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Sissy Test #5: Missy Decides Your Sissy Fate

"The votes are in. I'm going to tell you whether you're worthy -- or whether you are destined to be a dick-sucking wussy. Are you nervous? You should be. Because, WHEN you lose? I'm going to humiliate the fuck out of you, sissy bitch. And then you're going to suck a cock. For real..." 14 minutes

Princess Missy, butt plug, panties, lipgloss, dick sucking commands...
Sep 15, 2014
Sissy Test #4: Nikki Teaches You to Suck Cock Like a Slut

"Look at you in your little lingerie and makeup! What a little slut doll you are. At this point only one thing is missing. You need to have a big dirty dick shoved in your mouth so we can see if you're truly sissy material. So I'm gonna put you thru a tutorial to see if you were made to be a sissy dick sucker..." 11 minutes

Cock Trainer Nikki, cocksucking lesson, sissy degradation...
Sep 15, 2014
Sissy Test #3: Donna Tricks You into a Sissy Makeover at Her Salon

"You think you're coming to my salon to pick me up for a date. But I tricked you. I'm bringing you to my salon because you're a sissy. Do you know how I can tell? That's my secret. But I'm going to use my secret to get you into a salon chair so I can turn you into a Barbi-bitch with nails, makeup, hair - a full sissy makeover..." 8 minutes

Salon Goddess Donna, sissy makeover emasculation, public humiliation...
Sep 14, 2014
Sissy Test #2: Brianna Sends You on a Panty Humiliation Assignment

"I'm sending you to that lingerie boutique. The one where all the ice princeses shop. The one with all the sadistic salesgirls. I'm sending you into the panty section with some specific instructions sure to reveal whether you are a man who belongs in boxers, or a sissy who deserves to be stripped and pantied..." 3 minutes

Ice Princess Brianna, sissification challenge, panty humiliation....
Sep 13, 2014
Sissy Test #1: Tierra Decides Whether You're a Man or a Wussy

"I want you to pump your cock up and down for me like this, while you worship my amazing body. I want to see how long and thick your cock is. To see if it's the kind of cock that was meant to be sucked... Or the kind of worthless little pecker that was meant to be snapped into a pair of humiliation panties..." 7 minutes

Goddess Tierra, cock challenge, body worship, jerk off instructions....
Sep 12, 2014
Are You Weak Enough to Be Princess Noely's Little Boot Bitch?

"As a 19-year-old, I've never had my very own boot bitch before. But I totally want one. Someone to buy me new dominatrix boots whenever I say GIMMIE! Someone to drop to his knees whenever he sees me in my boots. Somone to suck the heels and lick the dirty soles. Does that sound like you, weakling?..." 5 minutes

Brat Princess Noely, snarky princess, boot fetish, boot zipper tease, boot worship...
Sep 08, 2014
Lipstick Taunts and Two Sissy Facials from Cruel Goddess Scarlett

"This is what I'm going to do to you tonight. You're going to watch me do my lips for my boyfriend, in preparation for the amazing blow job I'm going to give him. Then, after I tease you into submission, I'm going to give you two totally humiliating sissy facials -- the second one, from my mouth into your pathetic face ..." 6 minutes

Godess Scarlett, lip tease, lip gloss fetish, sissy facial humiliation...
Sep 05, 2014
Your Girlfriend Katie Fucks Her Boss but Only Lets You Jerk It to Her

"I'm getting ready for work, what do you want? Sex? NO. Unemployed losers don't get sex, they get to fuck their fists and cream their pajama bottoms. You can jerk your morning wood and think about the blow job I'll be giving my successful boss today. Hurry up, loser. Blow your load, I don't have all day..." 10 minutes

Princess Katie, cruel girlfriend experience, cuckolding, impatient j/o commands...
Sep 02, 2014
Princess Donna Catches u on Humiliatrix and Verbally Castrates you

"Did you think this was gonna be another little jerky video where I pull my pinky until you cream your fist, like you do every night on Humiliatrix? No, loser. I'm just gonna sit here and stare you in the eye and make you repeat 'I am a loser' until I'm convinced you feel like the worthless dirty jizz rag you truly are..." 2 minutes

Princess Donna, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, call and response...
Aug 29, 2014
Sissy Attendant: Help Goddess Akira Get Ready for Her Date

