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Seductive Step-Dommy Tiffani Tempts You with a BJ in the Big Bed

"Since the big man of the house is away on business, how would you like to be the 'man' of the house, instead of the widdle man of the house? Hmm? Wanna wear the man pants with your beautiful step-dommy? I see you getting a stiffy every time I gloss my luscious lips. So, why don't you unzip for me...LOL!" 6 minutes

Step-Dommy Tiffani, wet lip lust, BJ taunts, SPH giggles, cucky boy emasculation...
May 9 2016
Bratty Megan Humiliates You for Stealing Her Cheerleading Panties

"How DARE you. Stealing my cheerleading panties before the big competition? Leaving me to wear a cheap-ass thong? You embarrassed me, so now I am going to humilate the HELL out of you. You're gonna worship my butt, you little brown noser. And then I'm going make you regret what you did for the rest of your life..." 9 minutes

Cheerleader Megan, panty fetish, butt tease, blackmail, incrimination squirts...
May 6 2016
Bikini Boot Goddess Kobe Catches You Jerking Off to Her

"You disgusting little pervert. Sneaking into my bedroom to spy on me as I'm getting ready to go into the hot tub. Sniffing my undies and then trying to hide in my hamper closet when I catch you. Pathetic wimp. Well, I'm standing right in front of you. Why don't you show me what you were doing? Jerk that cock, wussy. NOW..." 4 minutes

Boot Goddess Kobe, bikini worship, caught peeping, jerkoff commands...
May 3 2016
Your Chastity Check-in Session with Sadistic Goddess Selena

"Your wife asked me to check in on you while she's away with her boyfriend. Is your chastity cage nice and tight, little boy blueballs? Let me see. Aww. Why don't I take off my sexy shoes so you can suck on my toes while your wife is enjoying the taste of her boyfriend's big thick monster cock. Suck it for Selena, cucky.." 11 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, cockteasing, male chastity, BJ taunts, denial...
Apr 30 2016
Tiffani and Becky Torment Your Caged Cock with Tits, Tongue & Toes

"Once you're locked into chastity, we know that all you think about is cumming. How would you like to cum for us? We're not gonna let you, of course, but we want you to die a thousand deaths inside your penis prison while we lick, flick and stick your caged cock where ever we want, as we laugh at your frustration..." 10 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, cockteasing, male chastity, BJ taunts, denial...
Apr 26 2016
Your Dominant Boss Akira Takes Control of Your Cock and Cumloads

"As your boss, I control you. I tell you when to work, when to eat and when to CUM. Oh, yes. I see the way your little peepee pokes up in your pants at my cleavage and sexy legs. I can't have you distracted at work, so we will start each day with you filling your doggie dish with all your puppy squirts. For me. Just like this..." 5 minutes

Goddess Selena, cuckold humiliation, cuckysitting, foot worship, tease and denial...
Aprr 23 2016
Princess Heather Allows You to Become Her Sissy Bath Slave

"The bad news? I could never take you seriously as a boyfriend. The good news? I need a sissy bath slave. Someone to pamper me and prepare me for my dates. You'll Bathe me, towel me dry, paint my toenails. That's what you get because that's what you deserve. If you please me, I'll give you a special humiliating treat..." 5 minutes

Princess Heather, sissy emasculation, cruel tease and denial, humiliation tasks...
Apr 19 2016
Missy Bullies You into Sucking & Swallowing in Her Sorority House

"Don't try to play bashful. I know your filthy secret. So you can either get on your knees right now and admit that you want to suck dick and swallow cum for Missy. Admit you need a bossy woman like me and my sorority sisters to hold your mouth open and make you do it. Unless you want me to blackmail you first....?" 11 minutes

Princess Missy, sorority humiliation, sissy degradation, blackmailed cocksucker...
Apr 16 2016
Your Ultimate Chastity Release Humiliation with Cruel Princess Remi

"The good news? I'm letting you out of chastity today AND letting you cum. The bad news? You have to cum MY way, as I violate, abuse and destroy you. You have to do every humiliating task I give you, no matter how degrading, or else? I'm going to lock that throbbing sissy clit of yours away for another three weeks...." 13 minutes

Princess Remi, chastity release, sissy humiliation tasks, cum commands...
Apr 9 2016
Bikini Bitches Amy and Amber Taunt You into Humping Your Pillow

"When you're not making worship puddles or giving yourself a facial, you're doing something even more pathetic: humping your pillow. We want you to show us how you do it. We'll even bounce up and down with you to enourage you. Encourage you into humiliating yourself right in front of us. Humpy bitch boy..." 2 minutes

