Submit NOW to your Humiliatrix Goddesses
Tiffani and Becky Ridicule and Ignore You as They Do Their Make-Up

"Now that we have you locked tight into chastity, you can crawl into the powder room and peek up our skirts while we make ourselves hot for our boyfriends. Does your little cock strain against your cage when we make our lips super juicy for our men? Aww. We are so not sorry, little mister dribble dick..." 9 minutes

date night humiliation, ass worship, pantyhose fetish, lip gloss tease, taunting...
Aug 22 2016
Beg to Jerk a Worship Puddle for Tease & Denial Goddess Kendra

"This is one of the outfits you bought for me today, do you think my date will like it? Don't tell me. Stroke your cock ten times and SHOW me. No cumming. Once you upload the new pix to my dating profile, you can kiss my toes and jerk your boner ten more times, before my date gets here..." 16 minutes of merciless tease and denial

Miss Kendra James, jerk slave manipulation, worship puddle pleading, T&D...
Aug 20 2016
Your Cougar Girlfriend Akira becomes Your Keyholding Step-Dommy

"I should have known what they say about little boys and little toys. You sure don't measure up to the man of the house. So I decided to marry HIM and lock your little peanut into chastity. Instead of your cougar girlfriend I'm your keyholder step-dom. No more pussy! Does crybaby want to suck on mommy's num-nums?..." 8 minutes

Cougar Akira, girlfriend to step-dommy, chastity, titty teases, crybaby cucky...
Aug 19 2016
Pedicure Princess Missy Makes You Beg for a Fishnet Footjob

"Why would I let your little chicklet of a dicklet between my perfect toes, much less my legs? But you can still dream, weirdo. How about I take off my high heels and tease you with my feet until you start to jerk your pecker and beg for more. I'll even rub my toes together for you like I'm giving you a foot job for real..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, bratty bitchiness, leg and toe tease, cum taunting, fake footjob...
Aug 17 2016
Furious Selena Fucks Your Ass and Cucks You on Your Honeymoon

"You have ONE chance to satisfy me on our wedding night. Your dick better be hard as a rock. Because, if you can't wear the man pants? I'm warning you. I will throw YOU down on the bed to sissy-fuck your ass and then invite your best man into our wedding bed to give me the good hard fucking I deserve..." 10 minutes

Goddess Selena, honeymoon humiliation, inadequacy, ass fucking, cuckolding...
Aug 15 2016
Squish Your Snout in the Crack of Princess Remi's Schoolgirl Tights

"When I finish my classes nothing is more relaxing than taking a few minutes to sit on the face of my pathetic sugar daddy. So close to my hot pussy, to keep you in a state of false-hope arousal for your darling princess. Take a good sniff, sugar daddykins, as I wiggle around and smush my cheeks on your snout..." 2 minutes

Princess Remi, cruel butt tease, translucent tights, no panties, tease and denial...
Aug 13 2016
Your Sadistic Ex-Wife Kendra Takes Ownership of Your Cock & Balls

"The divorce decree went completely my way. I got everything, right down to your paychecks deposited into my account. I own you, even more than when we were married. And I intend on degrading and humiliating you -- including making you wear panties, a butt plug and this constricting chastity tube..." 16 epic minutes

Miss Kendra James, dominant ex-wife, chastity, emasculation, foot tease & denial...
Aug 12 2016
Cruel Cheerleader Amy Can Still Make You Cum on Command

"Remember how I made you cum in your pants in back school from just watching me chew bubblegum? What a digusting dork! I bet you're STILL a jizzy-pants loser and I am so sure you are still totally in love with me. How long do you think it's gonna take me to make you squirt in your dork pants for me all over again?..." 6 minutes

Goddess Amy, mean cheerleader, bubble gum tease, mouth fetish, cum taunting...
Aug 10 2016
Boot Bitch Becky Torments You in Your Piggy Prison Chastity Cage

"What goes better with your tight pink chastity cage than my thigh-high latex boots? I LUV that I can make you hump my boots in your cage and you totally can't cum! HA HA! I'm gonna use my boots, boobs and butt to put Mr Piggy into a state of squealing agony. Are you ready to oink and beg for Princess Becky?..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, chastity torment, piggy punishment, extreme tease and denial...
Aug 8 2016
The Making and Breaking of a Pantyhose Puppet with Miss Kendra

