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You Must Wear a Chastity Cage to Be Princess Becky's Hair Slave

"I need a hair slave. Someone to brush my waist-length hair, lather my tresses with shampoo and conditioner in the shower and take me to my salon appointments. I obviously can't trust you to do any of that unless you are wearing a tight, confining chastity cage. Only then can you play with my long, lusty locks..." 13 minutes

Princess Becky, long hair fetish, salon slave, male chastity, mastubation control...
Jul 25, 2015
Bikini Bitch Remi Catches You Jerking and Taunts You into Cumming

"You pathetic dork. Are in you sneaking around in my room, sniffing my panties, about to jerk off with my body lotion? Well, here I am loser. Come on, you little coward. I'm standing in front of you in my bikini. Finish jerking that your boner while I stare at you. I'm not asking you, idiot. I'm commanding you. Or else.." 14 minutes

Princess Remi, bikini goddess, caught jerking, SPH, taunting, cum commands...
Jul 23 2015
Miss Kendra Humiliates You with Her Boyfriend's Alpha Male Cum

"Here, sissy-sissy! You can come out of the closet now. My boyfriend's gone. Did you hear me moaning and screaming his name? Did you hear us laughing at you? He left you a few presents. And now I'm to going to unlock you from your chastity cage so that I can humiliate you with his gooey hot bullcock cum..." 11 minutes

Miss Kendra James, sissy humiliation, cuckolding, cum eating, condom jerking...
Jul 21 2015
Your Ultimate Sissification Test with Sadistic Brat Princess Katie

"We're gonna find out for sure if there's any tiny trace of a man in you or whether you are 100 percent sissy bitch. I'm gonna strap on a dildo, pin you to the bed and peg your ass good and hard. If you cum when I'm giving you your punishment fucking? There will be no doubt what you are..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, dominant brat princess, strap-on pegging, sissy humiliation...
Jul 19 2015
Tessa Explains Why She Has to Bully, Control and Humiliate You

"Aw, am I mean to you? Is that what you think? That I dominate, manipulate and control you? That I belittle you and ridicule you? That I promise you things and then take them back? That I expect everything from you in exchange for nothing from me? That I'm sadistic and cruel to you, just for my amusement? Poor baby..." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, mind control, submissive trance, putting you in your place...
Jul 17, 2015
This Little Piggy: You Are Princess Heather's Dirty Little Piglet

"I love the all new fuck-me shoes you bought for me, piggy. You don't get to fuck me in them, silly oinky. But I will let you put on your pig nose and crawl to me on your hands and knees so we can play a fun game of 'This Little Piggy.' Fun for me. Totally humiliating for you, piggy..." 9 minutes

Princess Heather, bratty princess, money slave, foot worship, piggy degradation...
Jul 15, 2015
Step Dommy Kendra Milks You Mercilessly Dry in Your Chastity Cage

"You've been a bad little bitch. Surly and sarcastic, throwing tantrums. All because I've had you locked in chastity. Well, Miss Pouty Pants, since you've been such a brat you're getting bent over Mommy's knee and milked. I'm going to slide my way in, and tickle your sissy spot until you cream your cage for Mommy..." 8 minutes

Miss Kendra James, step dommy, chastity, milking punishment, ruined orgasm...
Jul 13, 2015
Frig Your Sissy Clit and Cum in Your Panties for Princess Tiffani

"Want to cum for me today? You don't get to do it like a man. I want you to wear a tight pair of sissy panties all day. Then, tonite? I'm gonna teach you to 'frig' your 'clit' over the silky fabric of your panties so that you can cum like a girl. You're gonna squeal and say, 'I'm Princess Tiffani's naughty sissy' when you cum..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, panty teasing, sissification, panty frigging, cum commands...
Jul 11, 2015
Princess Tessa Punishes You for Your Pathetic Weaknesses

"Does your caged cock ache when I tease you with my pantyhose? Do you yearn to touch me in them, sniff them and do perverted things with my dirty stockings? If only I freed you from chastity. Well, little man, your little obsession has gotten you into big trouble. You're about to be humiliated -- like never before...." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, pantyhose tease, male chastity, spanking, cuckolding...
Jul 9, 2015
Remi Teases Your Tiny Cock with Her Butt, Boobs and Boots

"Your pathetic little penis is Princess Remi's prisoner. And I want to learn how to keep my prisoner cockteased captive til you're my brainwashed, fist-fucking puppet. So which makes you weakest, pecker pants? Is it Princess Remi's spike-heel thigh boots, my sweet soft boobs, or my amazing latex-encased booty...?" 9 minutes

