like me stay home alone and play with themselves.  While I dream of being able to "make it" with a woman, I know deep down if given the chance I'd just be impotent with her anyway.  (Besides, my thingy is so small one girl in high school called it a "wee-wee . . . you know, like a toddler would have!") The only possible use a woman like you would have for a sissy loser like me is as your femmy little houseboy -- or even "sissy maid."  I'd try to look cute in tight little short-shorts and a frilly apron as I served you and your hunk of a boyfriend breakfast in bed after he's made love to you all night long.  Bowing and scraping is the proper place for a sissy anyway.

Dearest most perfect Princess, i guess i am addicted...after a month of Your humiliation i thought i could just move on...but tonight was my night off and i couldn't stand to not have a "date" with my humiliatrix. I belong heart soul and little stiffy to Princess Melissa so i had to re-sign and add to Your empire. i just imagine that my little contribution went towards toenail polish. i want and need to worship before Your sweaty work out socks and feet...although i love everything that You put me through...i did do the panty assignment in one of Your weekly diary entries...and wish that You in Your infinite wisdom would put more assignments out there for Your minions to do. If only requiring us to write sentences...whack ourselves...or whatever You might wish us to do to humiliate ourselves...Thank You for being You,

Melissa, I think your site is absolutely amazing

Melissa has won the awesome honor of being the PRISSY SISSY website of the YEAR! How can one great gal with a sadistic laugh and a sense of humor so cruel gain such awesome reputation without hardly lifting Her French manicured fingernail? Its simple. Her voice is awesome, her manner is both humorous and deadly serious, and her understanding of the pathetic nature of the cock-pleasure obsessed male libido is without equal. This is a woman who could create a Woman's Movement singlehandedly except that She knows better. Why bother. Melissa is superior by NATURE. Your only one hope of surviving this one Woman typhoon of excruciating femininity and dominance is to RUSH right now into the bedroom, dig out that sissy secret box of bras and panties you keep hidden from your wife, and prance out into the streets in your highest heels screaming Mellissa is god and god is great. There is an Arabic translation. Something like Melissa Akbar. Here's your chance to be terrorized and tormented by the VERY BEST.

Princess Melissa, I just got finished listening to your most recent humiliation session for the fifth time in 2 days. I have become hopelessly addicted to your site. You own me. My life revolves around your "world". No profession help in the world could help me escape your grasp as long as I have the knowledge that your site exists. You probably do this on purpose to make my pathetic week-ends more so, but I have not been receiving your loser grams. When I do see them in my inbox, my blood pressure rises and I get an instant boner in anticipation of your degrading words. On my knees, I am b-b-begging you in all your greatness to start sending them again to me. Of course, you are superior and I have to accept whatever you decide. I am totally devoted to you either way and I will be stroking to you over and over again, helplessy. Thank you for considering my pathetic request. You are exquisite in every way. I live to hear your mocking laughter. I hope you had a great week-end with your real-man boyfriends. As you know, I was in front of my computer worshiping you. I am trembling as I write this because I know I am going back on to your site immediately. Oh, I am as hard as a rock!! Thank you!!! This may just add to my mortification, but do you think I have a snowball's chance in hell of ever meeting you or speaking to you live? I'm sure you're laughing hysterically right now, but I would have been remiss if I didn't ask. You are hot, I am not. Helplessly in submission and homage to you, Princess Melissa's hapless bitch

Mistress Melissa, i just became a member today. your site is the best. so much humiliation waiting for me. i will be visiting every day, so you and your friends can degrade me, mock me, laugh at me and use me for your pleasure and amusement.   your pathetic loser,

Dear Melissa, Please remove me from your list. I need to forget about you and the wicked sound of your voice.

i didn't think i would get addicted....but Mistress Melissa's laughter is like a siren calling in the night....i used to masturbate only once a day....but NOW, i drain my seed in honor to Mistress Melissa at least 4 times a day....and no doubt increasing. She is totally brainwashing me and reducing me to the wanking little wimp slave that i was born to be.


Your site is hilarious. Especially the comments from the poor, pathetic dopes who sign up. Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!