"Ever since we've been co-workers, I've seen you staring at my silky legs. So. Are you going to work up the courage to ask me on a date? Or am I going to have to use your pantyhose perversion to break you, and turn you into my pantyhose puppet, rubbing my dirty stockings in your face, after I fuck REAL men in them?..." 15 minutes

Miss Kendra James, leg worship, pantyhose weakness, fetish exploitation, JOI...
Aug 6 2016
Your Dominant Wife Koby Punishes You with Panties & Cum Eating

"I invited your boss over here today to save your job. The good news? He agreed not to fire you. The bad news? He and I decided that you're going to be wearing sissy panties to work, from now on. The even worse news (for you)? Your boss gave me a good hard fucking -- and now you are going to swallow his bossload..." 6 minutes

Cruel Wife Koby, cuckolding, alpha boss, petticoating, sissy humiliation, CEI...
Aug 5 2016
Missy Puts You thru an After School Cocktease Torment Session

"Do you like it when I tease your cock in one of my kinky schoolgirl outfits? i wonder what my crotchless white fishnets are gonna do to your throbbing boner when I flip up my plaid skirt in your face? Breaking you down and making you desperate for me is my number one extracurricular activity. LOL, loser..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, schoolgirl tease, leg worship, butt kisses, cruel tease and denial...
Aug 3 2016
Intern Katie Destroys Your Date and Blackmails You into Cumming

"Look at you! All dressed up for a date? Too bad. I WAS going to let you worship my feet tonite after work. Maybe even give you a foot job. But I guess you need to go on that date, huh. Or you could get down on your knees, kiss my boots, suck my heels and sniff my toes thru my pantyhose. It's up to you, weakling..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, dominant office intern, leg tease, foot worship, cum commands...
Aug 1 2016
Mistress Kendra James Is Your Utlimate Strap-On Goddess

"Once I tease and seduce you back to my bedroom? Once I slip the straps around your wrists and ankles, and coax the gag into your mouth? You're mine. All mine. My favorite part of the night? The precious look in your eyes, as I strap on my eleven-inch cock and begin lubing the shaft, as I saunter up behind you..." 11 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, femdom seduction, strap-on submission, role reversal...
July 30 2016
Tiffani Strips out of Her Dress After Cuckolding You All Night Long

"Guess what I did tonight? I went out with my girlfriends and a hot guy asked me to dance. I could feel his huge cock brushing up against me and it was SO much bigger than yours, I let him fuck me. Now you're going to watch me strip and peel down my ripped up pantyhose, before I feed you your sloppy seconds..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, cheating, cuckold, striptease humiliation, SPH, cum swallowing...
July 29 2016
Goddess Selena Entrances You Deep into Submission to Her

"I want to enslave you to every unattainable curve of my body. I want you entranced by my beauty until you are nothing but a puddle of drool at my feet, ready to do anything I command, no matter how humiliating. All you have to do is watch. And in a few minutes you will be Selena's submissive puppet on my gold string..." 14 minutes

Goddess Selena, submissive entrancing dance, wicked tease and denial...
July 27 2016
Remi Smothers Your Face Until She Turns You into Her Ass Clown

"These are the shorts I wore the first time you saw me, back when I was in school. The first time your knees buckled, the first time your worthless little cock poked up in your pants for me. Want to worship me in these flimsy cotton shorts again -- as I trashtalk you down to toilet paper status? Of course you do..." 3 minutes

Princess Remi, merciless butt tease, ass worship, brutal verbal humiliation...
July 25 2016
Goddess Tessa Uses Her Open-Toe Sandals to Weaken You to Tears

"I know you dream about being my personal foot slave. To maintain my shoe collection, pay for my pedicures, and give me toe kisses when you're a good little foot slave. No, you don't get that. Not until you earn it. Are you on your hands and knees for me? Are you ready to prove your devotion to me?..." 4 minutes

