* * * MIss Kendra Worship Week Continues with Six New Humiliation Sessions! * * *

Wimp to Wussy: Miss Kendra Hires a College Cutie to Cuckysit You
You have proven that you can not be trusted home alone when Miss Kendra is out on her dates. Therefore, she has decided to hire a collegiate cutie to "cuckysit" for you. Are you embarrassed? You should be. Your sitter is going to put you into rhumba panties and make you drink a yicky-sticky sissy protein shake. Better behave! Or you might get spanked!
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/26/11    
Miss Kendra Sends You on a Sissy Humiliation Assignment
No one knows your innermost secrets and your vulnerable soft spots like Miss Kendra. When Miss Kendra locks you into her hypnotic gaze you become feeble - and powerless. Miss Kendra wants to push you past your boundaries and take you to those forbidden places you're afraid to go. You will do exactly as Miss Kendra instructs you.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/27/11    
Miss Kendra Turns You into Her Helpless High Heeled Shoe Slut
Crawl into Miss Kendra's shoe closet, weakling. Your foot goddess needs to pick a pair of feminine footwear from her extensive collection of spikes and slingbacks - and you're going to help her try on pair after pair. Miss Kendra will note the drool beading on your lips and the stiffy in your panties to help her decide which pair of sexy high heels to wear.
  13 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/24/11    
Teased and Taunted: Miss Kendra Brings You to the Brink
Stunning Miss Kendra uses her beauty, her wiles, her bedroom eyes and her knowledge of all your crippling weaknesses to bring you to your knees before her. Once she makes you weaken and stiffen, Miss Kendra knows that she can make you do anything for her. Now matter how humiliating You will put yourself at risk of riducule for goddess, won't you puppy?
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/25/11    
Shave and a Tampon: Miss Kendra Leaves You Smooth & Emasculated
Miss Kendra shreads you of your last vestiges of manhood. She shaves your legs and pubies sissy smooth - and then impales you with a tampon. You are about to become 100 percent girly from the waist down! Add stockings and a pair of panties and you are all ready to be sent out into the world - as a swooshy-silky sissy beneath your laughable manly exterior.
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/22/11    
Miss Kendra Lets You Fill Her Panties with Cucky Consolation Squirts
Awww. Poor cucky! Are you pouty and jealous because Miss Kendra is going out on a date with her real-man boyfriend - while all you get to do is watch her paint her lips and strap on a pair of sexy high heels? Okay, little Mister Pouty Face. Since Kendra feels sorry for you, she's going to peel off her panties and let you fill them with your loser goo - while she laughs at you.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/23/11    
Sliding Scale: Dr. Kendra Pimps You out to Pay for Your Therapy Sessions
Dr. Kendra sympathizes with your economic difficulties. You are making such great progress in therapy that Dr. Kendra is going to allow you to take advantage of her special version of the "sliding scale." The kind of sliding scale where where you slink into mens' restrooms, slide to your knees, and slip your mouth over throbbing cocks - as a sissy slut $10 blowjob whore.
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/20/11    
Oh, Boo Hoo: Dr. Kendra Makes you Blubber and Sputter for Her
Dr. Kendra keeps a box of tissues chairside during your sessions. Not just to capture your crybaby tears of self-pity. No, Dr. Kendra truly wants you to let it all out for her. After your teary, "nobody likes me" pity party, you can load up a fistful of tissues with consolation cream as your sympathetic therapist encourages you on. There, there now...
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/21/11    
Dr. Kendra Sends You on a Real Life Humiliation Assignment
Dr. Kendra has decided to take a strict, "tough love" approach to cure you of your most severe compulsions. Since you are so obsessed with female feet, legs, stockings and shoes, Dr. Kendra is going to make you reconcile your fantasies with reality. Are you ready to be put out in public in a compromised position? It's for your own good, according to Dr. Kendra.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/18/11    
Dr. Kendra Trains You to Control Your Penis Erections
Your lack of self-control is central to your pathetic state of being. Dr. Kendra is here to help. She is going to tease you into various states of arousal, only to harshly rebuke you back into a state of flaccidity. You will be teased and denied via pinches, flicks, and slaps by Dr. Kendra until you are able to gain a modicum of control over your willful little member.
