humiliatrix humiliatrix humilatrix

  Worship My Pumps: You Are Miss Kendra's Sissymaid - Part Three  

Miss Kendra knows that her shiny black pumps have the power to render you into a helplessly subservient toe-kissing sissy before her. In this two part session, your stealth mistress intends on using her shiny black pumps to manipulate you deeper into heel-sucking servitude. If you prove expert at licking her soles and sucking her heels, divine Miss Kendra might reward you with an even more debauched purpose for your quivvering puckered lips, filthy sissy. On your knees. Now.

POV foot worship, heel kissing, sissy humiliation, farced begging, cuckolding...






  "Now Lick It Up, Wimp!" Princess Selena Does Your Boss to Save Your Job  

There's good news and bad news, loser. The good news is that your hot young wife was able to prevent you from being pink-slipped. The bad news? She had to bring your boss into your bedroom to do it. And do it. And do it. Now she's his willing love slave -- and you're their lowly cuckold. To keep your job, you're going to have to lick, suck and swallow all the fuckface humiliation they have to dish out to you. Featuring Princess Selena as your seductive, sadistic, dominant cuckoldress wife.

Boss/wife cuckold humiliation, financial blackmail, farced cream pie humiliation...





  Prettiest, Most Popular & Most Likely to Humiliate You: Princess Rhianna  

She crushed your ego in front of the cheerleaders back then and now she's going to destroy you again - unless you can prove to cruel Princess Rhianna, the dom prom queen of your sticky wet dreams, that you're no longer a snot-nosed, stammering little geek with a stubby pencil poking up in your pants and a Rhianna worship shrine in your room. So what will it be? Are you a man or still just a panty-sniffing, Rhianna-wanna-be worship stroker? Huh, dork?

Prom dom, worship shrine humiliation, panty emasculation, ego castration...






  Cuckyface Consequences: You Are Miss Kendra's Sissymaid - Part Two  

When Miss Kendra kissed her boyfriend goodbye, called you from the closet, and assigned you to do the cucky cleanup job, she ordered you to crawl every square inch of her luxury condo until you retrieved each of her real-man boyfriend's used condoms. Well, naughty sissycuck, what will Miss Kendra do to you when she discovers one of his fully-loaded magnum-size condoms in her jacuzzi? You are about to get a faceful, lowly cucky.

farced sissymaid servitude, cuckold humiliation, condom cleanup...






  Busted By A Bikini Goddess: Princess Amy Snags You Spooging Off To Her  

Stunning Princess Amy is home from college, sunning herself in her teeny bikini. She knows you have a crush on her. Too bad she thinks you're a dweeb - and has told you so to your face. HA HA! Can you imagine what would happen if Amy snagged you staring at her through the blinds and BUSTED in on you - just as you were about to gloob up a pair of her dirty panties with your pathetic worship squirts? Live it and learn, loser. You are about to be humiliated by a cruel college cutie. Princess Amy.

Bikini-babe fetish, caught worship stroking, voyeur pervert humiliation, farced to...





  Broken and Enslaved: You Are Miss Kendra's Sissymaid - Part One  

What would it be like to be the 24/7 live-in sissymaid to a demanding dominant young woman such as Miss Kendra? To begin with, you will be stripped of your silly masculine pretensions, feminized in frills and put through a demeaning set of chores. Crawl before Miss Kendra in your sissymaid uniform. Kiss her toes. Strive to please her. And pray she doesn't find a pretext to punish and publicly humiliate you. Imbecile!

farced feminization, sissymaid enslavement, impalement humiliation...






  BEG! SNIFF! HEEL! COME! You Are Princess Selena's Panting, Drooling Little Bitch  

Every sexy Hollywood starlet has a lapdog and now Princess Selena wants one too: YOU. Selena is going to break you and train you to obey the commands every disobedient little bitch needs to learn. Sadistic Selena has her own comically cruel twists on what it means to beg, sniff, heel, and present. If you prove to be a good little puppypants droolybitch for your new owner, Selena might even give you the three-letter command you're just whimpering to hear. But only if you're prepared to completely humiliate yourself.

farced foot and body worship, predicament humiliation, farced masturbation...