Princess Tessa, high heel teasing, open-toe fetish, foot slave, humiliation tasks...
July 23 2016
Mistress Kendra Emasculates Your Tiny, Worthless Penis

"Why are you so shy around girls? I think I have an idea. But I thought I'd give you the chance to impress me. That's right. I'm granting you a charity fuck. Join me here on the bed, unzip, and take your Mistress from behind. And you better please me. Or else I will reach betwen your legs and emasculate you. Without mercy..." 14 minutes

Mistress Kendra, charity fuck, small penis humiliation, SPH, j/o commands...
July 22 2016
Your Wife Becky's Conservative Friend Tiffani Locks You in Chastity

"Your wife Becky told me you're unemployed, play video games and watch porn all day, AND you expect her to give you a 'morning BJ' before she leaves for work?! No more! Becky invited me over after church so I can flick you down to size and lock you into chastity for her. Pull down your pajama bottoms, filthy little man..." 9 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, male chastity punishment, CFNM, penis shaming...
July 20 2016
Bikini Brat Missy Sneers at Your Desperation Boner

"Dorks with boners make me laugh. So I came back from the pool for a few minutes just to put a little bulge in your pants and smirk at the desperate look on your face. Wanna rub my butt with baby oil? Maybe slip off my high heels to lick my toes clean. I'm not going to let you. But you can still BEG..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, bikini brat, butt taunting, toe teasing, smirking at your desperation...
July 18 2016
Your Angry Neighbor Kendra Turns 'Mr Peeper' into Her Jerk-Puppet

"Hey, pervert! I set up a camera and have surveilance video of you peeping in my window as you jerk your little cock to me. Unless you want that video going to the authorities, you're gonna be my jerk-puppet. You're going to slap your face, spank yourself, pump your pecker and humiliate yourself at my command..." 13 minutes

Miss Kendra James, sexy neighbor, peeping punishment, humiliation commands...
July 16 2016
Princess Amber Forcefeeds the Fat Fuck His Disgusting Pig Snot

"Look at you, you smelly, disgusting blubber ball. Look how hot I am and look what a flabby, pathetic pigpen you are. You smell like a filthy garbage pail and your fridge is like a dumpster. Gross. No wonder you can't get a girl. You're gonna jerk off into this jar of mayo and then I'm gonna feed you your own pig snot..." 5 minutes

Princess Amber, fat boy humiliation, digust, j/o commands, cum eating instructions...
July 15 2016
Goddess Selena Humiliates You in Public as Her Sissy Maid

"Behind closed doors, I dominate you, slap you around, and make you wear panties. When we're out in public, you DARE to try to pretend you wear the pants? Like hell! You are going out with me and my girlfriends tonight as my sissy maid. And when we get back? You're getting a good hard fucking with my strap-on..." 8 minutes

Goddess Selena, domestic domination, petticoating, sissification, public humiliation
July 13 2016
Princess Remi Turns You from Her Boss into Her Butt-Worshiper

"Today, we're gonna find out who the REAL boss is. Aren't we. I've been making a study of your weaknesses and I have got you pegged down, butt man. Crack head. How funny is it going to be when I tell your wife you 'can't talk.' All because I've got you smothered up against the butt-crotch of my pantyhose..." 2 minutes

Princess Remi, ass fetish, pantyhose worship, smothering, butt kissing, taunting...
July 11 2016
Devious Goddess Tessa Decides to Release You from Chastity

"You've been in chastity for me for nearly a year now. You've lavished me with presents, made me laugh at you, and humiliated yourself in front of me, with the hope that I'd take pity on you. Well, you are pitiful. But I am ready to release you from chastity. Right after you answer one little question for me..." 6 minutes

Goddess Tessa, chastity taunting, lingerie tease, key dangling, and...???
July 9 2016
Step-Dommy Kendra Knows How to Make Your Boo-Boo All Better

"Did that mean girl reject you? Did she humiliate you in front of her girlfriends? Aww. Poor crybaby. Didn't I warn you? Why don't you put on your peejays and crawl into bed with me. You can nuzzle mommy's num-nums while I use a dab of baby lotion to make that poor little boo-boo of yours all better..." 6 minutes

