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Tessa Sissy-Humiliates You for Getting Caught with Her Panties

"You've been a very naughty. Are you to confess what you were doing with a pair of my panties in your room? What filthy, dirty, forbidden thing were you going to try to do with them? Are you going to tell me the truth? Or am I going to have to make your punishment even worse, for fibbing?" ... 5 minutes WISHLIST

Princess Tessa, cruel step-dommy, panty punishment, sissy humiliation...
Jan 26, 2015
Your Intern Amber Uses Your Submissive Weaknesses Against You

"It only took me a few days to figure out the 411 on your weaknesses. And today? I'm gonna use those weaknesses of yours to break you, blackmail you and turn you into my office pet. We'll start with my feet. Once I have my toes in your mouth? There's no limit on what I can do to degrade you and own you. ..." 5 minutes

Princess Amber, sadistic intern, office humiliation, fetish arousal, foot worship...
Jan 23, 2015
How Princess Missy Turned You into a Panty-Creaming Wuss for Life

"Remember the day I caught you with a pair of my cute lace panties wrapped around your sputtering little pecker? Remember what I did to you? You haven't been able to cum without thinking of me humiliating you in my panties since. And now you're about to relive that emasculating nightmare all over again, panty-dork..." 9 minutes

Princess Missy, cruel step-brat, caught jerking, panty humiliation, j/o commands...
Jan 21, 2015
Princess Tessa Feeds You a Prison Rations Diet from Her Toes

"Since I keep you imprisoned in a chastity cage, I'm putting you on prison rations so that you can go beyond bankruptcy and devote your every last penny to Princess. As I dangle a bread crust between my expensively pedicured toes, you will assume the begging position and repeat: "All for Princess, none for me...." 6 minutes WISHLIST

Princess Tessa, extreme financial domination, puppy training, pedicure fetish...
Jan 19, 2015
Goddess Alexis Face-Fucks You and Gives You a Sissy Facial

"Once you admit you are NOT a man... Once you confess you secretly desire to be on your knees, in panties and lipstick… I am going to make you arch your hips, pry open your pretty little mouth, and make you face the truth about yourself. You are going to get a hot gooey FACEFUL of humiliation tonight, pathetic sissy...." 7 minutes

Goddess Alexis, cocksucking confession, sissy facial, cum swallowing...
Jan 16, 2015
Princess Tiffani Demotes You from Boyfriend to Foot Puppy

"I have no use for you as a boyfriend. But since you amuse me, I'd be willing to keep you around as my foot puppy. When my boyfriend isn't around, you can sleep at the foot of my bed and wake me up with toe kisses in the morning. I'll even put down a wee wee pad for you to make you humpy-puppy piddles..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, foot worship, toe kisses, doggie training, puppy piddles...
Jan 14, 2015
Princess Tessa Puts You thru an Agony Arousal Session in Her Bed

"I've been thinking about letting you out of your cockcage for a mercy orgasm. What would you do if I brought you into my bedroom next to my near-naked body and then released you -- after all this time you've been in chastity. Could you handle it? Do you want to try? Then come into my bedroom now..." 6 minutes WISHLIST LINK

Princess Tessa, princess worship, fuck taunts, merciless tease and denial...
Jan 12, 2015
Princess Heather Makes You Prove You are Her Pathetic Foot Piggy

"Would rather be with your woman this weekend -- or be my pathetic pedicure slave and foot piggy? Let's see what happens to your pecker when I flick my feet in your face and stuff my dirty kneesock in your mouth. Can you guess what I'm gonna make you do with my other sock? Get ready to grunt for Princess, piggy..." 6 minutes

Princess Heather, sock puppet, pedicure tease, foot worship jo/o commands...
Jan 09, 2015
Wicked Domina Sydney Offers to Let You out of Your Chastity Cage

"You have been begging and whining to be let out of your cockcage. So, then. I just put on my black latex gloves. Are you sure you want me to free you from your penis prison, so that you can put your little cock and balls at the mercy of my fingers? Are you certain you won't regret it?..." 11 insane minutes of CBT and sissy humiliation

Dominatrix Sydney Lee, chastity release, extreme CBT, sissy facial...
Jan 07, 2015
Cruel Tessa Assumes the Role of Your Sadistic Sex Therapist

"I heard you started seeing a sex therapist because of your 'crippling fetishes' and weakness for women who 'sexually humiliate' you. Poor Mr Sensitive. You're going to dismiss her immediately. I'm going to be your sex therapist. Our first session begins now: tightening your chastity cage and putting you into sissy panties..." 6 minutes

Goddesss Tessa, sadistic sex therapist, male chastity, sissy panties...
Jan 05, 2015
Princess Katie's Sorority Pimps You out as Their Sissy Sex Slave

"My sorority sisters and I have decided to turn our little stable of sissies into sex slaves to make us money. I'm sending you out to a client who wants a straight, submissive virgin to use as his sex toy. So, sissy. I'm gonna plug you, lock you into chastity, and teach you to please a man like a good little bitch..." 9 minutes

Princess Katie, sorority slave, male chastity, butt plugs, cocksucking lesson...
Jan 03, 2015
Cheerleader Danielle Knows You Still Jerk Your Pathetic Penis to Her

"Remember when you asked me on a date back in school - and I laffed in your face? How many gallons of loser goo did you spank dreaming about my wet lips and tight cheerleader pussy wrapped around your sad little dingaling? You know you still jerk off to me, loser. And I'm about to destroy you for it all over again..." 8 minutes

