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Your New Boss Missy Turns You into Her Submissive Office Slave

"Even though I'm way younger than you I am your new boss. To prove you accept my authority over you, you're going to wear panties and a butt plug to work every day and THIS: a chastity cage. If you kiss my heels and worship my feet like a good bitch boy, I'll let you drain your little cock for me -- and lick it up..." 13 minutes

Princess Missy, male chastity, panties, plug, foot worship, cum commands...
Nov 30, 2015
Becky and Tiffani Bully You into Cocksucking and Cum Swallowing

"When you finish playacting and faking it as a real man in front of your family and at work, you're going to strip and put on panties and high heels for your princesses, so we can fuck your face with a big bad cock and then command you to blow your little loser load all over your face as we laugh at you. The real you, sissy..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, sissy humiliation, cocksucking lesson, sissy facial..
Nov 27, 2015
He Gets Danielle's Tight Hot Pussy and Cucky Gets the Dog Dish

"Your boss gets my pussy. Because he's more virile and successful than you. What do you get? You get to buy the outfits I use to tease his cock. You get to fluff my pussy before I fuck him. And, every once in a while, you get to kneel in front of your dog dish and plead to jerk it and lick it all up for me. Your Goddess..." 6 minutes

Princess Danielle, cuckold goddess, tease and denial, worship puddle, cum eating...
Nov 25, 2015
Agony Arousal Test: Which Stockings Make You Weakest for Tessa?

"Which of my stockings is most likely to break you down and make you beg to transfer all your assets to me, when I remove my stiletto and use my silk-shrouded toe to tickle the tip of your cock cage, as I am about to? Is it my black fishnets or my creamy white sheer stockings? Let's find out..." 8 minutes TESSA'S WISHLIST

Goddess Tessa, chastity torment, leg worship, stocking fetish, toe teasing...
Nov 23, 2015
Sorority Princess Remi Gives You a Vicious Punishment Fucking

"Come to my sorority house straight after work. Strip down to your chastity cage, put on your humiliation panties and stand in the hallway outside my room until I get back from the gym. Make sure your ass is clean and plugged. Because I am going to put you in your place tonight and fuck you like a rag doll..." 17 minutes

Bratty Princess Remi, sugar daddy punishment, strap-on, punishment fucking...
Nov 21, 2015
Confess Your Lust for Cock to Cuckold Princess Kobe

"I knew you're jealous that I fuck my boyfriend while you wear a chastity cage. I thought you were jealous of HIM. But you're actually jealous of ME. That I get to take his big dick deep inside me. You wish you were the one with his cock jizzing down your throat. Tell the truth. I want your cock confession. Now..." 5 minutes

Cuckold Princess Kobe, sissy jealousy, cock confession, dick sucking lesson...
Nov 19, 2015
Becky and Tiffani Force You to Fuck Your Pigsnot-Crusted Pillow

"Eewwww! You are a filthy, disgusting oink pig. And you don't ever get to cum unless you are in the act of humiliating yourself while we degrade you and laugh at you. So, you're gonna plug your ass, and wriggle around on your humpy pillow, until we decide we've abused you enough to give you the cum command..." 13 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, piggy degradation, pillow humping...
Nov 16, 2015
Missy Rejects You and Taunts You to Ask One of Her Toes for a Date

"Are you seriously asking me out? There's no way I'd hook up with a pathetic little boner boy foot wimp like you. But since you're so turned on my cute little toes, why don't you ask one of them out for a date? Do it. Who knows. Maybe she'll let you kiss her. Maybe she'll even tickle your little cock and let you cum..." 12 minutes

Princess Missy, loser rejection, bikini bitch, foot worship, toe taunting...
Nov 13, 2015
Your Dominant Boss Akira Coerces You to Suck a Client's Cock

"We are going to nail this contract at any cost and you are going to help me. I am going to seduce the client, get his cock rock hard, get him blind drunk, and then YOU are going to come crawling to finish him off for me. You're going to suck his cock and swallow his load like the perfect little slut. Or be fired. Let's practice..." 8 minutes