Miss Kendra, mocking step-dommy, emasculating handjob, consolation cummmies...
July 8 2016
Red Toenails on a Pink Chastity Cage: Tease & Denial with Becky

"What's my favorite thing to do to a wussy in locked in chastity like you? Make you worship my schoolgirl heels, tease you with my sexy feet, stuff my white knee socks in your mouth, and then use my pretty red toes to torment your blueballs as I dangle the key to your caged cock. Wanna cum between my toes? HA HA!..." 13 minutes

Princess Becky, chastity torment, foot worship, toe tease, key dangling...
July 6 2016
Missy Teases You to Your Knees til You Beg to Worship Her Ass

"Why would I wear shimmery sheery stockings under a pair of tight high-waisted shorts with spike heels? Because they make you stupid. And once your little boner starts poking up in your pants, worshiping my butt is just the first of many humiliating things I can make you do. Isn't that right, my little puppet?..." 3 minutes

Princess Missy, pantyhose tease, leg fetish, ass worship...
July 4 2016
Kendra's New Boyfriend Wants You to Be Their Sissy Slave

"My new boyfriend was ready to give you a beating until I told him how you give me pedicures and clean his dirty condoms off my bedroom floor. He now understands that you're a sissy. And he likes the idea of you being a sissy servant to the both of us. And he came up with few humiliating stipulations of his own..." 12 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, cuckold degradation, sissy slave, humiliation tasks...
July 2 2016
Princess Heather Punishes Her Naughty Chastity Puppy

"You are a very bad little puppy, trying to hump my leg and make your dirty little boner sputter all the time. That is why Princess Heather has to keep puppy in his penis prison. How can I wear cute outfits like this if you're going to make puppy squirts all over the place? No! Bad! Naughty puppy!..." 5 minutes

Princess Heather, male chastity, puppy training, cockteasing, scolding...
July 1 2016
Virgin Loser Boy Jerk-Off Instructional with Goddess Selena

"I am the Queen of the Cum Countdown. I invented the jerk-off instructional with my own signature sadistic twists. I have a special place in my heart for pathetic mama's boy jerkoffs and desperate virgin jerkoffs like you. I am going to mindfuck you and make you rub your little cock raw before I command you to cum for me." 14 minutes

Goddess Selena, sadistic JOI, humiliation commands, cum countdown...
June 29 2016
Bratty Brooke Blackmails You into Becoming Her Cockwhore

"I love seducing my girlfriends' weak daddies into sexually compromising positions and then blackmailing them into becoming cocksucking sissy whores for me. You are going to learn to suck cock to please my clients or I will ruin you. Pay close attention to my cocksucking instructions unless you want me to pimpslap you..." 9 minutes

Bratty Princess Brooke, blackmailed daddies, cocksucking consequences...
June 27 2016
How Mean Girl Kendra Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls for Life

"You remember me. I was the mean girl you had a crush on back in school. Do you remember all the sadistic things I did to you? I scarred you for life. Turned you into a perverted little jerkoff. I bet you still cream your fist thinking of all the cruel things I made you do. Well I'm about to make you do them all over again..." 15 minutes

Mean Girl Kendra, schooldays humiliation, fetish arousal, predicament humiliation...
June 25 2016
Worship Princess Remi in Her Dominatrix Boots and Booty Shorts

"Which makes your poor little caged-up cock drool for Princess Remi the most? Is it my jiggle boobs, my luscious butt, or my thigh-high spike heel boots? Let's find out what makes you the weakest, so I can penetrate that soft spot of yours to see how low I can make you crawl for me..." 2 minutes

Princess Remi, boot and boob fetish, butt worship, wicked tease and denial...
June 24 2016
It's Panty Incrimination Time with Cheerleaders Tiffani and Becky

"Now that we've come home from cheerleading practice to catch you with our dirty panties, you're going to finish what you were doing. We are going to taunt you and tease you until you squirt your loser load into our dirty panties, so we can use those panties to control you -- and blackmail and destroy you..." 13 minutes