Please Melissa, please PLEASE let me date You and try to please You,spend all my money on You, and work and slave for Your total pleasure.Please, i know i'm a pathetic looser, and not even worthy of Your contempt,but please let me at least TRY. Look i'll do anything. i'll avoid Your wonderfulwebsite, stop wanking off to pics on the web, even get a JOB (oh my GAWD)and give You all my money, do all the housework, laundry, ironing, yard work,cooking and serving, even dress up in ridiculous looking little french maid'suniforms and mince around lisping and prancing while i serve You and Your Real Man lovers drinks. i promise i will get down on my knees and kiss the toesof Your lovely $600 Italian spike heels every time You come home to me.i'll even give Your lovely feet, and those of ALL Your girlfriends, long sensuoustongue baths, and You and They can use my mouth for a spitoon, an ashtrayand a garbage can or toilet whenever You want. Just say the word, Melissa, andi will cash in all my life savings and crawl on my belly to You, grateful for themost demeaning and degrading treatment You give me, if You will ONLY be mydate for just ONE night! Please!

BTW, thinking of You, (what else can i do) i found this great pic You can probablyuse. And please, please, even if i manage to avoid going to Your website which draws me like a moth to a flame, and stop wanking for a whole week, please don'tstop sending me Your wonderful distainful, humiliating PERSONAL letters whichalways give me butterflys in my stomach! i don't care HOW much you humiliate me, i'm such a looser that even Your well deserved scorn is like honey! With undying love and admiration,

I just wanted to thank you for your Humiliatrix Hospital audios a few weeks back. They really, really hit the mark for me, and you have excelled yourself there. Thank You! I also LOVE the way you go "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" etc. in that voice - it's been a turn on for me (coincidentally) for over 20 years, so to find my "thing" like this is really great.

Dear Melissa, Queen of Alpha Girls: My girlfriend didn't see this as I've not got a girl friend. I've not had one for years. My penis is not only one of the world's smallest, 2.5 soft and 3 to 3.5 when erect or what I call erect.  Everyone else calls flaccid and to be frank, just plain impotent. I have tried to be gay at the suggestion of virtualy all the girls I've ever tried to be boyfriends with.  Can you imagine the humiliation I've felt when girl after girl tells me, in all sincerety that I should quit trying to be with a woman and just be gay? Well I have tried. I learned to suck cock and be fucked in my ass. I even learned to enjoy it! Even though it took a long time. Still down deep my sexual longings are fired up with women. The boys I have dated have all tended to be smooth and more fem in appearance. I was going with a guy from Thailand. He saw your communications. OMG he got pissed at me. He moved out last week and told everyone what I was into. Now his "queen" girlfriends call me and ask if I want to go shopping with them and learn how to be a good queen. They even asked me if I wanted implants and started to suggest doctors. Melissa! You have humialiated me completely! What should I do? I realize I could never be a "real man".  Should I just give in and accept being a full time sissy? I need the guidance of a Goddess!

This site sums up all the REAL thoughts that go through the sissy wimp's pee-brain. I used to be good friends with strippers and then I noticed that I didn't really admire them as much as i started to associate with them. So after the word go out that I rather play with their clothes while REAL men played with thier bodies, I became a roommate to three stripper divas. I pay all the rent and bills, clean and serve (I would cook but they are always on dinner dates). They do pay me $2 a week for various "services" just so when I cash the checks (always in person to the female bank tellers) the girl laughs at the memo portion which explains what I did for the money. "Panty Washing", "Foot Slave", you get the idea. They all love your site but don't really have the time for it since they have fullfilling lives of their own, while I'm hopelessly addicted.

Hi Mellissa, My name is XXXXX and I am panty boys girlfriend. I saw this e-mail and I was quite intrigued. I didnt know he was a little panty boy. I called him into the room, made him drop his shorts and sure enough he was weaqring a pair of MY pink and white floral panties. He was sooo humiliated, I just giggled. I made him show me your web site. What a little sissy we have here.