  4 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/19/11    
Dr. Kendra Decides to Lock You into a Male Chastity Cage
Your masturbatory compulsions and your obvious attraction to your therapist have convinced Dr. Kendra that the best way she can help you is by having you wear a locked male chastity cage. Dr. Kendra will hold the key to your cage and check in with you at weekly intervals. If you wish to sexually gratify yourself, you will have to ask Dr. Kendra for permission.
  10 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/16/11    
Dr. Kendra Seizes Upon Your Fetishes for Sexy Legs, Stockings and Stilettos
Is it hard for you to focus your thoughts when your therapist habitually wears short skirts, stockings and stiletto heels to your sessions? Stop your stuttering and muttering. Tell Dr. Kendra all about your frustrations - and try not to look up her skirt or at her glittery ankle bracelet - or her 4-inch pumps - as she crosses her legs and dangles a heel before your eyes.
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/17/11    
Dr. Kendra Dons Dominatrix Gear to Help You Conquer Your Boot Fetish
Your therapist is so committed to your recovery that she is willing to role-play as a dominatrix to help you understand and conquer your crippling desire to worship the boots of dominant women. Dr. Kendra sends you to your knees and orders you to lick her boots and suck her heels so that she can better observe and diagnose you. You snivelling little worm.
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/14/11    
Dr. Kendra Encourages You to Explore Your Repressed Feminine Nature
The shame you feel as an under-endowed man is a source of concern to your therapist. To alleviate the social pressures thrust upon you as a feeble, sexually-inadequate male, Dr. Kendra wants you to fully embrace your feminine side. Dr. Kendra rids you of your masculine pretensions as she guides your mouth along the phallic symbol strapped around her waist.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/15/11    
Dr. Kendra Works with You on Your Emasculating Panty Fetish
Dr. Kendra has determined that you have a pronounced proclivity for lacy, frilly ladies' underthings: sniffing them, fondling them... Dr. Kendra decides to put you through a course of aversion therapy to help cure you of your fetish. To begin, you will strip for Dr. Kendra and put on a pair of pink panties, so that she can measure and record your sexual response to this stimuli.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/12/11    
Dr. Kendra Coerces You to Confess Your Most Embarrassing Secrets
Dr. Kendra knows that you have been less than candid in your therapy sessions. Dr. Kendra puts on a pair of elbow-length black gloves while encouraging you to tell her the truth - no matter how embarrassing and how humiliating. Otherwise, Dr. Kendra will need to "extract" your confession using the traditional method. By lubricating her middle finger and...
  4 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/13/11    
Tata Tease Suckytime Session with Your Cuckysitter Princess Madison
Madison thinks it's hilarious that a grown man like you drools and dribbles over her big beautiful breasts. So she has agreed to cuckysit you - just to tease you with her tatas and make you beg to suck on them. Madison bares her boobs and teases you for being a total mama's boy titty wimp. Wanna go humpy between Maddy's boobies?
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/10/11    
Mean Madison Turns the Tables on You and Pops Your Virgin Sissy Cherry
You thought Madison brought you back to her room so you could pop her virgin cherry. Well, you almost had it right, dreamerboy. Madison seduces your pants off and then rudely turns the tables on you! She's going to take your sissy cherry tonite! CLICK THE PICTURE for a FREE PREVIEW VIDEO!

  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/11/11    
3 Weeks in the Chastity Cage with Ice Princess Rhianna
Ice Princess Rhianna has had you locked in chastity for almost a month. Do you really think your whining, pleading and crybaby pre-cum tears can melt the sadistic steely gaze of this ice princess? Rhianna teases you, toys with you and verbally emasculates you before taking the key to your cage in hand and determining your fate: Rhianna decides.
  10 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/08/11    
Diabolical Dorothy Puts You Thru a Humiliating Jerk-Off Instructional
Dorothy has a proposition for you, loser. She's going to allow you to jerk it for her, give you a cum-countdown, and command you to explode, BUT you have to do it HER way. No matter how humiliating. You're going to get to cum, but only after your manhood has been stripped away, your shame smeared all over your face, and your dignity shoved down your throat... Deal?