Goddess Amy, Princess Amber, bikini taunting, pillow humping humiliation...
Apr 6 2016
Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man

"My new boyfriend is going to give me a good hard fucking tonight, just the way I like it. And what are you going to do, cucky? First you're going to fluff my pussy for him as I grind my pantyhose ass all over your face and caged cock. Then? You get to cry the cucky precum tears while he takes my pussy and fucks me...." 12 minutes

Goddess Selena, male chastity, ass worship, pussy fluffer, tease and denial...
Apr 2 2016
You Will Always Be Cheerleader Amy's Toe-Kissing Homework Nerd

"You had such a crush on me back in school. And all I did was crush your hopes and humiliate you. But it was super-nice of me to let you be my 'homework nerd.' Wasn't it, loser? I let you do all my assignments in exchange for worshiping my feet. Do you still jerk off into the stinky ankle socks I let you have? I bet you do. Dork..." 8 minutes

Goddess Amy, nostalgia humiliation, cruel cheerleader, foot tease, jerkoff taunts
Mar 29 2016
Goddess Tessa Sends You to Your Knees to Proclaim Your Servitude

"If you truly want to devote yourself to me, you need to be on your knees in my presence. Only boyfriends and real men get to stand before me. So, get on your hands and knees where you belong, crawl to me, and let me hear your devotion to me. Repeat after me, 'Yes, Goddess Tessa, I am not worthy to..." 3 minutes

Goddess Tessa, princess worship, call-and-response, humiliation drills...
Mar 27 2016
Step-Dommy Tiffani Tricks You into Becoming Her Chastity Sissy

"So, you have a new girlfriend. I heard she teased you into chastity. Well, guess who has the key? I do. Step-Dommy Tiffani. See, I paid that cute girl to seduce you into chastity, so that I could turn you into my helplessly obedient sissy and take total control of you. It's time to put on your panties and plug for Step-Dommy..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, wicked young step-dommy, chastity humiliation, sissification...
Mar 25 2016
Your MILF Neighbor Kobe Humiliates You for Jerking Off to Her

"I see you touching yourself from the little peephole in your blinds when I'm sunning myself by the pool. And now I'm going to humiliate you for it -- unless you'd rather have me blackmail you. You're going to report to my bedroom so I can make a humiliation video of you pumping your little cock as I belittle you..." 6 minutes

Goddess Kobe, caught jerking, blackmail, predicament humiliation, j/o commands...
Mar 22 2016
Your Date with Princess Missy Leaves You Emasculated for Life

"My sorority wants us to do something for charity. So I said I'd go on a date with a pathetic, desperate dork: you, loser. That's right. I'm taking you back to my place tonite. You look nervous. You should be. Because when I finish with you? You're gonna be emasculated down to your panties. And scarred for life..." 8 minutes

Princess Missy, date with a humiliatrix, teasing, ridicule, emasculation...
Mar 19 2016
Sydney Lee Subjects You to a Humiliating 'Sissy Experiment'

"I'm going to use you as a subject in my psychology class to see what kind of a man you are. My own theory is that you are a raging, closet case sissy. If I'm wrong, you get to keep your dignity and masculinity. But if I'm right? You're going to be left a thoroughly humiliated sissy whore ragdoll for all to see. Ready?..." 12 minutes

Princess Syndey Lee, psychological domination, sissy experiment, strap-on...
Mar 16 2016
Governesss Becky Prepares You for Your First Spanking

"I might be younger than you but I'm clearly the one in control. I'm the authority figure, I'm in charge and I make the rules. And as Governess Becky, I'm going to be restricting your internet time and inspecting your underpants, little man. If I find anything naughty I'm going to take you across my knee for a spanking..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, governess, caught masturbating humiliation, spanking...
Mar 12 2016
Brutal Break-Up: Amber Dumps You with a Finger and a Facial

"Did you really think that begging and pleading like a little bitch would keep me from breaking up with you? We're done, loser. Over. Aw, are you gonna cry now? Why don't you take out your worthless little cock and spank it all over your face while I finish telling you what a worthless little wuss you are..." 4 minutes

Princess Amber, sadistic breakup, crybaby humiliation, sissy facial commands...
Mar 9 2016
Your Sadistic Bride Remi Humiliates You on Your Honeymoon Night

"What would it be like to be married to a genuine Humiliatrix like Princess Remi? Your humiliation would start on our wedding night. In the honeymoon suite. Oh. D-D-D-Did you and your desperation boner think you'd get to do dirty things with my perfect, worship-worthy butt? Silly husband. Strip for me. NOW..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, dominant bride, honeymoon humiliation, butt lust, jerk off taunting...
Mar 5 2016
Tiffani Destroys Your Date by Making You Blow it in Your Pants

