You Are Princess Missy's Chastity Oinky Pig

Princess Missy puts on the lingerie you bought for her just to tease you into a state of total weakness. Once Missy gets the pigsnot precum running down your dick, she makes you a deal. Missy will let you worship her tits and ass - and lick her pussy - but only if you wear a locked chastity cage. Well, piggy? 10 minutes.

Small Penis Panty Humiliation at the Sorority

Cruel Princess Harley decides to humiliate you in front of her sorority sister Robin by making you strip and show off your tiny penis. After the sorority sisters have a huge laff at your tiny winkie, they decide to put you into panties and make you do sissy sorority chores. 12 minutes of small penis panty humiliation.

Manicure Humiliation with Your Ex Nichole

Every week your superbitch ex-wife Nichole uses your alimony to get her princess fingernails expensively manicured. Of course, with such long nails Nichole can't do housework. So you have to clean the house that you lost to Nichole in the divorce settlement - while she's using those nails you paid for to get her boyfriend's cock stiff. HA HA! 5 minutes.

Princess Liz Tricks You into Sissy Servitude

Princess Liz puts you thru a cruel tease and denial session to weaken you into wearing panties for her. One Liz gets you into panties? It won't be long before she can coax you into a sissy maid dress and turn you into her helpless, fully-feminized sissy servant. Think you can resist your bitchy-bratty owner? 7 minutes.

Princess Sari Trashes Your Loser Room

Snarky Princess Sari kicks in the door to your jerk-off palace so that she can have a huge laugh at your expense. Sari finds your weirdo-weakling porn stash, your hilarious pansy-geek barbells and your sticky, skanky hump pillow. What a sad little skidmark you are, loser. LOL at you! 6 minutes.

Make a Worship Shrine to Cougar Akira

You are going to stay up all night tonite and prove to Goddess Akira that she owns your sputtering little cock - by making her a worship shrine. First you're going to plaster your walls with photos and screen caps of sexy Akira. Then you're going to plaster your sissy panties with worship cum for Akira. 7 minutes.

Goddess Tessa Teases You to Your Knees

Goddess Tessa puts on a devastating bikini to break you down and turn you into her helpless submissive. Tessa tease-trains you to fall to your hands and knees whenever she struts into your presence. Your reward to for such puppy-like obedience? A round of toe kisses. Aren't you a lucky little puppet? 5 minutes.

Manipulatrix Missy Ruins Your Anniversary

Missy caught you getting ready to buy an anniversary gift for your you-know-who. Nut-uh, wussy. Not gonna happen. See, Missy wants a new pair of dommy boots to celebrate your real anniversary: of Missy's rule over you. You're gonna show up for your other anniversary empty handed, with your credit card in Missy's pocket - - and your cummies in her dirty panties. 17 minutes.

Princess Harley Locks You into Chastity

When Princess Harley finds her designer panties plastered with your pigsnot, she explodes. You have two choices, wimp. You can either be exposed and humiliated for what you did - or you can wear the 'cockblocker' Harley got for you. One solid month locked in a chastity cage or Harley goes public with her pigsnotted panties. Well, wimp? 5 minutes.

Reunion Humiliation with Princess Jessica

The most popular girl in school comes back to crush your dreams and degrade you all over again - just like she used to at the arcade. Don't you get it, you little creep? No matter what you do to improve yourself, you'll never be anything to Jess but a pathetic, needy, overlookable loser. Guess who she's really into? You're about to find out. Reject. 8 minutes.

Jenny Turns You into Her Sissy Servant

Bikini Goddess Jenny set you up. She knew you'd get weak if she left you to launder her dirty lingerie. Now she's caught you red-handed, pervert. Now you have no choice to but to put on the sissy maid uniform and become Jenny's full time sissy attendant. Perfect for a weakling and idiot like you. 3 minutes.

Miss Kendra Commands U out of the Closet

You simpering little liar. You prissy-prance around in real-man clothes trying to fool the women in your life - but Miss Kendra knows the shameful sissy truth about you. It's time for you to get real with your sissy self. Miss Kendra assigns you a humiliating task designed to make you reveal the real you. Like it or not, naughty miss sassy panties. 6 minutes.

Dani and Her Friends Laff at Your Lil Prick

Danielle, Cobi and Paige subject you to your ultimate embarrassment. The girls make you drop your pants so they can have a long, hard, close-up look at your pathetic little pecker. Get ready to be laughed at, ridiculed, and maybe even commanded to perform for these three sexy meanies. 8 humiliating minutes.

Amazon Princess Jasmine Pops Yer Cherry

Princess Jasmine has no doubt that she can overpower you, pin you down and strip you of your sissy virginity. Do you doubt it? Because you are getting the strap-on tonight, bitch boy, one way or the other. You can lift your legs and take it like a good fuckbrat. Or you can try to resist Jasmine - and really get humiliated. 3 minutes.

Cheerleader Michelle Catches You Jerking

What the fuck!?! Princess Michelle comes home early from cheerleading practice to find you in her room getting ready to jack your little cock into her dirty panties. You are so busted, loser. Michelle cracks her bubblegum and commands you to jerk it - so she use your cum in her panties to destroy you. 3 minutes.