Dear heart stopping, wonderful Princess Melissa, i simply have to thank you, over and over, for the latest audio tease. this one, and the blueballed one you did a while back (where you 'farce' us losers to masturbate into your panties while being filmed EXPLICITLY so we will incriminate ourselves..) have simply blown my mind. i literally cant help getting hard whenever i think of that recording, or the recent one where you chant "make the losers weaken... make the losers stiffen.." i am so close to cumming just writing this email because i have thought of those humiliating words and ideas of yours. you are sooooo teasing and mean it is unbelievable. the thought of being toyed with, aroused and teased, simply because you want something from me - eg money, servitude, amusement,... but especially money or some kind of service (homework, lifts, cleaning etc) and NOT for sex (which you explicitly say is why you would tease a ... real man) drives me insane. i have no choice but to allow you to take over my brain and use me like the pathetic victim and weakling i am. you overpower me Princess and i have no choice but to love you for it, even though i know you only view me as a joke, servant, and loser and NEVER as a man. - your hypnotised, drooling money slave

Dear Princess Melissa, I just got up early and snuck out of my wife's bedroom so I could masturbate at to the latest fantastic teaser while she sleeps unsuspecting. I managed to hold off from ejaculating, just barely, otherwise I would never have the courage to write you. I just wanted to tell you that I am exactly that male that you describe in all your stories. You have pinned me through the heart with the cold hard truth. I want to resist, to forget about you, but I can't. One humiliating detail that may amuse you. Last week, I listened to "Squeal, Piglet." At the end, when the command came to stick my finger up my ass, I obeyed and suddenly ejaculated without touching my penis at all. It was horribly degrading. Thank you so much

Hey Girls, I love your website. It's great. I'm a lesbian and you femmes are turning me on! It's great to see men get pushed around for a change! Keep those Dildos hard!

Don't worry, I'll be back. Unfortunately, I can't resist.

i love YOU, Mistress.  i need to meet Melissa badly, so badly i can't even tell YOU.  i will do anything for HER, anything.  Anything.  Anything. please.

On my knees before Goddess Melissa: I actually tried to quit your website, then the other day I got one of your emails and figured I would check it out and see if there were any updates, I wasn't going to join or anything. Before I knew it I had my credit card out and was on my knees jerking off to Goddess Melissa.  When you speak, I just obey, there is no thought process, I just find myself obeying your every command. I never dropped to my knees faster in my life. I now surrender to Goddess Melissa, I now realize you are too powerfull for me to resist.  I now realize that my true purpose in life is to worship serve obey and suffer for Goddess Melissa. I would also like to give a warning to all men who think they can join for just one month. You better just forget about it.  Once you hear Goddess Melissa's voice your are hooked for life.  You better get used to life on your knees in front of your computer jerking off, or whatever Goddess Melissa commands you to do. It won't be long before you are saying All for Goddess Melissa and Everything for Goddess Melissa.  I will obey serve and worship and suffer for Goddess Melissa. It won't be long before she is the commander of your cum shots and pretty soon you won't be able to get off until the Goddess Commands It!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Your Sissy Slave

I'm one of tose tent panted dorks who can't seem to think about anything but the things that go on at your website. I am tempted and teased daily and nightly when I even think about being in the same room as any of you. Melissa, you have gotten into my head and you have won. I want to be humiliated. How can I deny it? My brain tells me to stay away. Am I crazy? Something deeper inside tells me that this is my destiny. Until recently I had no idea what a cream pie was and now that I do know, instead of being being repulsed by the idea I become captured by the humiliation of it all. Of course, as you know, my penis goes on high alert and bingo! I am your trembling pile of putty. Well you just have to congratulate the winner in a case like this. You knew it was a bit of a mismatch anyway. Didn't you? I mean if you were putting money on this would you have bet on the pussy?

Dear Melissa, The minute I read your message, I pulled out my little play-penis and spanked it furiously! PLEASE don't tell anyone on me! I'll do what You and Janey say....

Hello Ma'am Thank you for your e-mail. Yes' I'm a submissive loser and should be used and abused for your pleasure and fun. Thank you for your time. slave d-

I just don't understand why I keep coming back to your site. I want to stop but just can't seem to.