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/09/11    
Heel! Beg! CUM! You Are Puppy-Pants for Princess Madison
Bratty Princess Madison thinks your sputtering little boner is exactly like a naughty puppy in need of training - and, in your case, draining! You are going to learn to HEEL, BEG and CUM when Princess Madison commands you to, and you WILL obey unless you want Princess to jerk your pecker leash and admonish you BAD BOY! NO! Good puppies get to cum. Bad puppies...?
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/06/11    
Caitlyn Dumps You for Your Dominant Lesbian Boss: Now You're Their Bitch
Your dom boss has always bullied and bested you in the office - and now she's even won your woman away from you! Caitlyn got seduced and stolen away by your lipstick lesbian boss and they have decided to turn you into their lifestyle slave. Your boss even gave Caitlyn a strap-on cock to put you in your proper sissy place. The tables just got turned on you, wussy!
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/07/11    
Mocking, Teasing Princess Dorothy Is Your Cuckysitter
Coochie-cuckie-coo! How humiliating is it when your ex-girlfiend agrees to cuckysit you! Dorothy already knows what a ridiculous little sissywimp you are, so she takes special pleasure in mocking you and putting you in your place. Your place is at Dorothy's high heels, sucking a penis paci, wriggling around in rhumba panties, with gooey cum-cums all over your face.
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/04/11    
Sadistic Stephanie Puts You on Condom Clean-Up Patrol
First she made you spend the night in her lingerie closet while she had sex with her boyfriend. Now it's the morning after. Stepahnie is calling you out from the closet, loser. Your job is to crawl and collect up all their dirty, cummy condoms - with your teeth. If you miss any condoms? You are going to be severely punished and humiliated by wicked Stephanie.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/05/11    
Princess Rhianna Dumps You, Breaks You Down and Cuckolds You
Try to resist the cruel charms of Ice Princess Rhianna. Rhianna cooly and calmly explains to you that she is dumping you as her boyfriend for another man, while she makes up her perfect face. Your options? To leave immediately - or come crawling to Rhianna so that you can take on your new role in her life: her ass-worshiping, toe-kissing cuckold chore boy.
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/02/11    
Peek-A-Boo! Your Tease & Torment Session with Naked Princess Madison
Princess Madison brings you into her bedroom just to make your cock pointlessly stiff and your blueballs endlessly throb. Ready to play 'Pussy Peek-A-Boo!' with Princess? Ready to offer ass kisses and beg for pussy sniffs? Ready to jerk your slimy boner to the brink and then have to STOP! It's tease and denial torment time with Naked Princess Madison!
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/03/11    
Selena Slimes and Shames You with Her Boyfriend's Used Condoms
Selena calls you out from her closet to humiliate you with her boyfriend's steamy, slimy fuckbags. First Selena gives you a humiliating bitch boy facial with her boyfriend's cum. Once your face is slimed with his skank, Selena makes you jerk your sputtering little prick into his other gooey fuckbag as she taunts and laughs at you. You pathetic cuckface reject.
  12 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/31/11    
Attitude Adjustment: Selena Turns You into Her Sissy Fuckbrat
Selena says that only way you're allowed to cum from now on is when she's fucking you with her strap-on cock. No jerking, no touching yourself any more. If you want to cum you're gonna have to beg for the strap-on and cum like a sissy fuckbrat: with your ankles held in the air by Selena, your sissy clitty squirting in your face and Selena's strap-on cock up your ass.
  7 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 09/01/11    
Princess Selena Hires a College Cutie to Cuckysit You
You passive-aggressive pussy. Every time she goes out on a date, Selena knows that you crawl into her hamper and piddle her dirty stockings and panties with your sorry cuckold cum squirts. No more! Selena hired the meanest college girl in the 'hood to treat you like the pathetic little wimp you are while she's getting it on with her real men boyfriends.
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/29/11    
Selena Commands You to Clean up After the Contractor
Because you are such a failure and broke-ass fuckup, your wife Selena had to fuck and suck off the plumber to pay him. Since Selena had to take his big bad cock up her ass, you are going to get down on your knees, worm your tongue between Selena's cheeks and lick up every nasty drop of the mess you made. Ready to swallow your sloppy seconds?