You Are Princess Missy's Substitute Sucker

Princess Missy has a huge problem. Her new man is awesome but he likes rough sex and BJs. Missy wants to keep him happy but she doesn't want to take a rough face-fucking. That's where YOU come in. You're going to the salon with Missy to get made up just like Missy. Then Missy's gonna dress you in lingerie and teach you to suck dick. And then? LOL! 14 minutes.

Mean Princess Sari Makes You Eat Cum

Princess Sari is pissed. She trusts you to keep her bedroom clean, posh, sexy and prepared so she can have hot sex with her boyfriends. But you fucked up, didn't you? Sari found one of her BF's dirty, cum-filled condoms on the floor. Gross. Yick. Can you guess what's gonna happen with that condom, you stupid jizzbucket wimp? 5 minutes.

College Intern Tori Plugs and Panties You

Your college intern Tori just learned all your most embarrassing submissive sexual weaknesses. She's gonna spill the truth about your panty proclivities unless you willingly submit to be sissy-trained. You're not in charge anymore, wussy panties. Mean Princess Tori is the boss of you now. Ready to be plugged and pantied? 11 minutes.

Bubblegum Cockteasing with Bratty Isobel

Bratty Princess Isobel knows that watching her snap her gum and blow bubbles makes you drool and makes your pecker stir in your pants. Isobel bets that she can wrap you around her little finger just as easily as she can twist her gum around her pinky. Once Isobel makes you stiff she can do anything she wants with you, loser. Anything. 13 minutes.

You Are Princess Michelle's Foot Cuck

Michelle just fucked her boyfriend - and you're not even worthy of sloppy seconds. You don't get pussy, you don't even get to worship Michelle's perfect ass. You get to kiss Michelle's toes and suck on the high heels of her fuck-me shoes. And you better do it with gratitude - unless you want a kick in the nuts and a spike heel up your wimp ass. 6 minutes.

Amazon Jasmine Mocks Your Tiny Cock

OMG! Are you kidding, little man? Look how tiny and pathetic you are! Amazon Jasmine's pinky finger is bigger than that sputtering little twig you call a cock. Jasmine needs a real man who has can fill an XL condom with his massive tool - not a wimpy wussy who can't even fill an Xtra Small rubber. Silly little peanut! 3 minutes.

You Are Princess Missy's Sorority Stooge

The Sorority's Spring formal dance is this weekend. Like a fool, you splurged on a designer dress, jewels and a hotel suite for Missy and her girlfriends. They intend on trashing the suite and fucking their dates while you watch meekly from the closet. You get to wear Missy's panties over your face and fuck your fist while Missy gets her cherry popped! 14 minutes.

Cougar Akira Transforms You into Her Sissy

Because you are an inadequate, impotent, complete failure as a man, Cougar Akira is demoting you from 'sex toy' to 'sissy servant.' You will wear a butt plug and sissy maid uniform to clean Akira's house and serve drinks to her hottie girlfriends. If you resist? Akira is going to go public with all your embarrassing sexual secrets. 7 minutes.

Cruel Dre Calls You out and Castrates You

LOL @ you, loser! Sadistic and sartcastic, stand-up commedienne Dre busts into your bedroom and lays waste to your manhood, making fun of every aspect of your pathetic existence. Dre finds your porn stashes, your cum rags, your hilarious books on bodybuilding and attracting women... Ready to be called out and castrated by a total bitch? 12 humiliating minutes.

Miss Kendra Transforms You: Slob to Sissy

For someone who aspires to sissy servitude, you are really nothing but a sloppy, slovenly pig. Miss Kendra upbraids you for your filthy ways and confines you to a starched sissy maid uniform until you can pass her white glove inspection. Each time you fail inspection, Miss Kendra will punish you with a bigger, thicker pig plug. 10 emasculating minutes.

Your Cruel Ex-Wife Nichole Abuses You

You paid for her boob job. You paid for her million dollar jewelry collection. And you're still gonna pay, wimp. Your sadistic ex-wife Nichole intends on draining you dry - including all the worship cum in your worthless little cock. Slide the alimony cash into Nic's panties. Then slide your dick into your fist for the Queen of Mean. Your Ex-Wife Nichole. 3 minutes.

Cheerleader Harley Makes You Choke It

Harley comes home from practice to find you getting ready to jerk off into her dirty cheer panties. She is furious! Harley decides to teach you a humiliating lesson. She commands you to finish yourself into her panties while she insults and belittles you. Once you squirt your loser DNA into Harley's panties, she'll be able to control and abuse you forever! 8 minutes.

Panty Face Humiliation with Tennis Pro Tess

Tessa tricked you into making a bet over your tennis match: The winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser. First Tessa publicly humiliated you on the court - smashing serves into your crotch. Now she's gonna humiliate you in her bedroom - with her sweaty tennis panties. So much for your BJ dreams, mister panty face. 8 minutes.

Missy Turns You into Her Ass-Kissing Piglet

Princess Missy teases you with her cute butt. Wanna kiss it? Go ahead, piglet. Kiss Missy's ass. But if you do weaken, stiffen and lay your lips on your Princess' perfect butt? She will never ever take you seriously as a man again. It's your choice, weakling. Kiss Missy's ass and you will be humiliated, degraded and treated like a filthy, dirty, disgusting piggy. 10 minutes.