Thank-you for helping me realize that I should become a transvestite hooker. I will use my blow-job money to support your web-site. Debbie

Dearest Melissa, My membership expired a while ago, I will renew soon. As I really miss my friday and saturday nights in front of the computer with my trousers around my knees and my tiny cock in my hand drooling over the tease galleries and listening to your voice. Been humiliated by teenage beauties like you and your girlfriends is all perverted wankers like me deserve. Its Saturday night again and I am visiting your site while you and your friends out with real men. I dream of being allowed to visit you the day after when I could enjoy some sloppy seconds. Licking real mens cum from your georgeous clits or cleaning your high heels with my tongue would be heaven.

As of late, i have to check my emails from a public library. my monitor is blown out. when i receive letters from you, there is no way i can resist opening them, knowing very well that someone could walk by at any moment. the humiliation this provides me is so intense it is hard to put into words. thank you  for all you do to keep me in a constant state of paranoia, and for humbling me as i should be. with luck you will ruin me in no time flat .

PRINCESS MELISSA, i absolutely love YOUR site. i have become a slave of YOUR VOICE. As i sit here, in my sissy panties with my hand on my tiny little pee-she, i hope that your audio file i listen to commands me to squirt my worship goo just for YOU. Thank YOU so much for humiliating me as only a little jerky bitch deserves!

oh mistress, i give my life to you.. i will do anything you ask, simply command me and i will be your sissy slave boy.. im wearing my mummies panties and bra as i type this. your slave

Whatsup melissa and everyone else out there.  this site is a little different which is an understatement.  I was more curious than anything else when i came to this site and it was entertaining.  I've been snowed in the last couple of days, winter break blues and im getting bored,  but this site surprised me in a way but also didn't.  im not surprised about the site as much as i am by the comments that i read after hearing some of the clips.  comments made by other guys i mean. Especially since they worship women who havent earned their respect. Melissa, you do have a great site, must have a great imagination.  im sure you heard that a lot growing up.  i just don't get it.  not the part about guys that might have some sort of fantasy, because i  have many fantasies as everyone else out there does.  im more shocked that after the guys read your stories and listened to the clips they left you comments as they did.  i dont understand.  Fantasy is great, but when it controls you it is unhealthy.  i know your probably not gonna put this one in the comments section and i do give you props for your site.  it took a lot of creativity.  you have the right idea, not because im turned on by some of it, but you do.  What you do with it is a different story.  i  believe in turning new found knowledge, confidence, and power into something positive.  I know you would rather get e-mails like the one's the other guys wrote but even thought im on this site im going to tell you what i really think.  By the way, that was cool what you did to your first boyfriend.  He deserved it.  you are very intelligent, and exhibit powers that a lot of men lust for and you used it.  You'd be a good lawyer someday. lol.  but anyway to the guys out there.  How in the hell can it make you so happy and ecstatic to listen to these girls and tell people that your going to worship them and you dont even know them.  Your not getting the whole woman that way.  its like ordering the sundae without the hot fudge, whipped cream, and most of all the cherry.  lol..  Melissa you have created a website for which you have a lot of fans and you get paid for it.  I really have to hand it to you, you know your stuff.  Im a fan because of that.  To the married men out there, why the hell did you get married then.  dont settle down unless its with a woman in which you can both satisfy each other so that she doesnt bang another man and you dont have to worship a website.  As for me im not gonna get married for a while.  im too young.  the month's membership was well spent.  You learn something new everyday and damn did i ever.  Using new found knowledge and using it to your advantage as long as it has a positive result is what i live by.  i know, im boring you with all this but hey im opinionated what can i say.  i love the deception tactics, dont agree with all of it but find it more intriguing than i do something i'd get off too.   i have been a member for one day and thats all i can say.   im an observer and thats how i learn.  Observing this site and the responses men have fascinate me and make me more aware than ever.  Of course i live life with a smile.  Another question, have you ever destroyed a politician who had influence or power.  ex.  senators, congressmen, people of that nature.  You should.  you can get a lot of things that way.  You may even be able to get certain bills passed.  Now thats using power wisely. lol.  i love it.  Again for the life of me i cant understand why someone would rather spend there time wacking off to this when the best thing in life is getting to know people and making friends and being real.  Okay, i know, im a member too, i shouldnt talk, but it does intrigue me.  Now when i go out and i see a woman manipulate a guy i'll smile and say wow, how humurous life is.  Married men:  Worship your wives not the website.  thats why im staying single and living life to the fullest.  dont get married till your at least thirty, thats what i say.  stay single like me and have all the fun you want.  But wait a minute, i forgot, you guys enjoy the humiliation of being caught on this site.  lol.  Melissa your awesome, again great site.