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/30/11    
Your Dominant Boss Selena Drains You Dry and Destroys Your Date
You know that your Boss Selena controls every aspect of your life. When Selena finds out you made a date without asking her permission, she decides to keep you after work to teach you a lesson. Selena intends on sending you on your date with empty balls, a sore little cock, and sticky undies - flooded with worship cum for your beautiful, dominant boss.
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/27/11    
Soak Your Sissy Panties with Worship Cum for Sadistic Princess Selena
If you want to watch Selena paint her lips and get ready for a hot night with her man, you have to wear a pair of frilly sissy panties! Selena puts you in panties and then verbally emasculates you. Then she sends you crawling beneath her bed so you can humpy-cum your inadequacy panties with sissy squirties while her boyfriend fucks her good and hard.
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/28/11    
Hair Humiliation: Mr. Patchy vs. Sexy Princess Selena
Does your dick get stiff when Selena brushes her thick, shimmery mane in front of you and flips her hair in your face? Look at the thinning hair on your own head compared to Selena's lush, beautiful locks. You're nothing but a patchy-headed fool, trying to look young with your ridiculous hair creams and comb-overs. And Selena is about to humiliate you for it.
  7 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/25/11    
Selena Commands You to Jerk Your Pathetic Little Penaut Dick
Selena was going to let you fuck her - if you could fill up the XL dick sleeve she requires her men to wear. But your eensy little peepee couldn't even fit an extra small condom! Selena puts you thru a 'fuck taunt' humiliation session, teasing and mocking your baby-size boner before she commands you to fuck your fist and cum for her.
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/26/11    
Princess Becky Makes U Get Caught 'Creamy-Handed' at Humiliatrix
Princess Becky teases u into jerking off for her where you are most likely to get caught and humiliated - at work, by your female secretary or boss... Or at home, where those cruel sorority girls back from college can catch you! Becky wants you to get caught at Humiliatrix so she can point and laugh at you, as you stutter, stammer, and seethe with sticky-fist shame!
  12 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/21/11    
Mean Princess Becky is Your Cruel Cuckysitter
"Here, cucky-wucky!" Princess Becky is here to cuckysit you while your woman is out on a date. Becky intends on dressing you up iike a little sissy - and treating you like one, too! You're about to be powdered, pantied, petticoated and pacified! Becky is going to feed you your yickums and then lotion your little stiffy until you spit up a cummy for your cuckysitter!
  25 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/21/11    
Becky Panty-Teases You into Humiliating Her Cheerleading Rival
Bratty Becky wants to win the college cheerleading competition so badly! So badly that Becky is willing to give you her dirty cheerleading panties after the competiton - if you help her win. Would you be willing to do ANYTHING Becky tells you to - no matter how mean and how diabolical? Becky's cute, sweaty cheerleading panties are the prize, loser! All you have to do is... LOL!
  10 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/19/11    
Princess Becky Coaxes You into Cumming - so She Can Destroy You
You can walk away, loser. You better. Unless you want to end up destroyed and humiliated like Becky's professor. Otherwise, Becky is going to tease you with her shiny black boots, until you dump a nice big wad of your loser DNA into the crotch of her panties. So she can use those 'incrimination panties' to manipulate and destroy you. That's the deal. Load Becky's panties or get lost.
  15 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/20/11    
Your Titty Torment and Suckle-Tease Test with Princess Becky
Becky loves to torment you with her cute boobies and sexy cleavage. Do you wish Becky would let you suckle - or maybe slide your stiffy between her boobies? How would you like it if Becky took off her bra for you, huh mr sucky face? Okay, weakling. If you follow Becky's EXACT instructions, she will give you the titty tease you've been dreaming of. Ready to play...?
  11 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/17/11    
Becky Flicks, Tickles and Spit-Lubes Your Boner with her Girly Drool
Princess Becky keeps her nails long and manicured, just to tickle and deny your sputtering boner - with a mean flick of her fingernail. Becky makes it stiff and then - FLICK - makes it soft, as your blueballs explode. At the end of your CBT session Becky drools all over your abused boner with her girly spit. Will she let you use it as jerk-off lube? Or send you home denied?