  Y-Y-Yes Princess: Bratty Britney Butt-Teases You into $ugardaddy $lavery  

If you want the privilege of draining your credit cards into Princess Britney's bikini fund, you're gonna have to worship her butt and beg. If you're a reeeally good brownnoser, Bratty Britney might let you take her to the mall so she can try on bikinis, sit on your lap, wiggle, giggle, order you around, scratch her pretty fingers down your pants... And then slap your face, yell at you, and publicly humiliate you, after she totally depletes you. Worthless pig.

Sugardaddy exploitation, bikini tease, farced butt worship, public humiliation...





  How Pathetic Can You Get: Princess Aly Cuckysits You  

How pathetic are you? When your woman started cheating on you, all you did in response was sneak into her closet, steal her dirty panties and fill them with your futility squirts. So now she's hired Princess Aly to cuckysit you while she's out on her dates. You will be dressed in sissy clothes and treated like the pathetic, inadequate little wussy you are. If you pout about it? Princess Aly is going to pull down your panties and punish you.

Cuckold humiliation and ridicule, farced sissification, corporal punishment, oral...





  Princess Dawnavon Catches You: "WTF Are You Doing With My Panties, Huh Reject?"  

When snobby sorority Princess Dawnavon catches you in her bedroom, nose deep in her dirty panties, not only does she undertake to embarrass and humiliate you. Dawnavon teases your tiny thingy until you explode into her panties - so that she can use your hot sticky worship blobs of DNA to blackmail you into sugardaddy slavery. You will incriminate yourself into your princess' panties, loser. NOW.

Caught j/o humiliation, tiny tool humiliation, blackmail. farced worship piddles...





  Pussy Needs A Pounding: Princess Selena Gives It to You GurlyStyle  

When dominant Princess Selena said her pussy needed a good pounding, didn't you realize she's talking about YOU, stupid? Selena set a trap for you in her bedroom. She's going to strip you, flip you, pin you to the bed, farce your ankles over your head and make you look her in the eye as she demonstrates on your pansy ass exactly how a woman wants to be made love to. Yer gonna spit out the sissilube and take every inch of her giant purple sissybuster.

Seduction swerve, rude role reversal, strap-on humiliation, farced sissylube j/o...





  Pimped Out By A Princess: Fitness Trainer Brandi farces You To Pucker Up  

You better suck it up, wimp. For real. Sadistic Fitness Trainer Princess Brandi is back to abuse you with a harsh new workout - one that you'll do down on your knees, with your lips wide open. After she farces you to practice on her massive pink strap-on, Brandi's gonna pimp you out to the boyz at the gym, so you can taste the real thing. It's time to put on a lacy pink leotard and pucker up for your princess and her boytoyz, little miss sissylips!

Strap-on humiliation, sissy emasculation, farced studbull worship...





  Doggie-Style Humiliation: farced Facetime with Princess Aly's Perfect Butt  

Princess Aly seduces you into her bedroom so you can give it to her rough and hard. But when you unzip - and Aly sees how useless you are - the only thing she's gonna let you do "doggie-style" is sniff, kiss and worship her butt... as she trashtalks you to her girlfriends, grinds her cheeks in your face, taunts you, and commands you to play with yourself as she humiliates you. Aly cruelly reduces you from potential boyfriend to her pathetic buttslave.

Tease, seduction, tiny tool humiliation, farced butt worship, farced worship strokes...





  Sheer Humiliation: Your "Date" with Miss Kendra's Pretty Pinky Toe  

Miss Kendra knows that her silk stockings are like a leash... and her glittery ankle bracelets like a collar around your pathetic little package. Too bad she's dressed to seduce a real man. Not you, weakling. Still, maybe if you get down on your knees and b-b-beg, Miss Kendra will let you "date" her cute red-painted, silk-encased pinky toe. Maybe if you plead, drool, and grovel she'll even let you give it a kiss. OMG, loser. How pathetic can you get.