Bikini Bitch Sari Catches You Jerking Off

When dominant diva Sari sees you staring at her through the blinds in her tiny bikini, she storms into the house - catching you just as you are about to jerk off into a pair of her bikini bottoms. Sari takes immediate control of the situation, backing you into a corner and commanding you to demonstrate to her what you were about to do. 7 minutes.

Rejection Lessons with Cruel Princess Jess

As an international supermodel, Princess Jess has heard every idiotic pick-up line in the book. Jess loves to go to clubs to tease and lead-on losers like you just so she can rip you raw, reject you, and turn you into a red-faced laughingstock. Jessica is going to give you an idea of what it would be like if you t-t-tried to h-h-hit on her. Stutterfuck moron. 8 minutes.

Mafia Princess Michelle Rudely Rejects You

Mafia Princess Michelle goes ghetto on your sorry ass at a popular beach bar. Bikini meanie Michelle can't believe a dweeb like you would try to buy her a drink! Michelle yells insults at you, flicks her long nails in your face and, finally, pours her drink down your dork pants. Don't forget to lick her toes clean before you go cry in your wet pants to mommy! 3 furious minutes.

Inappropriate Intern Missy Is the Boss of You

Your intern Missy refuses to wear panties to work. She wears fishnets, stilettos and micro minis to make you weak and stiff - and get you in trouble. Missy doesn't care if you get fired over her bad behavior. All she wants is to break you down. So that YOU are wearing her panties to work - and wrapping them around your little cock at brat-boss Missy's command. 14 minutes.

Princess Liz is Hiring a Sissy Servant

Wanna serve a bossy-bratty snotty-spoiled sorority diva with a huge attitude, massive shoe collection and tiny threshold for idiots? Perfect Princess Liz is hiring a sissy servant to attend to all her girly needs. The pay is zero and the requirements are humiliatingly severe - as described by Liz in this emasculating application video slash tease and denial session. 6 minutes.

Princess Tori Makes You Hump Your Pillow

Princess Tori busts into your loser bedroom and has a huge laugh at your expense. Funniest of all? The cum crusted pillow you sleep with every night! Tori makes you show her what you do with your pillow as she points at you, laughs at you, trash talks and taunts you with a titty tease. Ready to jerk your hips and humpy cum your pillow for mean Tori? 5 minutes.

You Are the Sorority's Sissy Cocksucker

It's time for the Spring formal dance at the sorority and all the girls' stud jock boyfriends want blowjobs. But Harley and Robin don't want to get their pretty faces mussed with yicky cum. So the girls are going to train you to suck cock and swallow like a perfect sissy slut. Get ready for an intense blowjob instructional taught by two mean sorority bitch queens. 8 minutes.

Goddess Tess: 'All for Him, None for You'

What's worse than being rejected by the Goddess you adore? How about being cuckolded by your hated rival and having it rubbed in your face. Goddess Tess lets you into her bedroom so you can take a good long look at her in the lingerie you bought before she sends you into your cuckie closet. Repeat after Goddess Tess: 'All for him. None for me.' 7 minutes.

A Strap-On for Sugardaddy with Mean Missy

Stupid sugar daddy. Did you really think you could bribe your way into Missy's bed? Well, Missy's gonna fuck you alright. Her way. YOU are going to wear the lingerie. You're gonna have your ass slapped and your hair pulled. And you're gonna spread your legs for a good hard punishment fucking - after you lube the dildo with your loser pig snot cum. 16 minutes.

Your Ex Nichole Cucks You with His Cum

Your mean Ex Nichole luvs to use your embarrassing sexual secrets to humiliate you. So, unless you want Nichole to tell everyone what a sick, submissive wimp you are, you have to drink her boyfriend's cum - and then slide his dirty XL comdom over your little pecker, so you can jerk out a worship puddle to your cruel Ex. As she taunts and laughs at you. 9 minutes.

Your Panty Humiliation with Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra knows that the best way to control you and dominate you is to make you wear frilly, lacy sissy panties beneath your silly real-man facade. Today, Miss Kendra is going to send you on a public 'panty task' designed to intimidate you, embarrass you pink and enslave you even further to the sinister charms of your cruel emasculatrix: Miss Kendra. 6 minutes.

Worship Goddess Jenny's Legs and Feet

Are you going to stand there like a drooling imbecile? Or are going to make yourself useful for something and use your tongue to polish the designer high heels of your imperious Goddess? Jenny doesn't need a paddle to punish you. All this cruel cold ice princess has to do is stare at you with her hands on her hips until you're nothing but a pathetic little puddle at her feet. 4 minutes.

Small Penis Emasculation with Princess Dre

Princess Dre has a tongue like a whip. She can verbally castrate and publicly humiliate a man like the meanest, sharpest comedienne on the circuit. Imagine what this Diva of the Dis is going to do to YOU in the bedroom, wimp, when you pull out your pathetic little penis in front of her. Get ready for 12 minutes of relentless ball busting, cock taunting and dick shriveling humiliation.