I have been a member of your site several times.  While I hate myself for admitting it, I love it.  Your site pretty much mirrors my pathetic life.  (EXAMPLE:  It is Saturday night and here I am alone at my computer, getting ready to . . . . well, you know . . .  once again.) I have been "friends" with pretty girls quite few times in my life -- but NEVER been successful with them.  They somehow immediately see me as their "friend", and in no way a romantic threat to them.  Sometimes, after we are friends for awhile a pretty girl will even get undressed (down to her bra and panties) right in front of me as she gets ready for a platonic "date" with me.  It is maddening when they make some little comment like "it's not like you're really, like a GUY, really -- you know?"  And actually, I am quite the little sissy.  I haven't worn male underwear in years now, preferring panties (conservative black cotton ones for doctor trips -- satin ones other times).  Panties fit me fine (size 6 or sometimes size 5s) because I have a curvy rear and only a little tuck-back bump up front.  I also crossdress (in cute Maid's Uniforms) when I do my housework.  I also sit when I pee, for some reason -- even at a gas station I will go in the stall. is especially insightful because it (you) know that not ALL men are sissies and dweebs and losers.  Some men are your real man boyfriends, of course.  But you also know that other men (should we really even be called "men"?) are more suited to doing your housework, helping you on shopping trips, and so forth.  And that most disturbing (to me, at least) when a pretty girl will come over and cry on my shoulder 'cause some rough-and-tumble guy has screwed her and left her.  And I am SO NICE and never, ever get to even kiss her beyond a chaste "peck on the cheek." After all this, I find myself thinking about being the perfect little sissy houseboy/maid for a pretty girl -- and even serving her and her real man boyfriend breakfast in bed after they've made love all night.  (While I dream about it, I'd probably be scared if a real woman ever let me take her to bed.  I think I would be impotent anyway.  I guess since this is how I have been treated by women for so long I have just kind of become it (or maybe I always WAS a sissy, dweeb, loser?) All from here for now.  I'll be back again -- and again -- and again. Sissy

Wow. I cannot believe the power you have over me. I just went onto your site and was so turned on. You are far superior to me in every way.You are one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. I am just a fat little sissyboy who is only fit to lick your boots.

i just wanted to say that your voice and dominating attitude have caused me to become hopelessly addicted to you elimiinated any desire to resist your commands.  you make it seem so pleasureable to giive in obey even the most humiliating commands.

Godess Melissa, Recently became a member of your awsome web site. It's almost like you have a crystal ball into my head. I had a girlfriend a long time ago who told me most men really wanted to be dominated by a powerful woman and what they REALLY needed sexually was to be on the receiving end of a strap on codk. I did not believe her at the time but now think she might be on to something. keep up the great work.


Comments from 2003:

I am hopelessly addicted to your site, your commanding voice, this is the best humilition site on the net, I can't spend my time anywhere else now that I have become your sissy servant. I cannot release without hearing your voice. Command me Mistress.
Hi Melissa, I just wanted to write you to let you know that after signing up for your site yesterday, I've been really enjoying listening to your mp3 files. I love that you don't hide the fact that my signing up automatically tells you how pathetic I am. I'm turned on by the idea that you could destroy me if you wanted.
OOOOoo My Gosh, i am in awe of your website!!!!!
Your staff pushes the exact right buttons in me, it's amazing!!