  13 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/18/11    
Stocking Goddess Becky's Bedroom Rules for You - Her Sissy Attendant
Long-legged Becky made you weak with her short skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels. Now your snobby sorority goddess has you on your hands and knees in her bedroom. What does Becky demand? You're going to be Becky's bedroom sissy attendant. You will follow her sadistic rules - unless you want to be castrated! Obey Goddess Becky or it's snip-snip for u!
  15 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/15/11    
Bratty Becky Bitch Slaps Your Fat Face into Sugar Daddy Submission
Bratty Becky hates the $3000 bracelet you tried to bribe her with. Bad sugar daddy! To teach you a lesson, Becky is going to leash-walk you to the mall to bitchslap and backhand your face in the middle of the food court - so every princess can see "who wears the boots" in your relationship. Once your face is covered in Becky handprints, your sissy humiliation begins...
  11 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/16/11    
Small Cock Reveal & Fuck-Taunt Humiliation with Princess Sophie
Sophie works at the fast food drive-up window. Did you know that she's been smearing your burgers with her boyfriend's "special sauce for wimps!" Now Sophie has brought you back to her bedroom - but only to torment and humiliate you even more, wussy. She lets you think you're going to fuck her, just so she can emasculate and destroy you completely.
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/12/11    
You Are Princess Courtney's Cock-Locked, Boot Bitch Begger
Courtney keeps you in a cockcage and buttplug so you always know your place. When you please her, Courtney lets you kiss her ass and worship her boots. When you're a really good bitch boy, Courtney pops open your cock cage and lets you spunk a worship piddle into your sissy saucer. But for that privilege you have to beg, plead, and do something totally humiliating.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/13/11    
Locked into Chastity, Cuckolded and Humiliated by Princess Jamie
Can you hear her sinister sneer? That means Princess Jamie has decided to snap you into a chastity cage and turn you into her cucky chore boy. You can start by cleaning Jamie's closet - and showing her how sincere you are by giving her stiletto heels a round of worship kisses before her date. Do a great job and maybe she'll let you kiss and lick something else later on.
  9 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/09/11    
Charity Fuck for a Timid Little Loser with Sadistic Princess Stephanie
Cruel Stepahnie has invited you to her bedroom as a joke. She holds up an XL condom to your trembling erection and then offers you her amazing ass for a doggy-style fuck. HA! You better wear the baby-size condom, Mr. Puny - the one that fits you! Steph teases and taunts you and finally commands you to jerk your spitload into your little rubber as she jiggles her ass at you.
  6 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/10/11    
Substitute Sucker: Princess Madison Trains You to Suck and Swallow
Sadistic Princess Madison's boyfriend has a monster cock and he wants a blowjob! But Madison just got back from the salon and she doesn't want his gangsta jizz blasted all over her pretty face and perfect hair. That's where YOU come in, wussy. Yer gonna wait in the closet until Madison gets him wasted drunk. Then? You're gonna crawl between his legs and... LOL @ U!
  8 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/05/11    
Your Dominant Boss Selena Turns You into Her Office Jerk-Off Puppet
Your sexy young boss is sick of you staring at her legs and feet all day long with that sputtering boner in your pants. Selena orders you into her office and commands you to strip. Your boss controls your cumloads now, little man. You are about to become her office jerk-off puppet. Get down on your knees, kiss her toes, and follow your cruel boss' exact instructions.
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/06/11    
Prom Squirts for Princess: You Are Caitlyn's Outfit Tester
Caitlyn's going out to the formal dance at her college tonight and she wants to look super hot for her date. And you're gonna help her! Take out your little cock and start showering your fist with love squirts for your goddess. That's your reward for taking Cait shopping for her shoes, dress, jewelry and her pedicure too! You get to make a wimp worship puddle for Caitlyn!
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/01/11    
Miss Kendra Sends You on a Real-Life Public Humiliation Assignment
Miss Kendra loves to put you into predicaments where your submissive sissy nature shines through - and you are emasculated to the point of total embarassment. Today, Miss Kendra locks you into her hypnotic gaze to send you on a real-life public humiliation assignment. You're about to turn a bright shade of pink - in more ways than one!
  5 min WMV - 640x480 HI - 320x240 LO 08/02/11    


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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.
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