Princess Remi, weakness exploitation, merciless cockteasing, verbal emasculation...
Jul 7, 2015
Missy Rips the Condom off Your Cock to Peg You with Her Strap-on

"I'm going to give you the chance to fuck me with your little peanut dick. If you fail to please me? I'm going to rip the condom off your little cock, push you down on the bed, spit between your legs, raise your ankles and show you how a girl likes to get fucked: long and hard, sissy bitch...." 10 minutes

Princess Missy, fuck taunting, role reversal, SPH, strap-on punishment fucking...
Jul 5, 2015
Kendra Tells Your Girlfriend You're a Sissy Then Makes You Prove It

"I had a little chat with that girl you want to hook up with. After talking to me, she's not so sure anymore. She thinks you're a sissy who'd be better off with a boyfriend. And you know what you're going to do? You're going to get down on your knees and prove that she's absolutely right about you. Or else..." 11 minutes

Miss Kendra James, wicked step dommy, blackmail, sissification...
Jul 3, 2015
Your Ultimate Sissification Test with Sadistic Brat Princess Katie

"We're gonna find out for sure if there's any tiny trace of a man in you or whether you are 100 percent sissy bitch. I'm gonna strap on a dildo, pin you to the bed and peg your ass good and hard. If you cum when I'm giving you your punishment fucking? There will be no doubt what you are..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, dominant brat princess, strap-on pegging, sissy humiliation...
Jul 1, 2015
Tessa Puts Her Panties on Your Face and Your Dog Dish at Her Feet

"You took me shopping and now it's time for your reward. I'm going to drape my panties over your face and place your doggie dish at my feet. Shall I unlock your chastity cage now? I'm not sure if I want to. It's so much fun to watch you beg and squirm. I think I like you better in your cage, Mr Puppy Pants..." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, shopping slave, outfit testing, cruel tease and denial...
Jul 1, 2015
Princess Sari Teases and Taunts Your Laughable Little Penis

"I want you to unzip and try to impress me. Do you have the kind of cock that's gonna get me wet? Or do you have a tiny little dicklette, made for taunting? Will I be rolling a huge XL condom over your monster dick so you can fuck me? Or will I be commanding you to piddle your little fist as I humiliate you?..." 7 minutes

Princess Sari, fuck taunting, SPH, small penis humiliation, SPH J/O. commands...
Jun 28, 2015
Cruel Kendra Releases You from Chastity to Humiliate You in Bed

"Does it make you ache in your chastity cage, seeing me in the honeymoon lingerie I wore to seduce your daddums? Are you jealous, listening to me moan for him, unable to even touch yourself? Aw. Poor baby wants his chance in the big bed. Well, here, I'll unlock you from chastity, sweetie... to humiliate you..." 12 minutes

Miss Kendra James, lingerie seduction, tease and denial, taboo humiliation...
Jun 26, 2015
Princess Remi Strips You of Your Manhood Completely

"My intention is to verbally castrate you, violate your prissy boundaries and strip you of your manhood, so that you can't get an erection unless you are wearing panties, pillow-humping, sucking a penis and swallowing cum. I'm guessing it's going to take me ten minutes til you're licking the cream from your panties for me..." 12 minutes

Princess Remi, verbal emasculation, pillow-humping, male ego evisceration...
Jun 24, 2015
Purple Nails on Blueballs: Princess Tessa Torments You to Tears

"Have you noticed that my exquisite fingernails and toenails are the very same color of your poor pathetic blueballs? I keep my hands and feet creamy white and my nails dark purple to keep you aching for what you will never get from me: mercy. My hands and feet are instruments of torment, to tease and deny you..." 5 minutes

Goddess Tessa, male chastity, nail fetish, hand tease, toe torment, edging, denial...
Jun 22, 2015
Brat Domme Becky Makes You Give Yourself a Sissy Facial

"When you see me putting on my black thigh boots you start to get weak. When I zip them up it brings you to your knees. When I point to the heel it makes you crawl. Now it's time to take your training one step further. After you lick my domme boots and suck the heel, you're going to be primed to fuck your face, sissy..." 10 minutes

Princess Becky, brat domme, boot worship, sissy facial, cum commands, laughter...
Jun 21, 2015
Step Dommy Kendra Teases You into Your First Pair of Sissy Panties

"You look so confused, darling. Always trying to sneak peeks up my skirts when I cross my long elegant legs. But I don't think it's what's beneath my panties that you're after. I think it's my soft silky panties themselves that fascinate you. And now I'm going to turn you into my very own subservient panty sissy..." 10 minutes

Miss Kendra James, wicked step dommy, upskirt tease, petticoating, sissification...
Jun 19, 2015
Princess Jade: How to Break Up with a Shrimp Dick Crybaby Loser