"I heard you have a big date tonight! Wouldn't it be funny if you blew your big date by blowing a loser load into your pants just minutes before you go to meet her? What if I used your fetishes against you? Do you think you could resist me? Or are you going to break for me and blow it in your pants like the loser you are?..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, cockteasing, ass worship, leg teasing, cum coaxing, point & laugh...
Mar 3 2016
Boot Worship is Goddess Selena's Gateway Drug to Cock Sucking

"You might think you're just a straight guy who enjoys a little kinky boot worship. But once I have you sucking my heels and licking the filthy soles of my dominatrix boots? It won't be long before it's my big black dildo sliding down your throat. Before I blackmail my boot sissy into sucking a big fat dick for me for real..." 12 minutes

Goddess Selena, dominatrix, boot worship, cock sucking, sissy blackmail...
Feb 29 2016
Beg to Worship Princess Missy's Pretty Feet While You Can, Loser

"I'm going to try on my dommie boots, along with two pairs of heels, lacy ankle socks and sexy foot jewlery right in front of your ugly face. Just to see what the sight of my cute feet do to you. Are you going to blubber, beg and break down just to kiss one of my toes? Impress me with your desperation and maybe I'll let you..." 8 minutes

Princess Missy Rhodes, bratty princess, foot worship, sock fetish, toe teasing...
Feb 25 2016
Bratty Brooke Lets You Out of Chastity for a CBT Smack Around

"You've been whining for weeks to be let out of chastity. Did you ever hear the phrase 'Be careful what you whine for?' Cuz, I'm letting you out of chastity today, just so I can pinch and slap your pecker back into submission. Until it's so bruised and mangled that you're begging to be put back in your cock cage..." 9 minutes

Princess Brooke, male chastity, chastity release, CBT, taunting, humiliation...
Feb 22 2016
Princess Jade Pulls Your Panties Down for a Punishment Pegging

"Who's the little 'fuckbrat' around here? YOU are. I'm gonna pull down your panties, spit between your legs and turn you into my sissy ragdoll. I'm gonna dildo-slap you and make you suck my strap-on before I pin you on your stomach to peg you until you admit you're 'Princess Jade's sissy fuckbrat'..." 9 minutes

Princess Jade, panty humiliation, strap-on sadism, punishment fucking, cum facial...
Feb 19 2016
Danielle Degrades You into Playing 'This Little Piggy' with Her Toes

"Want me to rub my pretty feet in your face? You have to BEG, piggy. Plead like a good little oink piggy and maybe I'll slip off my ankle socks and tease my toes under your piggy nose. HA HA. Look how pathetic you are! Is your pigtail getting stiff for Princess? I better lock you into your pigpen chastity cage. HA HA!..." 8 minutes

Princess Danielle, this little piggy, toe teasing, male chastity, foot worship...
Feb 17 2016
Selena Cuckolds You in the Panties She Put on for Her Boyfriend

"You're not a man. Look at you, whimpering and drooling as I make myself sexy for my boyfriend tonight. Here -- why don't you wear my panties while I'm out with him. You can rub them and frig your little clit-dick while he fucks me. You don't even have a dick anymore. You're just a pussy in my panties..." 9 minutes

Goddess Selena, cucky humiliation, panty punishment, emasculating J/O commands
Feb 14 2016
Tiffani & Becky: Punishment for a Pathetic Pillow-Humping Bitchboy

"We designed a punishment assignment especially for pathetic losers like you -- who watch Humiliatrix videos and pump your disgusting humpy pillows. Since you like to hump your pillow so much, we're not just gonna rub your face in it. We're gonna make you do something even MORE humiliating, bitch boy..." 9 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, punishment assignment, puppy training, CEI...
Feb 12 2016
Tiny Pecker Losers Get Blow Job Humiliation from Princess Katie

"Remember that night back in school when I tricked you into thinking that I, Princess Katie, was going to give you a blow job? Do you remember what I did to you after I pulled your pants down, loser? I ruined you with girls for the rest of your life. And now you're about to live that humiliating night all over again..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, blow job taunts, tiny pecker humiliation, sissy face, J/O commands...
Feb 9 2016
Prove That You're an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber

"When most normal guys see a hottie in a sexy bikini they think about getting into our bikini bottoms and fucking us. But when a pathetic, hopeless jerk-pig like you sees us in our bikinis, you think about getting on all fours, oinking, kissing our asses and jerking your pigtail. And now you're gonna prove it to us, oinky-bitch..." 3 minutes