Stocking tease and denial, farced foot and leg worship, sissystroke humiliation...





  Sloppy Seconds Humiliation: Princess Selena's Dirty Condom Cuckslave  

You can come out of the closet now, you pathetic wimp. Sinister Princess Selena has a big surprise for you. Three big surprises. Three sticky, gooey, alphamale explosion sacs left behind by her real man boyfriend. Selena is going to farce you to humiliate yourself with each of his fully-loaded magnum-size condoms. Three degrading acts of cuckold humiliation... each one more emasculating than the last. As Selena taunts you, laughs at you, and ignores your feeble protests.

Cucky cleanup, size mockery, predicament humiliation, sissification, farced masturb...





  Long Legs, Little Loser: Princess Tiffani Bursts Out Laughing at Your Tiny Tool  

Gorgeous, leggy Princess Tiffani is wearing boots, garters and black stockings in her bedroom - to tease and trick you into unzipping, merely so she can make fun of your widdle weenie. Ready to be pointed at, laughed at, trashtalked, taunted and then farced to make "spitties" while Tiffani screams with laughter at your pathetic performance? Humiliatrix Tiffani is gonna make you feel two inches tall, Little Mister Pinky Panties. Ten minutes of tiny tool humiliation awaits you. HA HA!

Small peepster humiliation, pointing, laughing, pinky pulling, farced worship squirts..






  Caught, Reprimanded and Humiliated at the Panty Boutique by Princess Rhianna  

You are so ridiculous. All the sales women at the lingerie boutique see you pawing around the panties. Now you've been cornered and caught by the store sales manager, elegant Princess Rhianna. Prepare to be exposed and embarrassed as the simpering sissy you so clearly are. All your blushing, stammering, blubbering and begging won't stop strict, severe Rhianna from stripping you of your silly masculine pretense and putting you in your proper place: a pair of frilly sissy panties.

Sissy shaming, panty emasculation, public humiliation, farced feminization...






  You Are Princess Selena's Pathetic Cuckold "Outfit Tester" Panty Slave  

After she trashes your "baby carrot," compares you to her bodybuilder boyfriend and rubs her passion-soaked panties in your face, ferocious Princess Selena sends you to your knees to "test" her sexy outfit - with a round of furious farced worship strokes. When you start sputtering and pleading to make "cucky fist" for your cruel goddess, Selena will know she has the perfect outfit to seduce her real-man date. Maybe Selena will let you squirt out your feeble worship piddles before she kicks you under her bed.

Cuckold emasculation, tiny tool humiliation, panty taunting, farced worship strokes.






  Beachslapped and Brownnosed by Bikini Goddess Princess Remi  

She's wearing a metallic string bikini. You're wearing a metallic chastity tube. She'll be oozing gobs of tanning oil all over her perfect body. You'll be oozing gobs of precum all over your sissy panties. You will grovel at Princess Remi's high heeled sandals, point out the cute boys and serve her every whim. Do a good job as Remi's beach sissy and you might avoid getting slapped and publicly humiliated. She might even let you kiss her on the cheek.

Bikini tease and denial, divabrat smacktalk, butt-weakling exploitation, sissy rules...






  Tricked, Flipped and Strap-on Suckered: Love Lessons with Miss Kendra  

Miss Kendra leads you into her bedroom for a lesson in lovemaking. She seduces you in her sheer red negligee, her lace stockings and high heels. Is it a miracle? C-c-could it b-b-be your lucky day? Don't get too excited, sissy. Maybe you need to look a little harder at what's between Miss Kendra's long silky legs. Miss Kendra is about to teach you a long hard lesson in love making all right. And you are going to be on the receiving end. All nine inches worth. Silly sissy.

Emasculating role reversal, farced strap-on worship, sissy humiliation...