Princess Tori Puppy-Trains You to Obey

Bossy Princess Tori loves to humiliate older dorks and weak little dweebs like you. Dominant Tori has a natural authority that will make you get down on all fours before she even cracks her crop. You're going to learn to HEEL for puppy trainer Tori, to BEG for a bone in your mouth, and to gobble down all her boyfriend's CUM from your doggie dish. Loser. 7 minutes.

Goddess Tessa Needs an Outfit Tester

Goddess Tessa has found a way to put your puppy dog lust for her to use. Crawl into Tessa's bedroom on your hands and knees, lucky loser boy, because Tessa is going to let you be her lowly outfit tester. Tessa is going use your sputtering boner to help her decide which sexy dress to wear for the date she has with her man. If you do a great job, Tessa will let you have the steamy lace panties she's wearing! 13 minutes.

Princess Michelle Cucks You with His Cum

Mean Princess Michelle uses her lover's cum-blasted scuzz bags to put you in your cuckold loser place. You might get his cum smeared on your face, you might have his jizz shoved down your throat, or Michelle might decide to pull one of his dirty, sticky XL yick bags over your little microdick, so you can jerk out all your jealousy juice as Mean Michelle verbally castrates you. 4 minutes.

Miss Kendra Makes You Do It Like a Sissy

When Miss Kendra snaps on a latex glove you know you are about to have your most vulnerable places invaded and manipulated. Miss Kendra has used her latex-gloved fingers to interrogate you, violate you and break you. Today, Miss Kendra is going to make you orgasm without touching your 'boy bits.' You will learn to cum by being finger-fucked from behind - like the squirming sissy you are. 7 minutes.

It's Panties to Work Week with Princess Sari

Sadistic, sardonic Princess Sari sends you to work every day in a different pair of frilly, lacy emasculation panties! You will wear your panties beneath your ridiculous real man costume so that the silky, feminine fabric tickles, mocks and teases your pathetic little sissy-man parts all day long. Each pair of your wussy work panties has it's own special, humiliating meaning for you! 7 minutes.

Premature Emasculation with Cougar Akira

Gorgeous Akira Lane gives you the chance to prove that you are a man. Akira brings you into her bed and takes off her top, looking forward to a long night of hot sex. And what do you do, dorky boy? You spunk your underpanties with cum at the mere sight of Akira's boobs! Havent you ever been with a woman? Are you that much of a mama's boy? Ready to be humiliated and sent home in panties? 9 emasculating minutes.

Sorority Pledge Mistress Missy Spanks You

March your sassy ass to Pledge Mistress Missy's room immediately, you pathetic wimp. After Missy strips you down and gives you a tongue-lashing you're going to put on a pair of punishment panties - the same panties the sorority pledges wear for their spankings. But before Missy takes you across her knee, you're going to the girls' bathroom to spit out all your wussy cream. 13 humiliating minutes.

Miss Tessa Moves in and Regresses You

Your one-time girlfriend is now your daddy's trophy wife! How humiliating! Tessa used you to seduce the big boss of your company and the true man of your house. Now, they're married - which means your ex-girfriend will be making you do chores, monitoring your masturbatory habits - and sending you to your room for time-outs and spankings! She's even gonna make you call her M-M-M... LOL @ You! 5 minutes.

Bratty Princess Harley Fucking Hates You

Princess Harley grew up a rich, pampered megabrat and she thinks you suck. She hates all the stupid expensive jewelry and the dumb designer lingerie you bought for her and now she's about to rip you a new asshole for being such a shitty sugardaddy. In fact, you better start french kissing Harley's Princess ass and promising to make more money to give her everything she wants. 6 minutes.

Jasmine Transforms You into Her SissiMaid

Amazon Princess Jasmine explodes when she finds a pair of her panties slathered with your sissy slime. Jasmine gives you an emasculating dressing down before stripping you and transforming you into her feminized sissy maid, right down to the ruffled white panties beneath your uniform. Now get down on your knees, worship your Mistress' feet and BEG for her forgiveness you naughty sissy! 4 minutes.

Beg to Kiss Princess Robin's Bikini Butt

18-year old Princess Robin thinks you're a pathetic joke. She maxed out your credit card on bikinis, spike heels, ankle bracelets, and a bitchy mani-pedi. Your reward? Well, most of Robin's sorority sisters give their sugar daddies blow jobs and fucky privileges. Not you, wimp! All you get to do is kiss Robin's toes, beg to kiss her bikini butt, and plead to jerk your pecker into your loser doggie dish. 6 minutes.

Your Ex Wife Nichole Takes Total Control

Your cruel ex-wife Nichole used your embarrassing sexual fetishes to scare you into giving up everything in the divorce decree. But she's not done yet. Nichole is about to painfully pierce your little cock with the wedding ring you gave her - and make you tattoo 'Property of Nichole' above your worthless little package. And then? You're going to become her sissy cuckold ex-husband. 7 minutes.