Princess Danielle, fake pussy humiliation, blowjob taunts, jerkoff teasing...
Jan 01, 2015
Tessa Mocks and Teases You for Being a Crybaby in Chastity

"Let's see if you're up for a little challenge. I just put on my sexy holiday lingerie. Why don't you come into my bedroom, take a good look at me, and see if you can wear the 'man-pants.' Do you think you can do it? Or will be become intimidated by me -- and start whining like a little crybaby in need of punishment?..." 7 minutes

Princess Tessa, lingerie tease, crybaby humiliation, punishment assignment...
Dec 29, 2014
Sadistic Ashley Flips You from Her Wimp Boyfriend to Sissy Cuck

"I have a new boyfriend. He fucks me so much better than you ever could. But I still want to keep you around. As my sissy. So, if you still want to be with me? You're gonna seal the deal by drinking the cum from his condom. If you swallow his bull load, I'll sissy-reward you by letting you cum -- in his dirty condom..." 8 minutes

Princess Ashley Sinclair, cuckold humiliation, sissification, cum command...
Dec 26, 2014
Princess Tiffani's Long Red Nails vs Your Laughable Little Penis

"I just got my nails done. See how long and shiny they are? I'm gonna use them to tease your silly little pecker to the point where you are sputtering, stuttering and begging Princess for mercy. And then? I'm gonna use them to flick you back right down to size, until it's as red and swollen as a sissy clit..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, fingernail fetish, SPH, tease and denial...
Dec 24, 2014
Princess Tessa Gives You Your Christmas Present

"I promised I'd let you have a 'cummie' for Christmas, as your reward for being such a good chastity puppy and shopping slave for me. But I didn't promise to let you out of your chastity cage, did I, silly puppy? LOL. Get down on all fours -- in the begging position. It's time for your Christmas present..." 5 minutes

Princess Tessa, cockteasing, taunting, yummy cimmy, cuckold humiliation...
Dec 22, 2014
Princess Heather Turns You into Her Panty-Creaming Cuckold

"What's the most humiliating thing about being my cuckold? The way I ignore you when I'm doing my makeup for him? The way I flaunt my butt and boobies in your face and sneer at you? Or the way I make you cream my dirty panties in my closet -- one spitload for each time my stud fucks me? Huh, loser?..." 8 minutes

Princess Heather, makeup ignore, boob worship, cuckolding, panty cumming...
Dec 19, 2014
Bossy Bikini Brat Missy Lets You Choose Your Punishment

"I warned you there'd be humiliating consequences if I ever caught you jerking off to me, you weak little pervert. And now that I've caught you with your sputtering little dicket in your fist, I'm going to let you choose your own punishment. You decide. It better be MORE emasculating than what I have in mind for you..." 10 minutes

Missy Rhodes, caught masturbating, step-dork, brat princess, bikini worship...
Dec 17, 2014
Chastity Release? Princess Tessa Grants You a 'Shoegasm'

"Aww. Why the sad face? Is it because I've had you locked up in your chastity cage for weeks and weeks without any hope of release? How would you like it if I let you have a 'shoegasm.' Do you know what that is? Get on your hands and knees at my pretty feet. And we'll have one together..." 11 minutes

Princess Tessa, foot worship, shoe fetish, dangling, teasing, shoegasm...
Dec 15, 2014
You Are the Submissive Sissy Slave to Porn Star Alexis Grace

"As a successful, jet-setting porn star, I need a full-time sissy attendant, to fluff my bulls and lick my box clean between takes. As a sadist and dominatrix, I take pleasure in breaking and training straight, vanilla men like you, until you are wearing an ass plug, chastity cage and panties on set, ready to lick and suck for me..." 6 minutes

Alexis Grace, sissification, rules for servitude, sissy cunt licking, cocksucking...
Dec 12, 2014
Your Sadistic Ex Kendra Prepares You for Your First Gay Date

"Since you were an utter failure as my husband, I've decided to pimp you out as a sissy rent boy to my gay friends. They have big cocks and love breaking in nervous, effeminate straight boys like you. First I'm giving you an enema, followed by a plugging and an ass-fucking -- before your boyfriend comes over ..." 13 minutes

Kendra James, sadistic ex-wife, sissification, anal humiliation, cocksucking...
Dec 10, 2014
Your New Office Intern Tessa Has the Key to Your Cockcage

"I got hired to be your office intern just to drive an important point into your little peabrain: that I own you. Completely. At home, at work, in your thoughts, in your dreams. Always. Forever. And I intend on tormenting your pathetic little package every moment of your worthless life. On your knees..." 6 minutes WISHLIST LINK

Princess Tessa, dominant intern, office humiliation, fishnet worship, key dangling...
Dec 08, 2014
Dirty Danielle Cuckolds You with Your Boss's Alpha Male Cum

"The good news? I saved your ass from getting fired. The bad news? I had to ride your boss's big cock to do it -- and I LOVED it. I even let him fuck me in the ass, just to rub your face in it! Don't cry, cuckie. If you lick up his load I'll let you jerk your sad little spitload into his dirty XL condom while you worship my ass..." 6 minutes

Princess Danielle, cuckold, ass worship, cum swallowing, dirty condom jerking...
Dec 05, 2014
HA HA! Princess Tiffani Makes Fun of the Way You Jerk Off to Her