Akira Lane, dominant boss, substitute slut, sissy cocksucking...
Nov 10, 2015
Princess Heather Ridicules and Abuses Your Worthless Little Cock

"I'm so hot for cock right now. I'm gonna let you fuck my DD titties and then mount me from behind so you can fuck me good and hard. Maybe I'll finish you off with a blowjob... What's the matter with you? Why do you look so nervous? Take out your cock for me. I said, show me your cock, NOW..." 10 minutes

Princess Heather, cockteasing, fuck taunting, SPH, big tit / tiny cock emasculation...
Nov 07, 2015
Princess Tessa Prepares to Humiliate You at Your School Reunion

"I'm getting ready for our school reunion this weekend. How about you, have you been rubbing your little pecker raw thinking about what I'm going to wear? Or have you been bedwetting and thumbsucking again, thinking about what I'm going to say when I look you straight in the eye in front of all the popular girls?..." 5 minutes

Princess Tessa, reunion humiliation, public humiliation, loser emasculation...
Nov 05, 2015
Office Intern Remi Takes Total Control of Your Cumloads

"You're supposed to be the boss. But by the end of the day today, I plan on having you on your hands and knees, with your nose buried in the crotch of my pantyhose, begging to be my jerkoff slave. Maybe I'll let bossy slave jerk a worship puddle into the dog dish I got for you. Ready to lick it up for Remi?..." 10 minutes

Princess Remi, office intern, corporate humiliation, pantyhose slave, j/o commands...
Nov 02, 2015
Sex Lesson for a Virgin Loser with Cruel Tiffani and Bitchy Becky

"Did you really think we invited you over here for a 'sex lesson,' loser? We're wearing all white to make fun of the cum-pants clueless virgin dork you are when it comes to girls. Here's your 'sex lesson' -- suck on our toes while we dump our boyfriends' cumloads all over your face. HA HA! No pussy for virgin wussies!..." 10 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, virgin humiliation, foot worship, cum dumpster...
Oct 30, 2015
Missy's Sissy Ultimatum: Man up -- or Go Sissy for Her Boyfriend

"My boyfriend's coming over to beat you up. Unless you crawl to the door in panties and a butt plug, with a mouthful of his cum down your chin. But if you do that? If you sissy yourself to him? I am going to emasculate so bad you'll wish he beat you. It’s your choice. Man up for Missy or sissy yourself to my boyfriend..." 14 minutes

Princess Missy, sissy humiliation, petticoat punishment, butt plug, cum eating...
Oct 28, 2015
Princess Tessa Puts Her Pay Piggy in His Proper Place

"Making you wear a chastity cage and pig nose in my presence are among the ways I deprive you of your dignity and strip you of your manhood. Your willingness to get on all fours and degrade yourself in my presence determines whether I will be keeping you around to amuse me or relegating you to the pig pen..." 4 minutes

Princess Tessa, goddess worship, pay piggy, degradation, punishment...
Oct 26, 2015
How Your Sexy Step-Dommy Kendra Tricked You into Chastity

"I warned you you'd be sorry if you didn't obey your new step-dommy. And now I'm going to punish you. You'll be wearing a chastity cage for step-dommy by the end of the night. You have no idea how I'm going to get it locked into place, do you, little man? Once I do I'll have total control of your mischief maker..." 11 minutes

Miss Kendra James, wicked step-domme, tease and denial, male chastity...
Oct 23, 2015
Princess Ashley Feeds You Your Cum for Being a Flabby Fucktard

"Lazy, out-of-shape guys like you disgust me. You are a flabby, smelly, stinking pile of garbage, sitting around jerking off all day in your filthy, grease-smeared sweat pants. You know what? I want you to get even more disgusting. Pull your pants down. Jerk your pigsnot into this jar of slop so I can shovel it down your throat..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashley, bikini bitch, fat fuck abuse, food humiliation, cum eating...
Oct 20, 2015
Princess Tiffani Makes You Have a Humiliating Sissygasm