I signed up less then a week ago to your website. In any case forgive me for my English I am not American I live in Europe. Though I am mesmerized by your site. This site is trully dedicated for wankers like me. In and out of relationships my best friend is my right hand, hand lotion, and kleenex. Since I signed up I've been wacking off to your sweet and sexy voice, the tease galleries, the stoies all day every day. U are a Godess.. Sorry I think I better go back to your site to get on with my pathetic habit for the 3rd time today. I humbly ask you to give your opinion on a looser like me!
The Humiliatrix website is the best pay site on the web. Its the only pay site I've ever re-newed my membership on (and I've renewed my membership several times). The combination of your audio humiliations and Sardax's artwork is awesome.
My secretary was checking my emails whilst I was away and found yours. She has checked out your website and can't believe her luck. I've got to buy her summer wardrobe or she will inform my boss, my wife and the other office girls. She can't stop laughing, I'm sure she will tell the office girls anyway they are already wondering what she is laughing about. So please don't send any more emails for the time being. Best regards
I just want to thank you for your latest update "Cocksucker Cuckold". I had such a nice time listening to it. Thank you for the most intelligent, profound and exciting website of the internet.
Teaser janelle owns my cock and I am her pathetitc lsoer spermeasting faboy thank you for janelles gorgeous belly button

i thank you for all of the sessions and i know i am a better person for your advise and i now know where i stand.

Dear Princess Melissa, this tiny dicked, ultra femme sissy just adores Your wonderful site. Your skill in pinpointing and exposing a sissy's weaknesses are unmatched.
My tormentress, This is my second time subscribing to your site. I tried for a month to get your control out of my mind, but you are stronger as I desire to serve you and your teasing friends. White nails on a gorgeous young girl make me want to give her complete power over me. My cock is so hard as I sit here in front of my computer. Help me worship you more.
I thought I would ask you to remove me from your email list. But I am too weak. I know I will keep coming back for more.
Ms. Melissa, Thank You so much for making Your Humiliatrix website. Never before have i found any FemDomme site that speaks to wankers like me the way that i deserve. You are so cruel and condescending towards naughty little jerky-boys like me. You understand that is exactly what i need and deserve, it is unbelievable. i have had my membership for only a few days, and after listening to Your deservedly cruel words, i have gone through a transformation... i have always had sissy-tendencies, but have never acted on them. You have made me realize that i truely am a sissy, and need the humiliation that goes along with being a sissy. Because of the feelings that Your audio humiliations have brought out in me, i actually went into Victoria's Secret today and purchased my very first "sissy humiliation outfit". Upon putting it on for the first time this evening, i felt a level of shame and humiliation unlike any i have felt before... and as You could probably imagine, as i kneel here feeling shamed in my pink bra and panties, i have a tiny little tent in my panties. i am embarrassed and full of shame and humiliation as i wear my pink sissy panties and bra, yet as i listen to Your voice humiliating me further, i also feel at ease because Your words make me realize that this is how a sissy-spanker like me is supposed to feel. Thank You for making me accept my shame.
Thank You Ms. Melissa, You are hands down the most talented and creative Mistress writer i've ever come across on the internet. i bet you are quite successful with Your site. Although i'm broke, i'd like to continue receiving Your losergrams if You wouldn't mind. It lets me dream of what it would be like to again be under the complete control of a beautiful young superior Femdomme. A weak distant admiring wannabe,
I LOVE your emails and your site.  The best on the net, ever!!!
I joined your site as a joke, but the joke is on me. I find myself coming back more and more. I think about what would happen to me if the guys at work found out, but here I am. Writiing to you on a Saturday night. You're right. I am pathetic.

Ohhhhhh Mistress Melissa,Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!! All i ever do is DREAM OF YOU... for over two years now... **God! Are you brilliant! I love your mind! " wow~~~~~~~!!!!!! Love Your Stuff, voice, mind, gifts to us! You Are The Best A.G.G.!!!
 The world really needs a different, better kind of phone sex that's more like your site. My sense of the current offerings, which I admit is very limited (because they all suck), is that it's mostly women who think they're supposed to breathe heavily and talk dirty and sound like they're having orgasms. You can show that the real keys, at least in your genre, are different. They are naturalism, so you sound like you're just a regular person talking; understatement; tease and denial; laughter; psychological torment; good naturedness and cruelty woven together seamlessly and a little unpredictably; etc. It's more like phone therapy than phone sex. Or phone anti-therapy. That would be way cool.