Play the 'Missy Says' Humiliation Game

Princess Missy luvs to treat you like the pathetic jerk puppet you are. What better way to fuck with you than to make you play the 'Missy Says' game? "Missy says kiss my toes. Missy says worship my ass. Missy says jerk your cock... Suck my heel - SMACK! I didn't say, 'Missy says,' loser!" Missy is gonna trick you and slap you until you're nothing but a jerk-puppet jizz-puddle with a red face and rubbed raw pecker. 13 minutes.

Hump Your Pillow for Danielle and Cobi

HA HA! Can't get a girl so u have to fuck your pillow! Danielle and Cobi catch you watching them on and humiliate the hell out of you for being the pathetic, pillow-humping loser you are. The girls do a savage imitation of you humpy-fucking your cum pillow. You can hump along with Dani and Cobi and then go to sleep face-first in your dweeb drippings. Fuckface loser. 4 minutes.

Admit Your Sissy Secret for Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra is sending you on a date; a date with an attractive, intelligent, commanding woman - a woman just like Miss Kendra herself. On this date you will wear frilly, lacy panties beneath your ridiculous real man facade. And you will confess to your date the embarrassing truth about yourself: that you are a panty-clad sissy who needs to be spanked, cuckolded and sexually dominated. 9 minutes.

Babysitter Harley Humiliates Your Tiny Cock

Babysitter Harley flirted and teased her way into your bedroom, trying on your wife's sexy lingerie, getting comfy on your bed and leading you on to believe that she wants to have sex with you! Too bad you had to unzip your pants, you little cock loser! Harley verbally annihilates your manhood and commands you to pimple-pinch your spitload into one of your hilarious XS extra small condoms. 6 minutes.

Ice Princess Tessa Ignores Your Pleas

Cruel, dominant Tessa cooly and calmly applies her makeup and ignores your crybaby blubbering as you beg her not to cuckold you. The more you beg and grovel, the even less of a man you are to Tessa, silly wussy. So you might as well just take your place in Tessa's closet and piddle your cucky tears into your ex-girlfriend's sexed-up panties. You pathetic little reject. 5 emasculating minutes.

Meet Princess Missy's Wicked Middle Finger

When a humiliatrix puts on spike heel boots and shiny black gloves you know you are about to be severely humiliated. You might get your face slapped raw, your cock and balls abused, or you might experience THIS. Missy brings you into her bedroom to challenge your masculinity. Pass the 'glove test' and you can fuck Missy. But if Missy's middle finger wins, you will experience the ultimate emasculation. 14 minutes.

Panties and Punishment Fucking by Jaycee

Your gym trainer Jaycee warned you. Act like a little bitch and you're gonna get treated like a little bitch. And then you dumbly decided to get all 'macho man' in front of Jaycee's girlfriends. Well, you're not so tough when kickboxer Jaycee is strapping on a dildo. Are you, little mister sassy mouth? Better put on your wussy panties and apologize. Cuz you're about to get schooled and fucked by a girl. 5 minutes.

Bikini Tease Liz Plays You like a Puppet

Princess Liz knows you're desperate to be more than her sugar daddy and shopping slave. So Liz puts on a string bikini and some fuck-me shoes to put you through a tent-pants tease session. Liz lets you kiss her toes and worship her ass as you beg to be taken seriously as her boyfriend. Who knows? Maybe you'll convince Liz. Or maybe you'll be sent home to lather your fist with futility squirts for Princess. 5 minutes.

You Are Princess Sari's Sissy Outfit Tester

Princes Sari tricked you into thinking you could go on an actual date with her. But all she really needs you to do is 'test' the sexy dress she's wearing for her new boyfriend. Sari's gonna let you worship her ass and jerk out a proof puddle - but there's one catch. You have to agree to lick up your cum and answer the door in a sissy maid dress when her boyfriend comes to pick her up! 6 minutes.

Cheerleader Harley Makes U Eat His Cum

Cheerleader Harley teased and seduced you into writing her papers for school. While you were doing Harley's homework like a hopeless dreamer dork, Harley was doing the captain of the football team! Now it's time for your reward, dumbass! You get to swallow the football captain's cumload! Then Harley makes you wear his dried up XL condom over your little pecker to class all week. HA HA! 6 minutes.

Miss Tessa Models Your Sissy Maid Uniform

To remind you that you no longer have 'boyfriend' status in her life, your ex-girlfriend has gotten you a sissy maid uniform. You'll wear your unform and a pair of high heels when you come over to clean her condo and wash her new boyfriend's laundry during their love-making sessions. Now, then. Change into your uniform, give Mistress a curtsey and say, 'Thank you, Miss Tessa.' 6 minutes.

You Are Naked Missy's New Year's Cuck

Missy let you take her shopping before New Year's Eve, with the promise of a juicy reward. Like the dreamer-dork you are, you lavished Missy with new outfits, lingerie, jewelry and make-up, only to claim your wimp's reward: you get to hand Missy the lip gloss you bought her, pick out her lingerie and watch her paint her lips in preparation for the New Year's blowjob she's gonna give her boyfriend. 15 minutes.

New Year's Humiliation with Princess Jess

Sadistic Princess Jess pops by your place before she goes clubbing on New Year's Eve just to make you feel like the pathetic loser reject you are. Jess struts around your shithole in her rubber dress and thigh boots, having a good laugh at your cum-caked sheets while mercilessly teasing you about the New Year's Eve pillow-humping jerkoff session you no-doubt have planned for the night. 9 minutes.