  Butt Kissing, B-B-Begging and P-P-Pleading for Relief with Princess Danielle  

Notice how Princess Danielle's eyes sparkle and twinkle when she sees that you're in agony? Danielle wants you UP all night tonight, sleep-deprived and stiff, crawling around on all fours, kissing her butt, stuttering, drooling and begging to do anything she says. No matter how humiliating. Maybe she'll let you nuzzle her g-string. Maybe she'll let you oink out a piggy puddle on her thigh-high boots. Maybe she'll just tease and torment your pathetic little pigtail... all night long. Weakling.

Panty tease and denial, butt worship, fake BJ taunting, pigtail ...






  Sadistic Princess Isobel Seduces You, Denies You and Humiliates You  

Tease Princess Isobel wants to play a sinister little game with you, weakling, to see just who controls that little joystick inside your pants. To see who can make it stiffen on a whim... to see who can make it throb with agony... to see who can make it cry like a baby. You're about to learn exactly who it is that controls your pathetic little pecker: Cruel Princess Isobel. She can make it stiffen. And she will make you suffer.

Verbal humiliation, sadistic tease and arousal session, denial games...






  Cucky Kisses and Sissy Strokes for Your New Owner: Snarky Princess Simi  

Beneath your ridiculous real-man costume, Petite Princess Simi knows you're a "sim-pering" weakling in waiting, desperate for a dominant little diva to flick you down to size and put you in your place: in sissy panties, at her feet, begging to blob out a worship puddle. So what if Simi's half your age. She's got the power and she's about to prove it to you - by putting you through a diva brat domination session, destined to conclude with an emasculating public humiliation assignment.

Divabrat dom, panty emasculation, butt kissing, condom humiliation, sissy strokes...






  Amazon Princess Mandy Sizes You Down and Thoroughly Humiliates You  

When Amazon Princess Mandy farces you to put your pathetic little peep-shooter on display, all you can do is seethe with shame as she laughs at your feeble attempt to impress her. After this 6'3" beach volleyball goddess finishes flicking and taunting it, she's going to tease you into cuckykissing her butt, until you're blubbering and b-b-begging to spit a worship puddle at her perfectly pedicured size 12 feet. Will Mandy bring you to the brink - only to brownnose and deny you?

Amazon worship, tiny tool humiliation, cuckybutt tease, farced worship piddles?...






  Who Controls It, Loser? Take the Tease Test with Princess Velvette  

Princess Velvette knows that making you stiff means making you weak, easy to control and easy to violate. Your platinum blonde goddess intends on mercilessly manipulating and arousing you, using your fetishes against you, just so she can look you in the eye and laugh at that feeble little thing poking up at her, before she commands you to sissy-splash your humiliation panties with worship goo. All night long. All for your gorgeous new goddess, stunning Princess Velvette.

body worship, tease, seduction, fetish arousal, emascualtion, j/o humiliation...






  Princess Isobel's Hopelessly Addicted Panty Slave  

Princess Isobel knows what happens to your little pecker when she traces her fingers along the silky muff and lace gathers of her panties. She intends on turning your pathetic panty weakness into an emasculating obsession that becomes a crippling addiction. Can you resist her feminine charms? Or will you be up all night tonight, filling Isobel's dirty panties with your futility squirts, as she mocks you, sneers at you and coaxes you on.

Panty teasing & emasculation, blackmail provocation, worship stroke commands...






  Cuckold Tease and Humiliation Session with Miss Kendra  

The see-thru dress... the sheer stockings... the lace panties... the ankle bracelets and pink polished toes... Too bad they're all to arouse another man, loser. A real man. Exquisite Miss Kendra is going to put you through an achingly cruel cuckold tease session. Will she allow you to spank out a cucky worship puddle before her date arrives? That all depends on how willing you are to beg, sniff, drool, and grovel. Little mister pathetic.

Butt tease, leg tease, panty tease, cuckold humiliation, farced worship strokes...?