"You look so stupid when you choke your little joystick to me! Your face gets all pink and puffy. You start to tremble, stutter and sputter. Making sissy squeals and piggy grunts as the pigsnot dribbles from your puny pecker! How could I help but laff laff and laff in your face when you cum for me?!... 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, point and laugh, pecker teases, SPH mockery, cum commands...
Dec 03, 2014
Princess Tessa Takes You Back to the First Time She Humiliated You

"Do you remember the very first time I humiliated you? The funniest thing isn't how I embarrassed and emasculated you. It's that you became a willing little puppy dog to your cruel mistress. And still are. Weakling. Do you remember that day? Because you're about to relive every moment with me, loser.... 6 minutes WISHLIST LINK

Princess Tessa, schoolgirl humiliation, ankle sock fetish, public emasculation...
Dec 01, 2014
Homewrecker Heather Borrows Your Wife's Lingerie & Blackmails U

"It's me, your babysitter Heather. I found some sexy lingerie in your wife's dresser and decided to try it on, here in your bedroom. Do you like me in it? If you were a real man you'd probably spank me for what I did. But it looks like I'm the one in charge here. Get on your knees and take out your little cock for me... 12 minutes

Princess Heather, homewrecker, lingerie cockteasing, panty incrimination...
Nov 28, 2014
Your Boss Missy Destroys Your Date & Controls Your Cumloads

"My daddy bought me a company so now I'm your boss. I decide what you get paid, how you spend your days, when you get to go home... But I want more than that. I want your cum. You're gonna give me every drop, while you worship my ass, so I can send you home to her with a red, raw, flaccid, drained-dry dick... 10 minutes

Princess Missy, office humiliation, bratty boss, cock control, cum commands...
Nov 26, 2014
Princess Tessa Sends You on a Panty Humiliation Assignment

"You’re going to slide a pair of silky lace panties over your little package. Just for my amusement. I’m going to emasculate and humiliate you. Because I love seeing you squirm in your panties. Watching your face turn as pink as your panties brings a smile to my face. And you want to please Princess Tessa, don’t you?... 7 minutes

Princess Tessa, panty emasculation, sissification, public humiliation assignment...
Nov 24, 2014
Princess Katie Makes You Cum Like a Squealing, Lisping Sissy Girl

"Aww. Did I reject you as a man? Poor little sissy! Well, sissy, I'm not a cruel bitch. Even though I emasculated you in my bedroom, I'm still gonna let you cum for me -- like the pathetic sissy girl you are. I'm putting you into lace panties, violating all your fukky holes and putting you thru an intense clittly cum session. Ready?.... 11 minutes

Princess Katie, sissy boyfriend emasculation, panties, violations, sissy clit orgasm...
Nov 22, 2014
Pity Piddle: Goddess Akira Offers You a 'Virgin Fanboy Charity Fuck'

"Look at you. You sorry little virgin sadsack. Pulling your peepee to all my videos alone in your room. You know what I'm gonna do for you? I'm gonna give you a love lesson from me, your favorite porn star. I promise not to make fun of your peepee, or tease you about your nervousness, little boy.... 8 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, charity fuck humiliation, virgin ridicule, SPH...
Nov 21, 2014
Bikini Bitches Becky and Tiffani Put You on a Dick-Sucking Diet

"Because you plump up like a pig every holiday season, we're putting you on a special dick-sucking diet. Your only source of protein is gonna be steamy, skanky, gooey-hot male cum down your throat. You'll have to suck dick or starve! To start you can beg us to masturbate our boyfriends into your mouth.... 11 minutes

Becky Le Sabre, Princess Tiffani, piggy humiliation, fat fuck, sissy cocksucking...
Nov 19, 2014
Your Boss Tessa Torments and Punishes You with Her Pantyhose

"You have only one boss: Me. Princess Tessa. At work. In life. You clearly need to be reminded who rules you, owns you. So I am going to take your preoccupation with my pantyhose to teach you an excruciating lesson. You are going to pull my silky pantyhose tight over your caged loins. And then...?... 7 minutes

Princess Tessa, male chastity, pantyhose fetish, sissy office humiliation...
Nov 17, 2014
Princess Heather Makes the Virgin Wussy Cum into Her Fake Pussy

"You know you don't get to cum unless you are doing something totally humiliating to make Princess Heather laugh at you. So. I want you to use a fake pussy to jerk off as you pretend you are fucking me. Am I going to make fun of you and giggle at you as you try to cum? What do you think, dummy? Duh!... 11 minutes

Princess Heather, fake pussy humiliation, merciless ridicule, virgin emasculation...
Nov 15, 2014
You Are the Helpless Foot Slave to Your New Step-Dommy Ashley

"Now that I am engaged to your daddy I'm no longer your girlfriend, I'm your 'step-dommy.' As your new disciplinarian, I'm going to be keeping you in chastity and using you to worship and pamper your dommy's pretty feet. That's all you get from now on, naughty boy. Toe kisses for your dommy and no relief for you.... 10 minutes

Step-Dommy humiliation, foot worship, chastity tease and denial...
Nov 14, 2014
How Your Wicked Step-Sis Missy Tricked You into Sissy Chastity