Princess Amy, Princess Amber, bikini bitches, jerk taunting, ass kissing...
Feb 7 2016
Princess Becky Makes Her Submissive Sugardaddies Swallow Cum

"After you buy me sexy outfits, and we're back here in my bedroom, you seem to think you deserve a reward. Is that right? Well, not only do you not get to fuck me. Not only do you not get a blow job. You know what you get? You get to hide in the closet while my bulls fuck me. And then you get to swallow their cum..." 10 minutes

Princess Becky, brat princess, sugardaddy humiliation, cum eating provcation...
Feb 5 2016
Tessa Teases Your Throbbing Boner Just to Put You in Your Place

"I put on this incredible lingerie and am going to let you into my bedroom merely to mock and humiliate you. You're going to get down on your knees, repeat a few emasculating admissions I have prepared for you and then I'm going to send you on a humiliation task. That's all you get, because that's what you deserve..." 3 minutes

Princess Tessa, cockteasing, call and response, money princess, assignment..
Feb 3 2016
Goddess Selena Puts You Thru a Cock-Jerking Ass Worship Session

"So you think this is going to be one of my classic JOI jerkoff instructional videos? No, loser. I think I need to make you do something super degrading when I make you jerk. Something that will make you feel filthy and totally humiliated when you cum. Why don't you pucker up and get on your knees, while I bend over..." 9 minutes

Goddess Selena, ass worship commands, cockstroking instructions, countdown...
Jan 31 2016
Bikini Brat Remi Degrades You in the Sorority Bathroom

"Are you an idiot? Or are you trolling for punishment? I expected the sorority bathrooms to be spotless this morning. But there are dirty condoms and messy tampons in the trash. And now I'm going to use them to humiliate you. Crawl over here, sissy bitch. You can start by cleaning the toilet..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, bathroom degradation, humiliation assignments, panty emasculation
Jan 29 2016
Bondage Diva Kobe Makes You Cum Like a Feminine Girly-Girl

"If you've seen my amazing bondage videos, you know that I can squirm and squeal like a saucy little bitch. And that is exactly what I am going to teach you to do. I'm going to ball-gag you, restrain you, and make you use a girly vibrator on your panty crotch until you wriggle and cum like a dirty naughty slut for me..." 7 minutes

Princess Kobe Lee, sissy humiliation, femme cum instructional...
Jan 26 2016
What Happens to Missy's Submissive Boyfriends When They Beg

"You've been begging me to play kinky games with you in the bedroom, where I sexually humiliate you. You probably shouldn't have pleaded like such a pathetic little bitch boy. Because I decided to humiliate you for real. Can you guess what I did to you? Get on your knees, close your eyes and open your mouth..." 8 minutes

Princess Missy, brat domme, kinky girlfriend, cuckold humiliation, sloppy seconds...
Jan 24 2016
Princess Sari Demotes You from Sugardaddy to Chastity Slave

"You brought me to this resort and thought you might get to fuck me? No, loser. I let you bring me here so I could find a stud to fuck. You're gonna be my pool slave. Rub me with lotion, bring me drinks and clean the dirty condoms off the floor of our suite. You can jerk out one last load for me and then it's chastity time for you..." 5 minutes

Princess Sari, bikini bitch, cuckold humiliation, chastity slave...
Jan 20 2016
Goddess Selena Turns You into Her Cocksucking Sissy Bitch

"The last time you were here I seduced and bullied you into licking up my bull's cumload, like the little puppy bitch you are. Now, you're going to suck dick for me -- on your knees in front of the entire city. First, you're gonna deep throat this practice dildo for me. Then you're gonna suck cock for me for real..." 12 minutes

Goddess Selena, lipstick sissification, cocksucking lesson, sissy slut...
Jan 17 2016
Becky Catches You Jerking into Her Panties and Destroys You for It

"You say that you 'hate' me and that I'm 'the biggest bitch in the world' yet here you are, hiding under your covers, about to jerk your little pecker off into the panties that you stole from my room! Well, guess what, jerky boy? You're about to find out exactly how evil and mean of a bitch I can be. Pull those covers down. NOW..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, mean girl, cruel step brat, titty taunting, jerk off commands...
Jan 14 2016
You Are Sadistic Princess Missy's Naughty Little Pony Boy

"I'm going to harness you, mount you and ride you. I have no doubt you'll submit to me. I already know that you're helpless in the face of my sadistic beauty. But when I wrap my thighs around you, kick my heels into your flanks, and crack your ass with my crop, if I see you getting an erection? You're going to be punished..." 11 minutes

Princess Missy, brat girl, rich bitch, demanding equestrienne, pony boy humiliation...
Jan 11 2016
Princess Tiffani Makes You Confess You're a Corporate Cocksucker