  Bikini Betrayal: Lifestyle Diva Leah Leashes Your Helpless Litle Package  

Lifestyle Diva Leah uses her hot pink bikini like a leash and collar around your throbbing little package to string you along back to her princess lair... Only to backslap a stinging reality check between your legs, loser: The date she's getting ready for isn't with you. Stupid. Leah's only interested in having you around as a potential sissibitch. Be warned, wanna-be: enter into Diva Leah's world and you are going to be abused. And humiliated.

Bikini tease and denial, POV trashtalk, cuckold emasculation, diva demands...






  Princess Velvette Arouses and Belittles Your Sad Sissy Stiffie  

Wicked Princess Velvette loves to tickle and tease you, licking her lips and leading you on. She seduces you stiff, just so she can cruelly compare you to her boyfriend. She makes you sputter, just so she can emasculate you into sissy servitude. Your reward? A pair of her dirty panties -- the proper place for a lucky sissy like you to pump out your worthless worship piddles... for your favorite new humiliatrix, Princess Velvette.

Fake bj tease, cucky comparison, fingernail flicks, sissy chores, j/o giggles...






  Caught at! Tickled, Teased and Taunted by Sardonic Princess Sari.  

Princess Sari thinks it's hilarious that you subscribe to She intends on taunting your fetishes and tickling your stiffy - just to turn you into her throbbing, blubbering, blueballed, sleep-deprived, worship-stroking fool-for-princess. Will she let you spit the puppy squirts at her pretty toes? Or will she tease you to the brink only to mercilessly flick it with her fingernail as she giggles at your distress?

Cruel tease session: fetish arousal, tiny pecker tease, butt & foot worship...






  Sassy Princess Isobel Emasculates You: What He Gets, What You Never Will  

HE does it down her throat with a fistful of her hair. YOU do it in your fist wiff a handful of tissues! BWAH HA!!! Just 'cuz provocative brat Princess Isobel lets her stud-bull boyfriend dominate her, doesn't mean a widdle dork like you has a chance of being anything but her stammering, panty-sputtering, out-of-luck cuckywuck. This hyper-articulate bad girl humiliatrix is going to farce you to experience what separates the men from the mama's boys. DOUBLE SESSION: 16 minutes of humiliation.

Tease and denial, emasculation, size comparison, merciless verbal humiliation...






  Princess Tiffani Catches You Ch-ch-choking a Loser Load into Her Panties  

"WHAT are you doing in my bedroom, you little wuss!?!" When Princess Tiffani catches you on the verge of making a worship puddle in her panties, you know you're going to be humiliated. The only question is how. Will she spank you? Lock you into a chastity cage? Or will she farce you to spit it out for her while she laughs at you, ridicules you, and snaps pictures of you... so she can show all her girlfriends just what a hopelessly pathetic little pervert you are.

caught j/o humiliation, tiny tool humiliation, farced to spit it out for princess...






  Heartless Goddess, Helpless Geek: Spoiled Sorority Princess Remi Owns You  

With just one sneer, stunning Princess Remi has your little package locked and leashed in the palm of her pretty hand. Lose your illusions, puppy pants: Remi intends on enslaving you to her charms just so she can exploit your embarrassing weakness for demanding daddy's girl diva-brats: you're about to be humiliated at a crowded shopping mall... ridiculed and ripped a new one in front of her sorority sisters... and emasculated in her bedroom... Meet your new owner: Princess Remi.

Daddy's girl diva-brat exploitation, public humiliation, degrading tasks...






  Princess Sari's Sissy Bukkake Boy: You  

Princess Sari is in a potentially sticky situation. She's promised her real-man boyfriend a beejay, but doesn't want to muss her perfect hair and makeup. So Sari's gonna get her boyfriend drunk and tart you up in her lipstick, lingerie and perfume -- and then farce you wear the pink kneepads. If you can suck and swallow like you truly love it? Sari might send you home with a special surprise of your own, one that's as humiliating as the cuckold-flavored protein shake you're about to gag down.

Blackmail, farced sissification, cuckold humiliation, farced oral servitude...?