Cheeerleader Tiffani, Cheerleader Becky, panty weakness, caught sniffing, JOI...
June 22 2016
Intern Missy Teases Your Tiny Cock with Her Sexy Legs and Ass

"Hey, bossy bitch boy. I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to tease your little cock into total submission to my perfect legs and ass. Do you like my fishnets? Would you like to rub your dick raw against them rather than fuck your wife tonight? Keep dreaming. All you get to do is worship. For now..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, office humiliation, merciless cockteasing, enslaving the boss...
June 20 2016
Miss Kendra Instructs You How to Cum Like a Naughty Sissy Slut

"You're not a man, so why should I let you cum like one? I'm going to train you to cum like a sissy slut, using just your fukkyhole and a cock-shaped vibrator. No more touching your useless boy parts. If you want to cum for me you're going to pinch your nipples and fill your holes like the cock-lusting whore you are..." 11 minutes

Miss Kendra James, sissy training, vibrator instructional, sissyslut cum commands...
June 18 2016
Amy and Amber Dump Their Drinks Down Your Dork Pants

"Excuse me, loser, were you talking to US? You with the pencil arms and boy boobs? You want to buy us drinks, maybe get to know us, is that it? Sure you can buy us a couple of cocktails. Make sure they're doubles and make sure they're the top of the top shelf and make sure they're ice cold, got it?..." 3 minutes

Princess Amber, Princess Amy, bikini bitches, poolside humiliation...
June 17 2016
Goddess Selena Puppy-Trains Your Worthless Sputtering Pecker

"If you think you're gonna piddle my panties with your wussy cream when I'm out cuckolding you, you are wrong. I obviously need to puppy train that pecker of yours to obey me. Get on your knees so I we can begin your obedience training lesson. I've got a few basic commands I need you to learn: heel, beg and CUM..." 14 minutes

Goddess Selena, puppy training humiliation, admonishments, cum commands...
June 15 2016
Admit it: You Are Princess Remi's Pathetic Butt Sniffing Bitch Boy

"Did I catch you lurking and leering at my hot cheeks? You want to worship that juicy bum, don't you? I bet you want to bury your face right in that crack. Go ahead. While you're doing it, while I smother you with my cheeks? I'm gonna tell you what a disgusting little bitch you are. What a pathetic, sorry loser you are..." 2 minutes

Princess Remi, ass worship, butt sniffing, verbal degradation...
June 13 2016
Devilish Kendra Steals Your Job and Turns You into Her Office Slave

"Guess what? I just paid a visit to the big boss. After I got off my knees and licked my lips clean, he decided to give ME the promotion. Instead of you. So now, I'm YOUR boss. Rather than fire you, I'm going to keep you around. To humiliate you. Every day. Starting now. Get down your knees for your new boss..." 14 epic minutes

Miss Kendra, office humiliation, cum swallowing, blackmail strokes, cuckolding...
June 11 2016
Naked Princess Ashley Locks Her Shower Sissy into Chastity

"I need a personal attendant. Some little minion to lather my perfect body, scrub me, give me pedicures and prepare sexy outfits for my dates with the alpha men I prefer. If you want the chance to worship me and serve my naked body, you need to wear this: a tight, constricting chastity tube, to which I hold the key..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashley, naked goddess, shower slave, male chastity, tease and denial...
June 10 2016
Becky & Tiffani Seduce You into Sucking Cock to Get out of Chastity

"Keyholding is sooo much fun! When we've got the key to your cock cage, we luv putting on insanely sexy outfits to torment your blueballs 'til you're so whipped and desperate you'll do anything to be unleashed from your pecker prison, like sucking on a big pink dildo while we laff at you. Slurpy sucky! LOL!..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, keyolding, ass & leg worship, cocksucking...
June 8 2016
Bikini Brat Missy Teases You with Her Sexy Shoes and Tiny Toes

"It's hilarious how fast I can make your boner snap to attention for me. It's like snapping my fingers. All I have to do is saunter in from the pool in my bikini, cross my legs, kick off my high heels, and make a couple of snarky faces as I rub my toes under your nose to make your boner start to sputter in your dork pants..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, bikini brat, tease and denial, shoe fetish, leg worship, toe teases...
June 6 2016
Your Sadistic Bride Kendra Cuckolds You on Your Honeymoon