"Why should I just dump you when I can humiliate the fuck out of you and THEN dump you? Like, compare your shrimp dick to your friend's huge cock, show you the condom he used to fuck me, rub it in your face, make you eat his cum, and command you to jerk into his dirty condom before I break up with you for good..." 9 minutes

Princess Jade, dominant GFE, SPH, crybaby humiliation, cuckold, cum commands...
Jun 17, 2015
Tessa Parlays Your Desperation to Cum into Pedicure Slavery

"Since your already down on your hands and knees, begging, pleasding and drooling over me in my bikini, why don't you make yourself useful. I need a pedi slave. Think you can handle it? If you can make my toes as perfect as I am, maybe I'll free you from your chastity cage -- for twenty or thirty seconds..." 5 minutes

Princess Tessa, open toe tease, blueballs taunting, pedicure slavery...
Jun 15, 2015
Amazon Alexis Dangles You like a Jerk-Puppet from Her String

"Look how tiny you are down there beneath me. You're like my little puppet on a string. I could make you do anything I want, puppet. Smother you with my ass and smoosh you under my shoe. Make you beg to worship my amazon legs and pussy -- then make you jerk that tiny little puppet pecker for me.." 8 minutes

Alexis Grace, puppet humiliation, goddess worship, jerk taunting, cum commands..
Jun 13, 2015
Miss Kendra Begins Your Transformation into Her Chastity Sissy

"Once I tease you to your knees with my silky legs and coax my stiletto heel into your mouth, it won't be long before I can lock you into chastity and do anything I wish with you. And what does Step Dommy Kendra want? To tease, manipulate and transform you into becoming my helplessly submissive sissy..." 11 minutes

Step Dommy Kendra, leg tease, heel sucking, foot worship, male chastity...
Jun 12, 2015
Your Small Penis Confession Session with Princess Tiffani

"I have a feeling I know why you're so shy around girls. Why don't you unzip your pants and tell Tiffani the truth. Show me. It's okay. I promise not to bust out laughing at it. I even brought you a tiny pink sissy condom so we can have some fun together. Don't you want Princess Tiffani to play with your little peanut?..." 8 minutes

Princess Tiffani, small penis confession, SPH, tease and denial, cum commands...
Jun 10, 2015
Girls' Night In: Tessa Turns You into Her Sissy Dress-Up Doll

"While my boyfriend is away I thought it would be fun for us to have a special night together. No, not a date, silly. You know I don't think of you as a man. We could have a girls' night in! Do each other's makeup and nails, drink cocktails, try on lingerie, and shop for sexy clothes and shoes to seduce cute guys..." 5 minutes

Princess Tessa, sissy emasculation, girly transformation, shopping slave...
Jun 8, 2015
Your Honeymoon Night in Chastity with Sadistic Princess Missy

"The only way I'd marry a loser like you would be to lock you into chastity on our wedding night, to tease your caged cock in a crotchless lace bodystocking, and prepare you for the rest of our married life together: one of merciless cockteasing, denial, cuckolding and Missy pussy worship on your hands and knees..." 8 minutes

Princess Missy, dominant young bride, honeymoon humiliation, male chastity...
Jun 6, 2015
Goddess Ashley Discovers That You're a Lying Little Virgin Loser

"You wanted to go on a date with a goddess, boner boy. Here's your big chance. Are you going to impress me with your manhood? Or are you going to 'blow it' -- and confirm my suspicions. That you are nothing but a panty-creaming, mama's boy virgin loser who's never even been with a girl, much less a goddess..." 7 minutes

Goddess Ashley, date with a humiliatrix, emasculation, panty creaming, virgin loser...
Jun 5, 2015
Princess Katie Screams with Laughter as u Cum into Her Ankle Sock

"I made a bet with one of my girlfriends on the cheerleading squad that I could make you get a boner and squirt out all your loser cum into my stinky ankle sock -- after I shove my other ankle sock into your mouth and make you worship my feet. She has nooo idea what a foot-kissing dweeb you are..." 15 intense, degrading minutes

Princess Katie, bossy cheerleader, foot fetish, sock tease, jerkoff commands...
Jun 3, 2015
Princess Tessa Issues You a Small Penis Chastity Release Challenge

"I will agree to unlock you from your chastity cage -- just to satisfy my curiosity. Because I'm pretty sure you're not capable of satisfying anything else. Who knows? Maybe you'll impress me. Or maybe I'll end up emasculating you so sadistically that you'll come crawling back into your cage like a scared little puppy...." 8 minutes

Princess Tessa, chastity release taunting, ridicule, SPH, small penis humiliation...
Jun 1, 2015




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