  Agony Arousal Session: Tease and Cold Cruel Denial with Ice Princess Rhianna  

Ice Princess Rhianna knows you can't help but adore her. She intends on teasing you into a state of helpless aroused agony, so that she can smirk at your distress and coldly remind you of her absolute unattainability to a sad, pathetic nobody like you. Will your Ice Princess take pity on you? Or will she abruptly dismiss you - with a cold contemptuous sneer - sending you home with a broken heart, crushed ego and throbbing erection?

Bedroom tease, arousal and worship session leading to..?.






  Sissy Slave's New Rules: Princess Genni Cuckolds and Emasculates You  

After a night of hot hard sex with your boss, Princess Genni decides to turn you into their sissy slave. She taunts you, flaunts her body in your face, farces you into sissy panties and lays down a set of emasculating house rules - including a degrading, emasculating act you have to perform on yourself every time she has sex with your boss. It's time to put on your panties for Princess... and prepare for your ultimate humiliation. Weakling.

Cuckold humiliation, cleavage teasing, titty taunting, sissy emasculation...






  Little Cock Alert! Little Cock Alert!  

Your "little secret" is out of the bag, loser. Now all my sorority sisters want to see it for themselves. They want to see it, pinch it, flick it, spit on it, take pix and video of it to plaster all over the internet... Most of all my sorority sisters and I want to tell you to your face, exactly what we think about that pathetic little comedy show sputtering up your panties. Ready to squeeze the pus out of that little pimple of yours while we taunt, catcall and humiliate you?

Ten minutes of pecker-punishing, ego-eviscerating small penis humiliation.






  "Oink Oink! Grunt!" You Are Princess Danielle's Dirty Little Piggy  

In her knee socks and plaid skirt, Princess Danielle knows you'd be willing to go to any extreme to oink out the piggy squirts at her pretty feet. Like crawl on all fours. Grunt. And stick your snout in the filthiest places. If you can impress Danielle with what a dirty disgusting pig you are? Maybe she'll let you pull your pigtail. Or maybe she'l just send you home brownnosed and blueballed, as she laughs at what a pathetic fool you are.

Plaid skirt tease, kneesock worship, buttcrack worship, piggy humiliation...






  You Make It Sooooo Obvious, Loser  

There’s a signal you send that makes it so obvious to girlz that you’re a loser, you might as well write DOORMAT across your face in bright pink lipstick. Want me to tell you what do that makes you so screamingly pathetic? Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll send you on a public humiliation assignment tonight so you can learn it for yourself. Maybe I’ll just farce you to fill up a pair of sissy panties with your futility cream while I laff at you. Which will it be? It's my choice, loser. Not yours.

Girlystyle humiliation, public humiliation, j/o humiliation... got the idea dumbdumb?






  Awwwww! Miss Kendra Powders, Lotions and Laffs at Your Widdle Pee Pee  

What's a girl to do with a pecker as puny as yours? Sprinkle it with powder, squirt it with lotion, and tease it to the brink as she "rubs it in" with gobs and globs of emasculating ga-ga goo-goo talk. Aww! Does da widdle sissy want to make a creamie for Miss Kendra? Maybe she'll let you, maybe she'll just bring you to the brink and giggle at your distress, as she ties a pink ribbon around your waffable widdle wee wee.

Small penis ridicule, googoo-talk humiliation, sissification, tease and denial...






  Princess Sari Cuckolds You and Humiliates You  

What if your girlfriend went on a date with your boss to save your job? What if she was gone all night? What if she came home in torn lingerie and fuck-me hair, taunting you, laughing at you; with a satisfied smile and a sadistic gleam in her eye. What if she was as dominant, confident, creatively cruel and drop-dead gorgeous as 23 year-old Princess Sari? Lick your lips and learn, loser. You're about to swallow a faceful of shame - between the thighs of a humiliatrix who truly gets off on rubbing your face in it.


Cuckold humiliation, farced sloppy seconds, taunting, teasing, emasculation, panty sissification...








humiliatrix humiliatrix humilatrix

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