"You're such a little pussy. You crawl around and suck your boss' dick all day long and then you expect to be treated like a man? You're not a man. You're a corporate cocksucker by day and now you're going to suck dick for real for me. Right now. Look me in the eyes and confess it. Say, 'I'm a cocksucker, Princess Tiffani..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, office humiliation, sissy emasculation, cocksucking confession...
Jan 08 2016
Princess Brooke Turns You into Her Ass-Kissing Sock Puppet

"What will it take for me to break you down and make you forfeit your dignity for the chance to kiss my ass and lick my toes? When I shake my shimmery butt cheeks in your face? When I dangle my toes beneath your nose? How long until your little cock stiffens and betrays you? Until you're my pathetic little puppet..." 9 minutes

Princess Brooke, butt worship, cockteasing, toe kisses, tease & denial...
Jan 05 2016
Bratty Remi Edges Your Piglet Pecker Before Locking You in Chastity

"You're gonna start the New Year the same way you finished the old year: by being abused, ridiculed, treated like the piglet you are. And when your little pigtail betrays you? When it starts to stiffen and ooze pigsnot in desperation for me? I'm gonna take you to the edge and lock that disgusting thing into chastity..." 12 minutes

Princess Remi, cockteasing, piggy humiliation, jerk-off taunts, chastity punishment...
Jan 01 2016
Golddigger Heather Drains Your Credit Cards and Your Little Cock

"I love the dress you got me for New Year's Eve. My boyfriend is going to love it too -- love ripping down my pantyhose to fuck me in it. He gets my pussy. And what do you get for all the money you spent on me? You get to kneel in front of your dog dish and beg to drain your sputtering little cock before I ditch you for the night..." 12 minutes

Princess Heather, money princess, financial dom, outfit testing, cum commands...
Dec 31 2015
Selena Makes You Swallow His Cum for Sliming Your Sissy Panties

"You can crawl out from under the bed. My stud is gone. Were you wriggling around in your sissy panties all night while fucked me? Strip those panties off and let me see them. If I find one smear of sissy slime in your punishment panties, I'm going to make you swallow his massive cumload. Now strip, little miss cucky panties..." 9 minutes

Goddess Selena, sissy panties, cuckolding, puppy punishment, CEI, cum swallowing
Dec 27 2015
Agony Arousal: Cocktease Trance Dance with Goddess Selena

"I lied to you. I told you I was gonna let you fuck your fist and cum for me. Instead? I counted you down from 10 to 1 and then locked your throbbing dick into a chastity cage. Now it's time to really make you suffer. I'm going to tease that caged cock with my tits, ass, legs and feet until I own you: dick, balls, body and soul..." 5 minutes

Goddess Selena, chastity punishment, sensually sadistic tease and denial...
Dec 23 2015
Goddess Selena Coaxes You into Creaming Your Fist for Her

"Your worthless little package is about to become my property all over again. By the time I finish arousing and manipulating you, you will be a puppet on Selena's gold chain, a puppy on Selena's pink leash. You will cum when Goddess gives you the command. On my countdown, when I snap my fingers..." 12 minutes

Goddess Selena, worship, cockteasing, cum countdown, JOI, cock control...
Dec 21 2015
Your Dominant Boss Selena Demotes You Down Under Her Desk

"You better lose the attitude. Because I'm your new boss, bitch boy. If you want to keep your job, you can start begging me. On your knees. Yes, I am totally serious. In fact, I want you to get all the way under my desk and beg for your job -- while you lick the bottoms of my high heels. You heard me. NOW..." 12 minutes

Goddess Selena, femdom boss, office foot slave, emasculation, forced ejaculation...
Dec 20, 2015
Goddess Selena Taunts and Teases You as She Prepares for a Date

"Look at you. Drooling with your dick poking up in your pants as I get ready for a date. You make me laugh. Staring at my big tits, your dick throbbing as I bend over to gloss my lips. That desperation boner of yours is a pitiful sight. Because you're not getting anything tonight. It's ALL for him, none for you..." 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, cuckolding, ignoring you, make-up fetish, outfit testing, denial...
Dec 19, 2015
Selena Dominates and Abuses Men Like You for Her Sexual Pleasure

"I love turning smart-ass men into my unwitting submissives. It gets me wet to slap you around, shove you down and straddle your face -- just like the very first time I orgasmed. So. Are you going to wriggle, struggle and mumble for mercy when I pin you down and rough-ride your face in the Goddess victory position?..." 9 minutes

Goddess Selena, bullying, manhandling, slapping, facesitting, femdom orgasm...
Dec 18, 2015




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