Gold Digging Princess Jenny Owns You

Ice Princess Jenny played you. She pretended to be a shy, demure, wanna-be mail order bride, all the while using your sexual fetishes to weaken you - until she got you, and a huge diamond ring, wrapped around her little finger. You foolishly married her without a pre-nup. Now you're nothing but a pathetic puppet on a string to Jenny. And that's exactly how she's going to treat you. Idiot. Weakling. 7 minutes.

Bikini Bitch Harley Catches You Jerking

'What the FUCK, loser!?!' 19-year old bitch-brat Harley catches you spying on her and storms in on you just as you are about to jerk out a loser load. Harley commands you to show her your little pecker and busts out laughing at you. After she gets done humiliating you and taking a few pix of your little pecker to send to her girlfriends, Harley makes you jerk it for her. 4 minutes.

Suckytime Lessons with Miss Kendra

Open wide for mistress, sissy! Mean Miss Kendra is about to turn you into her cock-craving sucky slave - in three cruel lessons. First, Miss Kendra makes you nurse on an 'i luv daddy' baby pacifier, then she graduates you to a cute penis pacifier. Finally, when Miss Kendra determines that you are ready to give head for real, she cock-trains you to suck a life-size nine-inch dildo. 9 minutes.

Tiffani Points & Laffs at You as You Jerk It

Tiffani and her cheerleader girlfriends know that you spy on them while they're practicing their cheers. They've even made up some humiliating cheers about you! Now Tiffani has cornered you and she intends on turning the tables on you. You have to jerk your little cock, jump up and down and do a dork-cheer while Tiffani shoots a humiliation video of you to share with her girlfriends! 5 minutes.

Miss Paige Locks You into Chastity

Miss Paige is a conservative Southern woman who firmly believes that wimp husbands and boyfriends who can't get it done in the bedroom - sissymen like you - belong in emasculation panties and a locked chastity device. Here, Paige demonstrates how she uses a locking chastity cage to punish and control naughty wimp-cucks like you. 5 minutes.

Princess Missy Ruins Your Relationship

Missy came storming back from college when she found out who you proposed marriage to. No way, loser. Missy is intent on ruining your relationship by relentlessly slapping your face, spitting in your mouth and bossing you around until you weaken, stiffen, and wreck your engagement by loading her panties with your wimp-slime DNA. Then Missy's gonna hand her panties to you-know-who. To destroy you. 20 minutes.

You Are Miss Tessa's Substitute Sucker

Miss Tessa has a big problem on her hands. Her stud boyfriend is drunk in the living room, demanding the blowjob that she promised him. But Tessa doesn't want to get her pretty face and makeup mussed. So, guess what, weakling? Tessa is going to feed him more drinks and lead him on... and then paint your face and pick out some lingerie for you to wear - so you can do her dirty work. 9 minutes.

A Sissy Maid for Princess Harley's Sorority

19-year-old Harley's sorority sisters asked her to train a submissive wimp to serve as the their sissy maid. Harley wants YOU for the job. Harley knows just what she needs to do to slide those lace panties up your legs and cinch that maid uniform tightly around your waist. Your first task is to scrub the girls' bathroom with your toothbrush. Don't make Harley have to discipline you in front of all the girls. 7 minutes.

Princess Isobel Is Back to Humiliate You

No one gets inside your peabrain and makes you feel like the submissive shitstain you are like emotional sadist Princess Isobel. Isobel takes 12 minutes from her busy modeling schedule to look you in the eye, strip your dignity, rape your ego and verbally emasculate you completely. WARNING: potential permanent side effects of a session with Isobel include stuttering, bedwetting and impotence.

Fill Jasmine's Panties with Your Loser Goo

Amazon Princess Jasmine is delighted with the new clothes and jewelry you bought her. She's so happy that she wants to do something for you too, loser. A blowjob? Bwahaha! You get to go home with Jaz's musky pink thong pulled over your pouty face! Jasmine wants you to fill her panties with your jerk juice at the same time she's fucking her boyfriend. That's your consolation prize! 5 minutes.

Small Penis Humiliation with Princess Hanna

Princess Hanna is going to let you fuck her... IF you have the tool to please her. When Hanna unzips your pants you're either going to get the joyride of your life - or the humiliation of your life. It all depends on what you're packing for Princess, big man. So you better pray that it's huge enough to please Hanna. If not? Hanna is one of the most vicious small penis annihilators on 12 minutes.

You Are Dani and Cobi's Sissy Cuck Maid

Princesses Danielle and Cobi need someone to shine their high heels, handwash their lingerie and scrape the sticky condoms off the floors of their bedrooms. That someone is YOU, missy. Dani and Cobi describe your duties in emasculating detail as they dress you in a frilly sissy maid uniform and belittle your manhood. Be a good sissy cuck maid and you can kiss Cobi's toes and worship Dani's ass! 7 minutes.