THANK YOU Mistress Lissa!!!!
You have certainly outdone yourself with this one!!! You are (as you already know) a truly supreme member of the strongest sex!!!

THANK S AGAIN! Its almost like you read the minds of your subs!!!

You must have SOME IDEA of the literal POWER you have with what you do on this site!!! There is no one like YOU ANYWHERE!!

FROM A LOYAL, FAITHFUL, ever-loving cuckolding slave!!!!!!




Dear Goddess Melissa, I can't believe that i actually pay you to emasculate and humiliate me.  i used to try to resist going to your site or resubscribing but now i have become addicted and accept my proper place at you feet and at your command.  i just wanted to express my devotion to you, as i type this on my knees, wearing a pair of lacy panties and a bra, waiting to make my little sissy puddle for your amusement at your command.  You are my Alpha Girl Goddess and Commandress of my cum-shots.  i am your pathetic, wimpy sissy slave who lives to serve, amuse and enrich you. Devotedly, your sissy slave
Melissa. Since I saw that preview of the tennis teens emasculating a macho, I cannot get it up; my penis has shrivelled these 3 or 4 days to ridiculous size. I cannot imagine what is in store for us. You get more and more ego-annihilating.
i have to say that i'm addicted to Your site. The trends in society seem to point towards a female dominated society in the very near future as women realize their power over us pathetic males - their looks, intelligence and superior common sense are all unbeatable weapons. We males are finally learning to accept our place in the world - at your feet.
I have enjoyed your site as a paid member for over a year. I love, really look forward to Fridays and Saturdays.
I've just re-subscribed. I thought I could live without you, but I cannot. I live for your exquisite humiliation of me. You own me. I'm tempted to have "Property of Melissa" tattoed on my ass and cock.

My daily highlight is to whack off to the luscious sound of you.
You are heaven itself.