"Your life became miserable the day I moved in and started bossing you around. You hated me -- when you weren't filling your fist with Missy squirts. Do you remember what I did to take total control of you? I tricked you into wearing a chastity cage and butt plug, turning you into my sissy step-dork. Here's how I did it... 7 minutes

Princess Missy, nostalgia humiliation, dominant step sis, chastity, sissification...
Nov 12, 2014
Cruel Tessa Dangles Her Ankle Bracelet to Torment Your Caged Cock

"I really don't need to put a leash on your cockcage to control you. All I need to do is put on a bikini, high heels and dangle an ankle bracelet in your direction. Then, all of a sudden, you're on your knees. Drooling. Awaiting my commands. Hoping I'll give you a little relief. My pathetic begging foot fool... 4 minutes WISHLIST LINK

Princess Tessa, leg tease, foot worship, ankle bracelet fetish, shoe dangling...
Nov 10, 2014
Dominatrix Sydney Lee Trains You to Deep Throat a Bull Cock

"First, let's take a look at what your little dick looks like next to a bull cock. See the difference between your dicklette and a superior bull cock? Your clitty can't compare. And since you have no hope of pleasing a woman like me? I'm going to make you learn to suck a bull cock - until you can do it without gagging..." 10 minutes

Domina Sydney Lee, ruthless size comparison, SPH, hardcore cocksucking tutorial..
Nov 08, 2014
Sissy Facial: Princess Tiffani Makes You Cum All Over Your Face

"Hey there, my closet sissy boy. I know you want to cum for Princess Tiffani today. You'd luv it if I sucked on your nubby or let you rub it between my big boobies. But sissies don't get to cum that way, like a real man. You have to arch your hips like a naughty slut and splatter that cummie all over your loser face. Like this.." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy taunting, BJ and booby arousal, sissy facial, point & laugh...
Nov 07, 2014
Goddess Alexis Grace Invades Your Loser Room to Humiliate You

"I had a feeling you lived like a complete dork-loser. Let's have a look under your bed and see what kind of sissy jerk-off material you've been hiding... OMG. Are you kidding me? What a wuss you are. I'm gonna expose all your secrets and make you hump your pillow for me while I rip you a new one..." 7 minutes

Goddess Alexis Grace, loser room humiliation, j/o taunting...
Nov 05, 2014
Chastity Princess Tessa Torments You with Her Luscious Red Lips

"Once you've been in chastity for over three weeks, just watching me paint my wet, luscious red lips is enough to send you into agony. Which is just where I want you: on your knees for me; enthrall to me; owned by me; enraptured by my every move - while confined within the bars of your penis prison..." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, lips tease, mouth fetish, BJ taunting, merciless tease and denial...
Nov 03, 2014
Goddess Amy Makes You Eat Cum Before Locking You in Chastity

"What do you think you're doing with my boyfriend's condom? Are you jealous because he used it to fuck me? Why don't you just pull his massive magnum over your tiny prick. You can pretend what it would be like to be him, before I lock your little dick into chastity and make you swallow all that cum..." 6 minutes

Goddess Amy, SPH, condom humiliation, tease and denial, pink chastity cage...
Nov 01, 2014
Princess Becky Lets You Test Her Sexy Outfit - with a Painful Twist

"Whenever you please me you expect me to reward you. As if you deserve to cum everytime we return from a shopping spree! Well, I'm gonna reward you tonite. I'm even gonna give you a cum countdown. And when I reach 3-2-1? The fun starts - for me. And a painful lesson begins. For you. In the steel chastity cage..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky LeSabre, cockteasing, tease & denial, stainless steel chastity cage
Oct 31, 2014
Brat Princess Jade Demotes You from Sugar Daddy to Sissy Slut Pig

"You are a pathetic excuse for a sugar daddy and I have had it with you. I'm putting you into a 24/7 pig plug and panties starting today, to encourage you to earn more for me at work. And at night? You are gonna hit the streets to be a fuckface slut pig for me until you deliver up the goods for Goddess..." 8 minutes

Brat Princess Jade Indica, findom, sissification, cocksucking extortion...
Oct 29, 2014
Princess Tessa Plays Fetch with You: Little Mister Puppy Pants

"Aww... Is poor Mr. Puppy Pants frustrated from being confined in his chastity cage for almost a month now? Bad little puppies get punished. But if you're a good little puppy, Princess will give you a special treat! Would puppy like that? Let's play 'fetch' and see just what a good puppy you can be..."4 minutes WISHLIST LINK

Princess Tessa, puppy training, tease and denial, money slave, male chastity...
Oct 27, 2014
Cruel & Unusual: Golddigger Danielle Locks You in Catheter Chastity

"I warned you what would happen if you displeased me. I expect to be lavished with jewelry, clothes, cash and anything I want. And now you tell me that I've made you nearly broke? You worthless piece of shit. Looks like you need a little stainless steel motivation. Drop your pants, worm..." 6 minutes

Princess Danielle, financial domination, money princess, male chastity, catheter...
Oct 25, 2014
Your Co-Worker Kendra Uses Her Sexy Legs to Dangle & Destroy u

"Ever wondered whether that sexy co-worker of yours wears obscenely short skirts, sky high heels and fetish stockings just to tease and manipulate you? You're gonna find out today, little man. And I'm going to see just how far I can dangle you from my pretty feet before I can completely destroy you..." 10 minutes

Miss Kendra James, leg tease, cuban stockings, high heel fetish, foot worship...
Oct 25, 2014
Princess Heather Cuckolds You Between Her Massive Boobies