Boot Bitch Harley Locks You into Chastity

Princess Harley is enraged with you. She found a gob of your loser goo on her white leather dominatrix boots! Now the boots are just like you: worthless garbage. Harley commands you to drain the rest of your pigsnot onto her boots before she locks you into a chastity cage and drags you to the shopping mall so you can drain your credit cards on 10 new pairs of boots for your keyholder: Bratty Harley. 7 minutes.

Tessa Demotes You from Boyfriend to Sissy

You finally got your chance. Stunning Princess Tessa lets you take her on a date. Now you've made it all the way back to her bedroom, only to be rejected. Tessa calls her ex-boyfriend right in front of you, tells him what a wimp and dork you are, and invites him over. Then she orders you to wear sissy panties and stand in the closet - so you can see what a real man gets to do to her. What a cuck wussy you are. 9 minutes.

You Are Cougar Akira's Outfit Tester

Dominant, demanding Akira allowed you to take her shopping for clothes to seduce her new boyfriend. Now it's time for your reward, mr. pathetic. You get to watch Akira get dressed for her date. If you can manage not to whine like a crybaby, Akira will let you fill your sissy saucer with love piddles for her before she ditches you for her real man. 8 minutes.

You Will Cum Like a Girl for Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra continues to prepare you for your sissy punishment fucking by teaching you to cum like a girl. Miss Kendra forbids you from touching your silly, worthless "boy parts." Instead, Mistress makes you use a penis-shaped vibrator to deeply penetrate your sissy-clitty, until you begin to squirm, squeal and beg to make a girlie cummy for Miss Kendra, as she teases and encourages you. 10 minutes.

Missy Makes You Humpyfuck Your Pillow

Missy teases you about the way you love to load up her cute girly panties with your disgusting loser pigsnot for her. Once you admit what a sad little creep you are, Missy commands you to cum for her in an even MORE humiliating way: by making you hump and dork-slime your pillow. Missy laughs at you and gives you a cum countdown before making you sleep with your face mooshed in your mess. 13 minutes.

Make a Worship Shrine for Princess Tessa

After you spend all day on your knees, scrubbing, cleaning and making her condominium spotless, Princess Tessa has another assignment for you. She wants you to go home to plaster the sad wall of your sorry bedroom with her heartstopping photos. Once you make your worship shrine to Tessa you can then plaster your panties with love squirts for the stunning goddess who owns you: Tessa. 5 minutes.

Seduced and Cucked by Princess Jessica

What a dreamer you are. Princess Jessica is a legit supermodel. Did you really think you had a chance with her, loser? Just because she lets you take her shopping and pay her bills? Take a long look at Jess while she prepares for her date with a real man. Get a good picture of Jess in your peabrain - for your jerkoff session, after Jess sends you home. Sad little fistfucker. 8 emasculating minutes.

Princess Michelle Catches You Jerking

You pathetic little wuss! Italian-American Goddess Michelle is in her string bikini sunning herself by the pool when she snags you peeping at her perfect ass through the blinds. Michelle storms into the house, strips you and rips you a new one, commanding you to jerk your little prick and finish yourself off as she points and laughs at you. Michelle is a mercilessly mean Humiliatrix. Ready to be destroyed? 6 minutes.

Your Ex Nichole Abuses Your Tiny Pecker

Your Ex-Wife Nichole dumped you because you have a worthless little cock. Now Nichole fucks well-hung studs and rubs it in your cuck face when you drop off your alimony checks. Tonite, Nichole brings you back into your old bedroom - just to humiliate you. She shows you the XL condoms that her big dick boyfriends wear and then commands you to put on a baby-size condom to fuck her with - as she taunts and laughs at you. 6 minutes.

Prom Squirtz for Princess Harley

It's the night of big formal dance. And you spent all day draining your credit cards taking Harley to the salon, boutique and jewelers. And what do you get in return? Nothing, you silly broke sugar daddy! All you get to do is crawl around on your hands and knees, tell Harley how hot she is and BEG to jerk-squirt your loser load into your dog dish - before Harley dumps you for her date. He gets her pussy and you have to beg for the doggy dish! HA HA! 5 minutes.

Lost Bet Humiliation with Princess Missy

First, Junior Circuit Champ Missy humiliated you on the tennis court - smashing serves into your crotch. Now that she beat your ass on the court, Missy is gonna beat your ass in the bedroom! Instead of a victory blowjob, you're going to get a loser spanking. But before Missy takes you across her bare thighs to thrash you, she's going to taunt and tease you into spitting out all your loser goo into her dirty ankle sock. Pantyface wussy. 20 humiliating minutes.

Tease and Denial with Bikini Bitch Liz

Bikini bitch Liz busts in on you just as you're about to drizzle her baby oil down your pathetic boner as you ogle her by the pool. Cruel Liz decides to put you through an agonizing tease and denial session - to show you up close what you will NEVER ever have. Get down on your hands and knees, drool bucket. You're about to get drenched in your own sweat, precum - and tears. HA HA! 8 minutes.

Miss Kendra Snaps You into a Chastity Cage

Miss Kendra has discovered the pair of punishment panties she put on you - crumpled, hidden and slimed with sissy goo. Miss Kendra pinches your ear and escorts you into her bedroom for an angry scolding. You just won yourself two weeks in a pink chastity cage ... beneath a pair of frilly, lacy panties. Yellow panties. For cowards like you. The better to embarrass and emasculate you with. 9 minutes.