The whole internet -- the pointless blog sites; the tasteless, boring pornography; the dot-com enterprises that dashed countless fortunes; the horrible advent of spam email -- all of it is redeemed by your web site
Princess Melissa: Many thanks for offering a truly remarkable site that is unique, authentic and extremely well thought out. I especially enjoy the way you integrate size humiliation, crossdressing, cuckolding and sissy themes constructed around the helplessness of the smitten and ineffectual male who can only fantasize and eventually submit to female superiority and beauty. It is almost as though you have tapped into the the archetypal repositiory of  fantasy of every underendowed sissy, bringing to light our most primal of  desires to be emasculated by the essence of female beauty and power, which of course you possess. Many thanks for a genuinely innovative site that has left my prostate sore. Please don't change the central themes and focus you have worked with up to now.
You are my Goddess, what more can i say? You own me totally and for ever.
I LOVE the tease gallery. The girls are beautiful and the vignettes are terrific.  I have to say, though, that my favorite is: BRONWYN . The incorporation of the cuckoldry is fantastic.
Dear Melissa........Your website is amazing....i find myself becoming very addicted to You and Your website.
I am so addicted to your site now due to those teasing bitchy friends of yours every Saturday night.  Its hard to believe but Im becoming more and more of dork each week because I stay up till 5am wacking my little pud every Saturday night.  Meanwhile those snobbies hotties are out having fun with their studs.  Just like you probably do on Saturday night after finising up your site for the week.  If Rachelle does come back for another tease, Id love to take her up on her offer; she said I could be her faggy little coffee buddy.   Ive squirted off a few times just thinking about it Melissa. 
i have a huge crush on the recent webtease, Goddess Vickie. i can't stop jerking off to her cruel, devastating photos and captions, or thinking about her when i try to have sex with my girlfriend. i know i could never be anything more than a useless jackoff to a girl like Vickie, and i am compelled to be her pathetic little ATM machine.
  It's Friday night -- and I, of course, am home alone on your website.  The only "sex" I can look forward to is abusing myself later in my little single bed. But since it is Friday night, I'm sure you are out with your hunky, virile, successful real man boyfriend.  And you're looking forward to having him give you a good, all-night fucking with his big, always-rock-hard cock.  (I get scared with a real girtl -- so my little pee-shooter stays soft.  But even with a "stiffy" it's only three inchs long, and nothing a girl would ever be interested in.) It is so ironic that a guy like me -- nice, sensitive, caring and oh-so-attentive  (to the point of being servile) never, ever gets to date or (heaven forbid!) have sex with a girl like you.  While your not-so-attentive, sometimes-brutish boyfriend can snap his fingers and have you give him a nice, hot blow-job anytime he wants. Of course it's easy to explain, really.  Your boyfriend is a man -- and me -- well, lets just say I might as well be in panties and sit when I pee.
After signing up to your website, I became so captivated by Melissa and her mind games that I couldn't stay away.  Inevitably, my wife figured something was going on as I was no longer any use in the bedroom. I am currently kept locked in a chastity tube as a result of my "affair" with Melissa.  It does me no good to listen anymore and my membership has expired.  I must confess though, that your website is so good that I am tempted to join in spite of my plight.  Time will tell.
It's so difficult to stay away from your site.  You do know your subscriber like the back of your gorgeous hands.  I love your site & your occasional reminder e-mails. 
Dear Ladies, I shall not be renewing my subscription to your inspired humiliation service. ( I can stop any time I want to! ) While I shall certainly renew in the future, I am a writer who sometimes does sexual fantasy and your prose is so memorable that I fear being subsumed. The ultimate male fear, Vagina Dentata. Your site is bargain debasement of thefirst order, and you give all of us a good name.
melissa i think you are the tease queen from hell...i like your site and you have such a sexy voice
i had not checked out YOUR site in a few years, i must admit that i did enjoyed it then.Saturday when i checked my email there was an update newsletter from YOU and i decided to check out to see what was going on. OH my YOU have made Several Improvements, Simply Great Site Ms. Melissa. i Love hearing YOUR Voice and reading the stories that YOU have posted there. Keep up the GREAT WORK and Have a Great Week.
i loved my interoffice memorandum today from Your Boss, Ms. Suzanne.  What a shock and what a pleasure.  My total fantasy come true, an interoffice memo from Your Alpha Girl Goddess and Boss.  I've watched it over and over already and it's not yet 10:00 AM.  If i could only live in Ms. Suzanne's world.  Please, please i'm on my knees, worship kisses for the feet and bottoms of everyone at Humiliatrix.  Please send more!
Just thought you might like to know that this wimp spent his weekend with his tiny hard package all wrapped up in silk. i was teased so much i thought i might lose my little sissy load in my panties. i hope that your real man date satisfied you in ways i never could. i would love to hear all about how your well-hung stud brought you pleasure while i writhed in my panties this weekend like a true wimp. Did he have staying power? Was he rough with you? i guess i'll just have to sit here in my sissy-panties and wonder how a real man would treat you.
You have no idea just how pathetic I am. I really enjoy your loser grams
Just wanted to bow and give praise to the best site I've ever visited. I can't keep away, I'm soooo whipped by your sexy voice.
Melissa I love your hands. I do anything for female hands, especially if I am hand gagged.  Yeah, I know freak loser.  
I'm so addicted to your web site and girlfriends. I want to be humbled and be at your feet as your servant, help! I'm at your mercy.
i am beside myself, the sissy tendicies that you bring out in me are amazing.  i never thought such girlie feelings could be produced in a male, but YOU are doing it. 
You have stolen my soul. for real
You are sooo good at making a fool out of me. i just can't resist wantimng to grovel for you and then do whatever you bid me to do, no matter how humiliating. You taught me well where my place is to be and you've engrained it into my consiousness so that now, i'm totally your's to use and exhibit. i know all your girlfriends must get a kick out of thestories you tell them about lowly me.
Because its madly in love with You (or maybe with Your Panties), and because it finally made some money, its going to drag out its little pink purse, pay for another membership, and go wanking on Your wonderful site.
Oh Goddess Melisa
i'm forever your fool, who drools for you...
i'm trained as your sissy who acts too prissy,
so this missy is given a good spankie,
and handed a hankie and made to wankie
so Melissa can see my teeeny wanker.
Your emails are a pleasure to look forward to in my pathetic little existance. I envy the man who gets to blow 50K $$ on you in Vegas.


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