Pledge Trainer Michelle Orders You to Worship Her Ass - or Else!

School is back in session, loser. And you are sooo close to having your sputtering little pecker snapped into a cockcage and locked up for the entire semester! Unless you want to spend September thru December crawling around the Alpha Delta Humiliatrix sorority house with your dick and balls in a pink chastity confinement cage, you better start begging and pleading with the princesses. NOW.

Supreme Princess Michelle is in charge of the Alpha Delta Humiliatrix 2010 Fall Pledge Class. Get down on your knees, stick your pig snout up Michelle's plaid skirt and show the sorority pledges that you're sincere about being their obedient sugardaddy, mascot and slave. Kiss Michelle's perfect ass like a good piggy and PRAY for mercy. Wussy.


6 min WMV - - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO- 9/09/10
Princess Erin Snaps You into a Chastity Cockcage and Locks It Tight

Princess Erin caught you staring at her. She saw your tiny boner sticking up at her - and your loser cocksnot seeping through your dork pants. Erin is going to take control of your worthless little pecker - and lock you into a chastity cockcage. RIGHT NOW.

You will wear your pink Alpha Delta Humiliatrix cockcage 24/7. You will obey the commands of Erin and her sorority sisters - no matter how humiliating - or you will be destroyed. Erin will dangle your cocklock key on her charm bracelet and lend it to her sorority sisters - so they can tease and torment you. From now on If you want to jerk off you have to ask Erin and her sorority sisters for permission. They decide. Not you.

It's time to present your cock and balls to their new owner. 19-year old college sophomore Princess Erin.


Princess Paige Discovers Your Disgusting Pigsnot in Her Silky Panties

YOU ARE SO BAD! Somehow you slipped free of your cockcage - and got caught getting ready to masturbate into Princess Paige's panties! Imagine Paige's outrage and disgust when she discovers a blob of your slimy pigsnot pre-cum in her pristine panties!

You are about to be humiliated. Present your sputtering penis to your strict Southern princess and say, "Yes, Miss Paige, ma'am, your filthy piglet is ready for its punishment."


8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/11/10
Amazon Princess Jasmine Leash-Walks you to the Shopping Mall

Stunning Princess Jasmine towers over little losermen like you at over six feet tall in her high heels. imagine how comical it's gonna look when Jasmine puts a pink leash thru the zipper of your pants - and attaches it to the bars of your cockcage - so that she can leash-walk you to all the lingerie stores and shoe shops and boot boutiques at the shopping mall!

MILFs and mall brats will point and laugh you: the leash-lead loser having his puppy pants yanked from store to store by the stunning six foot amazon goddess. HA HA! Pathetic pipsqueak! You can be sure that Jasmine is going to order you to do lots of leg worship and toe kissing during your loser leash walk! Good puppy! Bad loser!

6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/12/10
Princess Galas Titty- Teases and Torments Your Caged-Up Cock

Sassy Princess Galas has the key to your cocklock. She thinks it's totally fucking hilarious that a grown man twice her age would allow himself to be locked into a chastity cage and treated like a pathetic little puppet. Galas brings you into her room to see just how far she can fuck with you.

Galas puts you through a titty tease - until your balls turn purple with frustration and the bars of your cockcage are covered in hopeless precum. She tickles your trembling nutsacks with her long red nails until you agree to do all sorts of crazy things. Galas promises you that if you do everything she commands, she will unlock your cage, give you a titty-fuck blowjob and let you explode into her mouth and all over her boobies!

6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/13/10
Goddess Shea Brings You to Her Dungeon to Torture Your Cock

Goddess Shea works as a real life dominatrix. She wanted her sorority sisters to let you suffer thru a few days of tease and denial before taking over the key to your cocklock. Goddess Shea is an expert practitioner in bondage, encasement, needles, medical play, electric shock treatments and all forms of CBT. She delights in making grown men cry.

Goddess Shea is going to obtain a behavior report on you from Pledge Mistress Michelle. Shea will assess your level of obedience and the quality of your domestic chores in the sorority house. Then she will escort you to the dungeon to teach you what happens to willfully naughty sorority slave boys.

8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/14/10
Princess Zoe Rae Teases You to the Brink and Giggles as You Suffer

On your 7th day in cockcage confinement, Princess Zoe Rae checks in on your mangled little pecker and your bursting blueballs. First it's time for a tease session - to make you weak, desperate and easy to manipulate. Some ass kissing, pussy sniffing and key dangling all over Zoe Rae's hot body should take care of that!