"I've got a new boyfriend and there's nothing you can do about it -- except bury your face between my boobs and sob. You're gonna take the condom he used to fuck me, pull it over your pecker, and cucky-fuck it, as I tease you with my massive Double D's. If you don't like it? Too bad. Heather makes the rules..." 7 minutes

Princess Heather, big breast worship, cuckolding, masturbation humiliation...
Oct 22, 2014
Princess Tessa Offers to Release You If You Can Seduce Her

"We're going to pretend we're at a bar. I'm going to let you try your best pick-up lines on me. If you can impress me, seduce me, turn me on with your charm and wit? Maybe I'll unlock your chastity cage and take you into my bedroom. But if you bore me? Or repulse me? There will be humiliating consequences..." 4 minutes

Princess Tessa, chastity torment, pick-up line challenge...
Oct 20, 2014
BJ Challenge: Princess Ashley Flips You from Straight to Gay

"I invited you over here for a blowjob -- did you think you were going to be on the receiving end, dreamer boy? I'll make you a deal. Strip for me. We'll see which makes your little boner get the stiffest: my lips on a cock or YOUR lips on a cock. If you lose? I'm calling my gay friends to come over here..." 6 minutes

Princess Ashley, cocksucking challenge, straight to gay, blow job tutorial...
Oct 18, 2014
Goddess Akira Wants Your 'Cucky Luck' Kisses Before Her Date

"I've got a date with a hot guy. Are you jealous? Don't worry cuckie, I'll make you a sex tape to jerk off to. In the mean time, I want you to kiss me good luck - on my boobies, my pussy, my butt and on my feet. No licking, just kisses, to get me warmed up for him. You can jerk your peepee once I'm gone..." 4 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, cuckolding, lingerie tease, body worship, tease and denial...
Oct 17, 2014
Princess Tiffani Prepares You for a Punishment Fucking

"I hate getting attitude from a sissy. That's the quickest way to get a smack across your face, a cock in your mouth, or if you're really sassy with me? A good hard punishment fucking with my pink strap-on. Here's what you can expect if you decide to be a disobedient or snarky sissy with Princess Tiffani..." 8 minutes

Princess Tifani, sissy humiliation, strap-on session, attitude adjustment...
Oct 15, 2014
Agony Arousal: Bikini Goddess Tessa Dangles Her Panties

"Youve only been in your chastity cage for a week but it gets tighter every time you think of me. Does it hurt even worse for you to have to see me in a bikini? You look like you're about to cry. Would crybaby like something to dry his tears? How about a pair of my warm, moist panties to wear over your face?..." 4 minutes

Princess Tessa, male chastity, bikini worship, panty humiliation, tease and denial..
Oct 13, 2014
Princess Alexis Trains You to Cum Like a Dirty Sissy Slut

"I want you to wear a tight pair of pantyhose all day. When you come home, I'm going to take you into the bedroom and treat you like the filthy little fucktoy you are. I'm gonna panty-gag you, clamp your nipples, frig your sissy-clit and violate your virgin slit until you cum like a dirty slut for Alexis..." 9 minutes

Princess Alexis Grace, pantyhose fetish, sissy fucktoy, girlycum tutorial...
Oct 11, 2014
Dress Your Cheating Wife Kobe for Her Sex Date with Your Rival

"You're not man enough to keep me satisfied. Do I have to rub your face in it? You're going to dress me for me date tonight. Pick out a sexy outfit while I'm in the shower; somthing to inspire your rival to give me a good hard fucking. If I like the outfit you pick out I'll let you jerk out a worship puddle..." 8 minutes

Kobe Lee, cheating wife, cuckold wimp husband, outfit testing, worship puddle...
Oct 10, 2014
Katie Uses Your Foot Fetish to Turn You into Her Sock Puppet

"Admit it, pervert. You'd rather suck and fuck my cute toes than get pussy like a real man. I'm gonna use my feet and toes to break you down until you're begging and drooling. Then I'm gonna make you prove me right by making you riddle my dirty sock with your perv cream until your little runt dick is raw..." 9 minutes

Princess Katie, sock puppet, toe fucker wanna-be, masturbation instructions...
Oct 08, 2014
Your Year in Chastity with Princess Tessa Begins Now

"How truly devoted are you to me? How much do you really desire to worship me? If you genuinely want to impress me you will make the ultimate committment to serving me, Princess Tessa. You will spend an entire year in chastity to demonstrate your devotion to me. Shall we begin?..." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, male chastity, tease and denial, wishlist puppet...
Oct 06, 2014
Princess Brooke Plasters Your Face with a Humiliating Sissy Facial

"If I ever let you cum at all, I'm certainly not going to let you ejaculate with dignity. You have to do it while you are degrading yourself. I can't think of a better way to reinforce your submissiveness to me than to make you lift your hips like a girl and bukkake your face with your own jizz..." 7 minutes

Princess Brooke, sissy facial, self bukkake, masturbatiobn commands...
Oct 04, 2014
Cruel Princess Amber Invades Your Pathetic Loser Room

"How humiliated would you be if I invaded your pig pen and poked around under your bed and closet? What would I find? Get ready for the brutal truth, you pathetic sissy-ass virgin mama's boy wuss of a jerkaholic loser. You're gonna feel bitch-slapped and ass-fucked when I get thru with you..." 5 minutes