"I'm going to let you cum -- but you have to do it like a squealing, moaning sissy girl. You have to bend over and beg for cock. Whimper when you feel your panties being pulled down. As you feel my big daddy vibrator pushing up against your sissy rosebud. Ready to make a cummie for Princess Tiffani?..." 8 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy humiliation, sissygasm, violation, cum commands...
Oct 17, 2015
Your Office Intern Katie Keeps You Locked in Sissy Chastity

"Crawl in here to your office, bossy bitch. It's time for your weekly chastity check-in. Drop your pants -- along with your sissy bloomers -- and put your little caged cock on display for me while I review your behavior, so I can decide whether to let you out of your corporate cock cage for the weekend. Or not..." 9 minutes

Princess Katie, office humiliation, dominant bratty intern, chastity slave, sissification
Oct 15, 2015
Princess Becky Puts You in the Pedicure Trance to Enslave You

"I know what bitchy white-tipped fingers and pretty red-polished toes do to your little piggy brain. I'm going to uses your weaknesses to put you deep into the pedicure trance so that I can more easily manipulate and control you and your sputtering cock. Once I see the drool dripping down your chin? The fun starts..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, toe teases, pedicure trance, cock stroking instructions...
Oct 13, 2015
Princess Remi Punishes You with a Degrading 'Piggy' Back Ride

"You idiot. You were supposed to arrange my riding lesson today. Since you screwed it up like you fuck up everything I'm gonna ride YOU, my pathetic oink pig. So put on your pig snout and bend over for your butt plug. Won't you look cute, grunting on all fours as I whip your filthy ass till you jizz in front of the girls..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, equestrienne worship, piggy degradation, verbal annihilation...
Oct 11, 2015
Princess Danielle Subjects You to a Brutally Mean Size Comparison

"I'm gonna show you the kind of cock that makes me get hot and wet. And then I'm gonna show you the kind of little prick that makes me get mean. Then you're gonna unzip and show me yours. Do you think it's gonna make my pussy hot and wet? Or do you think it's gonna make me mock and humiliate you?..." 6 minutes

Princess Danielle, cock comparison, SPH, fuck taunting, loser ridicule...
Oct 09, 2015
Tessa Degrades You Further Down into Drooling Submission to Her

"The more I degrade you, the more you desire me. The more I taunt you with what you can never have, the more you will lay yourself down before me, knowing that a sniff of my sock or kiss of my toe is the best you can hope for. Your desperation only makes me want to hurt you more. As I'm going to. Right now..." 6 minutes

Princess Tessa, verbal emasculation, tease and denial, taunting...
Oct 07, 2015
Princess Missy Bullies You into Giving Yourself a Sissy Facial

"I love giving blow jobs to Alpha boyz. Because they rule. What about geeks, losers and wussies like you? What do you deserve? You deserve the opposite of a blow job. You deserve to have your dick jerked all over your face while you've got your legs in the air like a little bitch about to get banged. Just like this..." 10 minutes

Princess Missy, nostalgia humiliation, cruel schoolgirl, cum facial, sissification...
Oct 05, 2015
You Are Bratty Jade's Pathetic Pussy-Denied Jerkoff Loser for Life

"Fake pussy and fist cream is all you have ever deserved, loser. And now I'm gonna rub it in your face. You're gonna prove to me that I'm right about you, by getting a pathetic little boner as I trashtalk and humiliate you. And then you're gonna cum as I taunt and deny you with my tight hot pussy..." 8 minutes

Princess Jade Indica, step domme, bratty humiliatrix, tease and denial, cum taunts...
Oct 03, 2015
Sadistic Intern Alexis Turns You into Her Humiliated Office Cuckold

"My objective as your office intern? To use your obvious weaknesses for my legs and ass to dominate and destroy you. By the time I'm thru with you after work tonite? You're gonna lick my alpha bull boyfriend's cum off the tip of my stiletto as you jerk your little cock in submissive defeat to me, bossy bitch..." 8 minutes

Alexis Grace, office cuckold, bitchy intern,pantyhose leg and foot worship, cum...
Oct 01, 2015




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