"I've demoted you from boyfriend to sissy attendant. The only use I have for you is to help me get ready for my dates with real men. You can hand my my shoes and stockings as I belittle you, pass me my lipstick and eyeliner as I sass you, and then? You can kiss me goodbye between my boobies. That's all sissy gets!..." 5 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, sissification, stocking tease, makeup fetish, big tit worship...
Aug 27, 2014
Amazon Goddess Kordelia Edges You in the Chastity Cage

"With your cock in chastity I can to anything I want to you. Torment your blueballs. Scratch your foreskin. But to really I make you suffer I'm going to engulf you between my huge breasts, smother you beneath my magnificent ass, crush you between my powerful legs and make you beg for your release..." 13 minutes

Goddess Kordelia Devonshire, chastity tease and denial, amazon body worship...
Aug 26, 2014
Princess Missy Points and Laughs in Your Idiotic Face

"You are such a hapless, pathetic clown. Just the sight of you makes me laugh. The more you try to impress me the more you make me bust out. Funniest of all is when I make you humiliate yourself or command you to jerk off for me. So I made a video of me just pointing and laughing at Mr Idiotic: you..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy Rhodes, point and laugh humiliation, loser sign taunting...
Aug 23, 2014
Bikini Bitches Jen and Nikki Give You a Humiliating Cum Facial

"Becky told us you're trying to replace your jerk-boner with the backbone of a real man. That's funny. We bet it will take us less than ten minutes to break you down completely and leave you with a puddle of your own cum runing down your face -- just by using your fetishes and weaknesses against you, loser..." 10 minutes

Bikini bitch worship, ass kissing, leg teases, jerk off commands, cum facial...
Aug 22, 2014
Princess Becky Re-Addicts You to All Your Crippling Weaknesses

"Remember all the fun we used to have? I used to get you sloppy drunk and then I'd get you to do the most insane humiliating things to yourself. But now you're trying to man-up and resist me. Too bad. Because I wanted to get crazy with you tonight -- have some drinks -- and humiliate you like never before..." 15 minutes

Princess Becky, intoxication humiliation, extreme sexual boundary violations...
Aug 20, 2014
Princess Katie Catches You on Humiliatrix and Makes You Jerk Off

"Seriously? Are you really on What do you do when you're on that website, watching humiliation videos? I want you to show me exactly what you do. And if you're too much of a wuss to show me? I'm gonna make you jerk your worthless little boner MY way. Start jerking. NOW, loser..." 2 minutes

Brat Princess Katie, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, JOI, jerk off commands...
Aug 19, 2014
Your Office Intern Tierra Bends You Over Your Own Desk

"When I got appointed as your intern, I laughed. I decided not just to upbraid and emasulate you but to humiliate you at every turn. Today is the day I strip you of your manhood completely. Are you going to acquiesce to me? Or shall I have the pleasure of physically overpowering you as well, my pansy boss?... 13 minutes

Sadistic office intern, muscle goddess, strap-on dildo, punishment fucking...
Aug 18, 2014
Cuck Swingers: Becky Makes You Swallow Your Rival's Cum

"Since your wife needs another man to satisfy her, it's only fitting that you swallow every drop of your shame. I'm going to feed you his jizz so your woman can see what a wimp you are. If you swallow it all, maybe I'll unlock your chastity cage to let you cum in his dirty condom as we laugh at you (Part 2 of 2)... 12 minutes

Cuckold humiliation, sissification, dominant lesbian, strap-on fucking...
Aug 16, 2014
Cuck Swingers: Becky Pops Your Cherry While Your Wife Gets Laid

"Your wife Paige got tired of your tiny cock and started fucking Big Brad. Since she has a boyfriend, I heard you thought you should have a girlfriend. I'm Becky, your wife's sadistic lesbian friend. 'Girlfriend' Becky has big plans for your first date: a chastity cage, panties, a plug and my 8-inch strap-on (Part 1 of 2)..." 10 minutes

Cuckold humiliation, sissification, dominant lesbian, strap-on fucking...
Aug 15, 2014
Princess Heather Wants Sugar Daddy to Be Her Stocking Slave