"If you can't satisfy me in our honeymoon bed? You will spend the night beneath the bed, wearing my bridal panties to hump the rug as your groom gives me the fuckings I deserve. Prepare to have my stockings stuffed in your mouth, with his cum down your throat and carpet burns up and down your worthless little cock..." 10 minutes

Mistress Kendra, honeymoon cuckold, panty-creaming, cream pie swallowing...
June 4 2016
Princess Tessa Bruises You Against the Bars of Your Chastity Cage

"How long is it going to take me to tease you to your hands and knees? Until you're a jiggling mass of jelly, a pity puddle at my pretty toes, huffing and panting in your chastity cage for a head pat or a tickle under your chin with my long red nails. Look at you. Desperate and drooling for Tessa. Again. Just the way I like you..." 3 minutes

Princess Tessa, tease and denial, body worship, call and response loser trance...
June 3 2016
Princess Remi Ignores You While She Paints Her Lips for Her Man

"You can crawl around on the floor of my bedroom and adore my perfect ass and legs while I make my lips sweet and juicy for my man. That's all you get because that is all you deserve. Is your chastity cage on nice and tight? It better be. I don't want you dripping and drooling while I get ready for him..." 2 minutes

Princess Remi, lip fetish, butt worship, leg worship, cuckolding, ignore humiliation...
June 1 2016
Your Boss Selena Commands You to Lick up Your Worship Puddle

"I see you drooling over my smooth legs, my polished toes, my juicy cleavage, my curvy ass. You want to rub your crotch and pump your little pecker to me? You can do it HERE, in my office, right in front of me. As I belittle your little dick and command your cum strokes. And when I make you cum? You're gonna lick it up..." 10 minutes

Goddess Selena, office humiliation, SPH, worship strokes, cum commands, CEI...
May 30 2016
Miss Kendra Makes You Admit that You Crave Her Strap-on Cock

"What do you secretly crave more than anything in the world? I see you trembling in anticipation of what's going to happen to you when I finish strapping my big black twelve-inch cock around my waist. Drop to your hands and knees right now, weakling. Crawl to me. It's time for your cock confession to Miss Kendra..." 6 minutes

Miss Kendra James, strap-on mistress, cock confession, cocksucking humiliation...
May 28 2016
Dominatrix Kendra James Prepares Sissy for the Strap-on

"So, you've finally done it. Little sissy scaredy cat has made an appointment with a dominatrix for a session with the strap-on. Before you go on that appointment, you're going to need to prepare yourself. And I am going to tell you the five humiliating things you're going to do before you lose your sissy virginity..." 12 minutes

Miss Kendra James, sissy instructional, humiliation assignments...
May 24 2016
Tiffani and Becky Turn You into Their Pathetic Pantyhose Puppet

"Do you know why we wear shimmery, shiny pantyhose like these? Because we know they make you weak and helpless, pervert. We know the nasty, perverted things you like to do with your dirty pantyhose. And now you are about to be punished and emasculated for your pantyhose perversion...." 8 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, pantyhose tease, stocking humiliation...
May 21 2016
Bratty Brooke Humiliates You for Being a Pillow-Humping Virgin

"Aww, lookie here! Virgin loser boy is getting ready to piddle his pillow. You're so clueless, do you ever know what pussy is, wussy? How about I let you pump your loser load into my pussy -- my FAKE pussy. HA HA! Come on, virgin, jiggle your hips and jerk your little pecker into my rubber pussy as I laugh at you..." 8 minutes

Princess Brooke, pillow humping, jerkoff taunts, charity fuck, fake pussy...
May 18 2016
Your Dominant Step-Dommy Danielle Lets You Piddle Her Panties

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore, loser. You lost out to the big boss of the house. But I know you're still infatuated with me. You can't have my pussy but you can have these -- my dirty panties. Go ahead, crybaby. You can dry your tears and cream your pathetic little fist piddles into step-dommy's dirty panties..." 4 minutes

Princess Danielle, step-dommy, crybaby cuckold, panty humiliation...
May 14, 2016




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