Princess Amber, loser room humiliation, verbal emasculation...
Oct 03, 2014
Introducting Dominatrix Sydney Lee and Her Sinister Black Gloves

"Shut up, you idiot. This is what we are going to do. After I give your little dick and balls a good thrashing to show you who runs this show, I'm going to put you thru a humiliation assignment designed to show you what I think of you and to test your downward limits. Don't disappoint me..." 12 minutes

Astro Domme, glove fetish, CBT, humiliation assignment, forced sissification...
Oct 01, 2014
Danielle Wants You to Luv Big Black Cock as Much as She Does

"Do you love Big Black Cock? You should. Your little cock is nothing compared to this. Why don't you crawl on over here so you can get a good look at what a real cock looks like... and a big taste too of Big Black Cock. See how far you can slide it down your little sissy throat before you gag on it..." 4 minutes

Princess Danielle. dominatrix fetish, BBC, sissy cocksucking instructions...
Sep 29, 2014
Miss Kendra Keeps Her Frisky Young Boyfriends Locked in Chastity

"I enjoy dating naive boytoys. The dumber the better. I treat my young boyfriends like puppies in training. A chastity cage is a must. And you're going to stay caged until you learn to please Goddess with your tongue, no matter how you whimper, whine, and hump my Cuban-stockinged legs..." 9 minutes

Miss Kendra, dominant cougar, male chastity, puppy teasing, pussy pleasing...
Sep 27, 2014
Goddess Amy Makes You Beg to Worship Her Massive Boobies

"I see you staring at my big beautiful titties all the time. Now's your chance to see them up close. Do you want to worship them? Maybe I'll let you. Maybe I'll even take my top off for you, droolbucket. Or maybe I'll just tease you to tears. Pre-cum tears for you, loser. Get on your knees and start begging..." 7 minutes

Goddess Amy, tit worship, tease and denial, sucky taunting, pacifier humiliation...
Sep 26, 2014
Princess Tiffani Makes You Stutter & Sputter at Your School Reunion

"I was sooo mean to you back in school. Tormented and humiliated you. And now, at our school reunion, you think you're gonna impress me? I hope you try. So I can make you s-s-stutter again and send you back to your hotel room totally humiliated, ready to s-s-sputter your humpy pillow to Mean Tiffani all over again..." 7 minutes

Princess Tiffani, mean girl intimidation, verbal emasculation, point and laugh...
Sep 24, 2014
Princess Katie Grants You a Charity Fuck -- into Her Fake Pussy

"Tell the truth. You're probably a virgin. Well, scaredy cat, I know you dream about my tight hot pussy, but you're too intimidated to hit on me. So I'm gonna spread my legs for you and let you put it into my pussy. My FAKE pussy. As I taunt and laff at you. And when I make you cum? You're gonna lick it all up..." 11 minutes

Princess Katie, charity fuck humiliation, pecker taunting, cum eating commands...
Sep 22, 2014
Your Evil Intern Alexis Coaxes You to Cum and Destroys Your Date

"Too bad you have a date, bossy bitch. Cuz tonite's the night I was gonna tease your cock with my foot and let you sniff up and down my pantyhose. But I guess you'd rather go out with her than get smothered by my ass and pussy, huh. You better go. Cuz if you stay here? I'm gonna humiliate you till you cum..." 10 minutes

Alexis Grace, office humiliation, leg worship, pantyhose, smothering, footjob...
Sep 20, 2014
Lingerie Boutique Manager Ashley Wants You to Be Her Panty Slave

"Hey there Panty Man. Yeah, you. You come into my lingerie store and pretend you're looking for panties for your girlfriend. Don't make me laugh. The salesgirls and I have you all figured out. And when you come slinking into my store today? I've got a plan to turn you into my very own sissy panty slave..." 7 minutes

Ashley Sinclair, panty fetish, sissification, public humiliation...
Sep 19, 2014
Sissy Test #5: Missy Decides Your Sissy Fate

"The votes are in. I'm going to tell you whether you're worthy -- or whether you are destined to be a dick-sucking wussy. Are you nervous? You should be. Because, WHEN you lose? I'm going to humiliate the fuck out of you, sissy bitch. And then you're going to suck a cock. For real..." 14 minutes

Princess Missy, butt plug, panties, lipgloss, dick sucking commands...
Sep 16, 2014
Sissy Test #4: Nikki Teaches You to Suck Cock Like a Slut

"Look at you in your little lingerie and makeup! What a little slut doll you are. At this point only one thing is missing. You need to have a big dirty dick shoved in your mouth so we can see if you're truly sissy material. So I'm gonna put you thru a tutorial to see if you were made to be a sissy dick sucker..." 11 minutes

Cock Trainer Nikki, cocksucking lesson, sissy degradation...
Sep 15, 2014
Sissy Test #3: Donna Tricks You into a Sissy Makeover at Her Salon

"You think you're coming to my salon to pick me up for a date. But I tricked you. I'm bringing you to my salon because you're a sissy. Do you know how I can tell? That's my secret. But I'm going to use my secret to get you into a salon chair so I can turn you into a Barbi-bitch with nails, makeup, hair - a full sissy makeover..." 8 minutes

Salon Goddess Donna, sissy makeover emasculation, public humiliation...
Sep 14, 2014
Sissy Test #2: Brianna Sends You on a Panty Humiliation Assignment