"Does it make your little boner crazee when we come back from a shopping trip and I try on the stockings you bought for me? Do cute red toenails beneath sheeny white stockings make you weak? Want me to rub my yummy feet on your face? As long as you promise not to pigsnot your pants on my pretty bed..." 4 minutes

Princess Heather, sugar daddy exploitation, stocking tease, point and laugh...
Aug 13, 2014
Cougar-MILF Akira Teases You for Being Her Pillow Humping Puppy

"I would be angry with you if it weren't so funny! You get a whiff of my perfume and see my boobies hanging out of my tiny nightie and you're like a frisky little puppy, humping your hips and pumping your pecker into the nearest fluffy pillow you can find. Show me how you do it -- so I can tease my little puppy..." 3 minutes

Goddess Akira Lane, big breast fetish, tease, j/o ridicule, pillow humping...
Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She'll Wear to Peg You

"I'm taking you into the bedroom tonite. You're going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I'm throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you've been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I'm going to wear to dominate you..." 9 minutes

Princess Selena, outfit testing, heel worship, ass kissing, strap-on humiliation...
Dork Destuction: How Snarky Katie Turned u into a Jerkaholic Loser

"Before you met me you didn't stutter, steal panties or slime your dork-pants every time a mean girl sneers at you. I guess you have me to thank for all that, LOL, huh, dorkbutt. Do you remember what I did to destroy your confidence and turn you into a fist-creaming fucktard for the rest of your life?...." 15 emasculating minutes

Princess Katie, step-brat, severe verbal emasculation, jerk taunting...
Cruel Cheerleader Missy Humiliates You to the Brink of Destruction

"I know all your most crippling weaknesses. I know how to tease and manipulate you to get anything I want. And you know what I want? I want to see just how far I can break you. I'm gonna bring you to the brink of insanity. To see if I can make you do the filthiest, most humiliating things I can imagine...." 13 minutes

Princess Missy Rhodes, cheerleader fetish, step-cucky, brutal tease and denial...
July 24, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Bratty Princess Brooke

"Now that you've blown three loser loads into your disgusting fucky pillow, I suppose I'm gonna have to be extra cruel and mean to you so that I can tease that last little bit of jerk-off junk out of your pecker and into your pillow. I'm gonna pump my hips and taunt you till you give me every last drop...." 5 minutes

Princess Brooke, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 21, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Cruel Goddess Heather

"Let's hump our pillows together until you squeal and squirt for me. I'm gonna give you the finger, stick my tongue out at you and bust on you and your pathetic life, jerking my hips along with you. Until the geek slime spills out of your little winkie for Heather. Into your squishy crusty pillow. HA HA...." 4 minutes

Goddess Heather, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 20, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Snobby Princess Katie

"I want you to show me how you hump your pillow, you live-at-home, mama's-boy loser. I want you to ride that pillow as I verbally humiliate you. Then I want you to CUM. Get it all dirty and jizzy and sticky as I laugh at you and destroy your manhood. Then you're gonna rub your face in it....." 3 minutes

Princess Katie, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 19, 2014
Pillow Humper Humiliation with Wicked Goddess Scarlett

"You are ridiculous. A pillow between your legs doesn't feel like pussy. It feels like nothing. Which is perfect for you. You get nothing. Actually, you do get something. You get me laughing at you while you wriggle your hips and flail like a sissy worm until you shoot the loser goo into your pillow for me....." 2 minutes

Goddess Scarlett, pillow humping, point and laugh, j/o taunting...
July 18, 2014
CGE: Cruel Girlfriend Experience - Mean Megan Rudely Rejects You

"If I were your girlfriend (yick), we would last about five minutes together. That's about how long it would take me to look you up and down, give you a cold assessment of all your failings as a man, and then rudely, soundly and succinctly sexually reject you and dump your worthless ass....." 5 minutes

CGE Cruel Girlfriend Experience, verbal humiliation, sexual rejection...
Your Bitchy Ex Akira Strips You Naked and Publicly Humiliates You

"What are you doing in MY house? You don't live here anymore, sissy trash. Oh. You thought I was gonna take pity on you and your four-inch cock? I told you I intended on leaving you with nothing and that's what I'm gonna do, cockroach. You're going to march your sissy hobo ass out of here NAKED...." 8 minutes

Dominant Ex-Wife Akira, verbal degradation, CFNM humiliation...




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