Then Zoe Rae slips on some sexi lingerie to amp-up your frustration level even more! She puts you thru an excruciating "flick and tickle" session - in the very same bed where she's gonna fuck her boyfriend. HE gets his big dick sucked! He gets tight hot pussy. YOU get your blueballs flicked - and sent home like a cockcaged wussy! HA HA! NYAH NYAH!

4 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/15/10
Intern Hollis Strip Teases and Denies You into Total Agony

Snobby Princess Hollis is your college intern. But you wouldn't know it. The sardonic redhead spends most of her work days rolling her eyes at you and ignoring you. Then she logged on to your computer and found some very embarrassing files of yours. Hollis made copies of all your little pictures and videos - and decided to turn you into her sissy extortion slave.

Consider that chastity cockcage you're wearing just part of your new work uniform... along with the sissy maid uniform Hollis bought for you on your expense account. Close the door to your office. Hollis is about to strip down and flaunt in your face what you'd be getting if you were a real man - instead of the chastity-caged little sissy bitch you are.


6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/16/10
Princess Austina Unlocks Your Cock and Balls - to Abuse Them

A puny pink erection - oozing and sputtering - is as sexy and enticing to Princess Austina as a pus-infected pimple about to pop. Yick. Your tiny pink pecker and throbbing blueballs bring out the mean streak in Austina. She unlocks your cock cage - just to flick your pathetic dick down to size.

After she puts you through two cruel tease and denial sessions, a small penis verbal humiliation assault AND a cock and ball abuse session, you will be begging Austina to lock the chastity cage back around your meek little package - permanently!


5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/17/10
Princess Jessica Cucks You with Her Warm Wet Panties

Beauty queen Jessica has a date with her boyfriend. So she's bringing you into her sorority room to tease and torment while she gets ready for him. Jessica laughs at your predicament - comparing her boyfriend's cock to your worthless pecker - while reminding you what he gets to do to her. All night long.

Jessica has so much fun at your expense she decides to toss you her warm, moist panties, so that you can have a 'mercy squirt.' Too bad you're still in cocklock! Oh well, loser. You can pull Jessica's panties over your face - and pretend to be her sloppy seconds creampie cleanup slave. Sigh.



5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/18/10
WIMP WORSHIP PUDDLE #1 with Princess Erin

Princess Erin is ready to unlock you from your chastity cage - after she and her sorority sisters have put you thru ten days of intense tease and denial - but only so that she can humiliate you even more, by ordering you to jerk off into a dog dish as she verbally emasculates you.

Are you ready to be laughed at, ridiculed, and turned into a pathetic little jizz puddle - by the meanest, snarkiest girl in the sorority house? Come on, loser. Who really owns that trembling little cock of yours - you? Or 19 year-old Princess Erin?

You know you wanna flood your fist with worship squirts for SuperBitch Erin and prove to her that she owns your little cock and blueballs. So click the join button and get ready for your humiliation session with Princess Erin!


6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/19/10
WIMP WORSHIP PUDDLE #2 with Princess Galas

Princess Galas loves to tease you, make you weak and make you suffer for her. Now she intends on teasing you so that she can drain you before her hot date! Can you say, 'outfit tester!' Hmm, you little wuss? Cause that's all you are and all that you are good for: testing outfits and squirting out 'proof puddles!'

Galas is gonna tease you to the brink, and then do a strip down. Once she sees that you're panting, begging, pleading, and that the pre-cum is streaming down your little fist? She's gonna lean over you, nearly naked, with her amazing boobies in your face... and make you give your fist a good hard fucking.

Ready to show Princess Galas that you adore her?



5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/19/10
WIMP WORSHIP PUDDLE #3 with Princess Michelle

Princess Michelle has a date with a gangsta. And you are gonna show her how amazingly hot she is by taking your rubbed-raw dick and pumping out the love squirts for your Goddess.

Get on your knees like the hopeless little puppy dog you are and demonstrate to Michelle that she rules your world - by jerking your useless little pecker up and down for her as she puts on lipstick and preens her perfect body in the mirror.

Don't you dare cum until your Princess gives you the cum command! And you better squirt every drop of your worship goo into your dog dish, so you can lick it up! You pathetic, fist-fucking, outfit-testing loser.


8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 9/19/10


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