"I'm sending you to that lingerie boutique. The one where all the ice princeses shop. The one with all the sadistic salesgirls. I'm sending you into the panty section with some specific instructions sure to reveal whether you are a man who belongs in boxers, or a sissy who deserves to be stripped and pantied..." 3 minutes

Ice Princess Brianna, sissification challenge, panty humiliation....
Sep 13, 2014
Sissy Test #1: Tierra Decides Whether You're a Man or a Wussy

"I want you to pump your cock up and down for me like this, while you worship my amazing body. I want to see how long and thick your cock is. To see if it's the kind of cock that was meant to be sucked... Or the kind of worthless little pecker that was meant to be snapped into a pair of humiliation panties..." 7 minutes

Goddess Tierra, cock challenge, body worship, jerk off instructions....
Sep 12, 2014
Are You Weak Enough to Be Princess Noely's Little Boot Bitch?

"As a 19-year-old, I've never had my very own boot bitch before. But I totally want one. Someone to buy me new dominatrix boots whenever I say GIMMIE! Someone to drop to his knees whenever he sees me in my boots. Somone to suck the heels and lick the dirty soles. Does that sound like you, weakling?..." 5 minutes

Brat Princess Noely, snarky princess, boot fetish, boot zipper tease, boot worship...
Lipstick Taunts and Two Sissy Facials from Cruel Goddess Scarlett

"This is what I'm going to do to you tonight. You're going to watch me do my lips for my boyfriend, in preparation for the amazing blow job I'm going to give him. Then, after I tease you into submission, I'm going to give you two totally humiliating sissy facials -- the second one, from my mouth into your pathetic face ..." 6 minutes

Godess Scarlett, lip tease, lip gloss fetish, sissy facial humiliation...
Your Girlfriend Katie Fucks Her Boss but Only Lets You Jerk It to Her

"I'm getting ready for work, what do you want? Sex? NO. Unemployed losers don't get sex, they get to fuck their fists and cream their pajama bottoms. You can jerk your morning wood and think about the blow job I'll be giving my successful boss today. Hurry up, loser. Blow your load, I don't have all day..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, cruel girlfriend experience, cuckolding, impatient j/o commands...
Princess Donna Catches u on Humiliatrix and Verbally Castrates you

"Did you think this was gonna be another little jerky video where I pull my pinky until you cream your fist, like you do every night on Humiliatrix? No, loser. I'm just gonna sit here and stare you in the eye and make you repeat 'I am a loser' until I'm convinced you feel like the worthless dirty jizz rag you truly are..." 2 minutes

Princess Donna, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, call and response...
Sissy Attendant: Help Goddess Akira Get Ready for Her Date

"I've demoted you from boyfriend to sissy attendant. The only use I have for you is to help me get ready for my dates with real men. You can hand my my shoes and stockings as I belittle you, pass me my lipstick and eyeliner as I sass you, and then? You can kiss me goodbye between my boobies. That's all sissy gets!..." 5 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, sissification, stocking tease, makeup fetish, big tit worship...
Amazon Goddess Kordelia Edges You in the Chastity Cage

"With your cock in chastity I can to anything I want to you. Torment your blueballs. Scratch your foreskin. But to really I make you suffer I'm going to engulf you between my huge breasts, smother you beneath my magnificent ass, crush you between my powerful legs and make you beg for your release..." 13 minutes

Goddess Kordelia Devonshire, chastity tease and denial, amazon body worship...
Princess Missy Points and Laughs in Your Idiotic Face

"You are such a hapless, pathetic clown. Just the sight of you makes me laugh. The more you try to impress me the more you make me bust out. Funniest of all is when I make you humiliate yourself or command you to jerk off for me. So I made a video of me just pointing and laughing at Mr Idiotic: you..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy Rhodes, point and laugh humiliation, loser sign taunting...
Bikini Bitches Jen and Nikki Give You a Humiliating Cum Facial

"Becky told us you're trying to replace your jerk-boner with the backbone of a real man. That's funny. We bet it will take us less than ten minutes to break you down completely and leave you with a puddle of your own cum runing down your face -- just by using your fetishes and weaknesses against you, loser..." 10 minutes

Bikini bitch worship, ass kissing, leg teases, jerk off commands, cum facial...
Princess Becky Re-Addicts You to All Your Crippling Weaknesses

"Remember all the fun we used to have? I used to get you sloppy drunk and then I'd get you to do the most insane humiliating things to yourself. But now you're trying to man-up and resist me. Too bad. Because I wanted to get crazy with you tonight -- have some drinks -- and humiliate you like never before..." 15 minutes

Princess Becky, intoxication humiliation, extreme sexual boundary violations...
Princess Katie Catches You on Humiliatrix and Makes You Jerk Off

"Seriously? Are you really on What do you do when you're on that website, watching humiliation videos? I want you to show me exactly what you do. And if you're too much of a wuss to show me? I'm gonna make you jerk your worthless little boner MY way. Start jerking. NOW, loser..." 2 minutes

Brat Princess Katie, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, JOI, jerk off commands...
Your Office Intern Tierra Bends You Over Your Own Desk

"When I got appointed as your intern, I laughed. I decided not just to upbraid and emasulate you but to humiliate you at every turn. Today is the day I strip you of your manhood completely. Are you going to acquiesce to me? Or shall I have the pleasure of physically overpowering you as well, my pansy boss?... 13 minutes