Sissy Regression Session with Miss Tessa

Not only have you lost your boyfriend privileges and your bedroom privileges, little man. Miss Tessa has now decided that when you're being cuckolded, you will wear thickly-padded sissy panties and sleep in the closet! You can wriggle around in your rhumba pants and suck a binky while Tessa brings her real-man boyfriend into the big bed. Better keep quiet or you might get spanked! 6 minutes of sissy-cucky shame.

You Are Princess Harley's Shopping Slave

Princess Harley leash-walked you around the shopping mall all day, like the pussy-whipped little sugar daddy you are. Now it's time for your reward. You get to worship Harley's new boots and kiss her ass while she laughs in your face and tells her girlfriends on the phone all about you - the submissive wimp she keeps wrapped around her perfectly-manicured pinky finger. Wanna cum for Harley? BEG. Beg loud, loser, so her girlfriends can hear you! 8 minutes.

Princess Missy Makes You Pay

After teasing your cock, leading you on and keeping you up all night on a Black Friday shopping spree that drained your credit cards dry, Princess Missy has promised that she's finally going to let you cum for her. But instead of sending you to your knees to kiss her toes and jerk out all your worship goo, Missy has something much more wicked and sinister in mind. You're going to get to cum for MIssy. In a twisted new humiliating way you can't imagine. 12 minutes.

Princess Sari Stuffs Her Fat Pig: You

You disgusting sack of shit. Princess Sari warned you. If you want to feed your face like a crap-pants, boy-boobs, blubber-guts pig, then that is exactly how she is gonna treat you. First Sari snaps a humiliating pig snout over your nose. Then she pulls an old jar of mayo from your fridge to force feed you. But before you choke down your slop, Sari is going to make you jerk your 'pig snot' into the jar so you can eat that too. Happy Thanksgiving, you fat fucking pig! 6 minutes.

Miss Tessa Locks You into a Chastity Cage

Miss Tessa is furious when she finds a pair of her silk panties loaded up with gobs and globs of your disgusting wimp snot. Tessa gives you a humiliating reprimand before informing you that she is locking you into a chastity cage. Immediately. You won't be making any more wussy cream in Tessa's panties, Little Mister Frustration Time. You'll have to beg and plead with Tessa if you want out of your cage because she's got the only key. 7 minutes.

You Are 'Foot Cucked' by Princess Danielle

Danielle is so mean that when she cuckolds you she doesn't let you sniff her pussy or even kiss her ass. When Dani returns home from her sex dates, she makes you lick the bottoms of the shoes she wore to the dance club! Tonight she's invited over two of her girlfriends - Cobi and Paige - to show them how she humiliates you. You are going to suck their heels, kiss their toes, and have their feet rubbed all over your face as they laugh at what a tool you are. 8 minutes.

Strap-on Punishment Prep with Miss Kendra

To prepare you for the punishment fucking she's going to give you with her massive strap-on dildo, Miss Kendra is making you wear a big fat butt plug. You can either try to impale yourself - to entertain Miss Kendra with your comical struggles. Or you can learn the meaning of the word 'humiliation' and ask Miss Kendra to insert the plug for you. Either way will leave you no 'wiggle room' for humility. Not when Miss Kendra commands you to 'sit.' 7 minutes.

Teased & Denied by Bikini Goddess Jenny

Ice Princess Jenny knows that you adore her stunning legs and perfect butt. She loves to tease you into a state of helpless, desperate arousal - only to cruelly and coldly deny you. Jenny squirts a glob of her sweet-smelling body lotion into your hands and commands you to rub it into her legs - as she laughs at what a silly little puppet you are. Jenny even lets you give her ass a kiss before she sends you away to fill your fist with worship goo for her. 6 minutes.

Cheerleader Harley Commands U to Suck It

Harley promised her studjock boyfriend if he won the big game she'd reward him with an amazing blowjob - in her cheerleading uniform! But Harley doesn't wanna get her pretty hair and perfect makeup all mussed up with a huge blast of gangsta jizz. So she's gonna train YOU to suck his cock and then make you take her place! Get ready to gag on a dick down your throat becuz this is one of the most explicitly emasculating sissy cocksucker instructionals EVER! 8 minutes.

Cougar Akira Locks U into a Chastity Cage

Akira thinks your marriage proposal is hilarious. Why would she want to marry you when she already owns you, you ridiculous little wimp? Akira flings your diamond ring back in your face and pulls out a cockcage. She won't wear your ring on her finger, but she WILL wear the key to your chastity cage on her necklace, so that everyone will know that it's NO pussy for wussies like you. 11 minutes.

Princess Tiffani Is Back to Humiliate You

Princess Tiffani challenges you to a tennis match at the country club. If you win you get to take Tiff back to your bedroom and do anything you want with her. But if Tiffani wins? You're going back to HER room at the sorority house, so she can pull her sweaty panties over your face and command you to jerk your little loser cock into her dirty ankle socks. HAHA! 6 minutes - of Princess Tiffani pointing and laughing at you!




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