Sadistic office intern, muscle goddess, strap-on dildo, punishment fucking...
Cuck Swingers: Becky Makes You Swallow Your Rival's Cum

"Since your wife needs another man to satisfy her, it's only fitting that you swallow every drop of your shame. I'm going to feed you his jizz so your woman can see what a wimp you are. If you swallow it all, maybe I'll unlock your chastity cage to let you cum in his dirty condom as we laugh at you (Part 2 of 2)... 12 minutes

Cuckold humiliation, sissification, dominant lesbian, strap-on fucking...
Cuck Swingers: Becky Pops Your Cherry While Your Wife Gets Laid

"Your wife Paige got tired of your tiny cock and started fucking Big Brad. Since she has a boyfriend, I heard you thought you should have a girlfriend. I'm Becky, your wife's sadistic lesbian friend. 'Girlfriend' Becky has big plans for your first date: a chastity cage, panties, a plug and my 8-inch strap-on (Part 1 of 2)..." 10 minutes

Cuckold humiliation, sissification, dominant lesbian, strap-on fucking...
Princess Heather Wants Sugar Daddy to Be Her Stocking Slave

"Does it make your little boner crazee when we come back from a shopping trip and I try on the stockings you bought for me? Do cute red toenails beneath sheeny white stockings make you weak? Want me to rub my yummy feet on your face? As long as you promise not to pigsnot your pants on my pretty bed..." 4 minutes

Princess Heather, sugar daddy exploitation, stocking tease, point and laugh...
Cougar-MILF Akira Teases You for Being Her Pillow Humping Puppy

"I would be angry with you if it weren't so funny! You get a whiff of my perfume and see my boobies hanging out of my tiny nightie and you're like a frisky little puppy, humping your hips and pumping your pecker into the nearest fluffy pillow you can find. Show me how you do it -- so I can tease my little puppy..." 3 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, big breast fetish, tease, j/o ridicule, pillow humping...
Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She'll Wear to Peg You

"I'm taking you into the bedroom tonite. You're going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I'm throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you've been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I'm going to wear to dominate you..." 9 minutes

Princess Selena, outfit testing, heel worship, ass kissing, strap-on humiliation...
Dork Destuction: How Snarky Katie Turned u into a Jerkaholic Loser

"Before you met me you didn't stutter, steal panties or slime your dork-pants every time a mean girl sneers at you. I guess you have me to thank for all that, LOL, huh, dorkbutt. Do you remember what I did to destroy your confidence and turn you into a fist-creaming fucktard for the rest of your life?...." 15 emasculating minutes

Princess Katie, step-brat, severe verbal emasculation, jerk taunting...
Cruel Cheerleader Missy Humiliates You to the Brink of Destruction

"I know all your most crippling weaknesses. I know how to tease and manipulate you to get anything I want. And you know what I want? I want to see just how far I can break you. I'm gonna bring you to the brink of insanity. To see if I can make you do the filthiest, most humiliating things I can imagine...." 13 minutes

Princess Missy Rhodes, cheerleader fetish, step-cucky, brutal tease and denial...
July 24, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Bratty Princess Brooke

"Now that you've blown three loser loads into your disgusting fucky pillow, I suppose I'm gonna have to be extra cruel and mean to you so that I can tease that last little bit of jerk-off junk out of your pecker and into your pillow. I'm gonna pump my hips and taunt you till you give me every last drop...." 5 minutes

Princess Brooke, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 21, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Cruel Goddess Heather

"Let's hump our pillows together until you squeal and squirt for me. I'm gonna give you the finger, stick my tongue out at you and bust on you and your pathetic life, jerking my hips along with you. Until the geek slime spills out of your little winkie for Heather. Into your squishy crusty pillow. HA HA...." 4 minutes

Goddess Heather, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 20, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Snobby Princess Katie

"I want you to show me how you hump your pillow, you live-at-home, mama's-boy loser. I want you to ride that pillow as I verbally humiliate you. Then I want you to CUM. Get it all dirty and jizzy and sticky as I laugh at you and destroy your manhood. Then you're gonna rub your face in it....." 3 minutes

Princess Katie, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 19, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Wicked Goddess Scarlett

"You are ridiculous. A pillow between your legs doesn't feel like pussy. It feels like nothing. Which is perfect for you. You get nothing. Actually, you do get something. You get me laughing at you while you wriggle your hips and flail like a sissy worm until you shoot the loser goo into your pillow for me....." 2 minutes

Goddess Scarlett, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 18, 2014
CGE: Cruel Girlfriend Experience - Mean Megan Rudely Rejects You

"If I were your girlfriend (yick), we would last about five minutes together. That's about how long it would take me to look you up and down, give you a cold assessment of all your failings as a man, and then rudely, soundly and succinctly sexually reject you and dump your worthless ass....." 5 minutes

CGE Cruel Girlfriend Experience, verbal humiliation, sexual rejection...
Your Bitchy Ex Akira Strips You Naked and Publicly Humiliates You

"What are you doing in MY house? You don't live here anymore, sissy trash. Oh. You thought I was gonna take pity on you and your four-inch cock? I told you I intended on leaving you with nothing and that's what I'm gonna do, cockroach. You're going to march your sissy hobo ass out of here NAKED...." 8 minutes

Dominant Ex-Wife Akira, verbal degradation, CFNM humiliation...




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